7 Apps You Need To Have On Your Smartphone

As technology advances, the future of our personal electronic devices is changing. When you consider what the next 10 years will bring in regards to new innovations, it becomes clear that there’s a lot of potential for these devices – but what about the apps we use on them?

Now, imagine the phone being able to provide you with everything you need–from your schedule to your social networks, from mobile payments to web searches. 

In this article, you’ll find a list of seven apps that will be popular in 2023. Each app has a different purpose and is designed for different audiences.

7 Apps You Need To Have On Your Phone!

Cell phones are becoming more and more ubiquitous in our daily lives. We cannot deny the amazing things they provide, including popular apps such as Facebook and Instagram. But there are helpful apps that are less popular which you should also know about. I recommend checking them out!


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Grammarly is a well-known and widely used software tool that helps you write with clarity and precision. With the mobile version, you can type and review your work on any device as you write. Grammarly can be put to use for many different purposes, including email writing, social media posting, and even editing documents.

Grammarly is both a tool for learning grammar and a handy reference tool. It not only has auto-correction on all mistakes, but also free bonuses such as themes for easier readability. To get started, download it from the Android store or Apple store for free!

Download- IOS, Android

NFL Fantasy Football


There are also other ways to make football exciting, rather than just rooting for your favorite team. Fans like to check out different opportunities on sports gambling websites if they want to wager on multiple bets, such as  +5.5 spread in NFL betting.

The NFL Fantasy app provides something that no other fantasy app currently offer: straight from the source. This will provide users with up-to-date player statistics, injury reports, and news circling the league. They’ll also be able to read NFL analysis prepared by the only official app of the NFL.

When it comes to researching news and sports, the interface and layout of the app has changed drastically. And the color scheme and unique font create a more “fun” environment for users.

The greatest feature of this app is the extensive stats and continuous updates. You can also preset a lineup with the “Optimize Lineup” button using your favorite sports team as an example.

Download- IOS, Android



Forest is an app that helps you with concentration. It locks the screen of your phone while a virtual tree grows, providing you with the focus needed to achieve your goals.

You can go about your schedule when the timer is over, after which you’ll earn coins you can use to plant trees in Africa as part of their partnership with Trees for the Future. It’s available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store for free.

Download- IOS, Android


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Otter is a free, AI-powered recording and transcription service that’s used by journalists around the world. It’s meant to be used in cases where you’re a) not in a noisy place or b) too busy to write down your interview notes. Just pair Otter with your favorite tools (Slack, Google Drive, etc.) for the fastest, most accurate transcripts you can get!

Powerful transcription tools and services aim to take the pain out of writing. But sometimes, those tools can struggle with accented languages, like English. Still, this app is a brilliant addition to any journalist’s toolkit.

Download- IOS, Android

Zombies, Run!

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If you’ve been looking for a little motivation while working out, try out our app. It’s available on both iPhone (iOS) and Android devices, so whether you’re running or jogging, you can tap into this fitness app and turn your fitness sessions into an interactive game.

It’s easy to get started with Zombies, Run! There are no costs–just download the iOS or Android app, and follow the instructions on the screen. Speed up when zombies chase you and earn fitness prizes like clothes from weekly missions. It combines a health app with a great storytelling feature for getting you moving.

Download- IOS, Android


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Mindfulness apps have become immensely popular recently, and they make sense. If we want to stay grounded and focused in this chaotic world, it’s important that we know how to take a breather, so that we can keep moving forward in the right way. Rootd is an app specifically designed to help people with anxiety maintain their equilibrium.

The Rootd app is designed to help you manage stress and anxiety with guided lessons, breathing exercises, and a journal.

You might find that the app also comes in handy when there’s an emergency–if a panic attack is happening during the time of your usual daily routine, you can just fire up the app and have it guide you through. The free version offers more than enough content for anyone at any level on the spectrum.

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Have you ever wondered why Google Maps is only useable in small parts of the world when there could be an alternative way to describe locations. Let’s say that you’re trying to find a store on the map.

While Google Maps can help, What3Words takes the guesswork out of locating locations by giving them unique three-word labels. The app uses an algorithm to calculate what address your device’s location represents and assign it a specific three-word tag.

What3Words aims to offer users a more accurate and specific way of pinpointing their location. So if you’re looking for your favorite bar in the city, with the What3Words app, you can give someone “stale.sings.candle” and they will know exactly where that is on the map.

It sounds like the idea behind tracking devices like this is to help you find your way when it’s difficult. Some of the potential use cases have been suggested in emergency situations where your location can be hard to find, or even while on a beach where landmarks aren’t precise.

It’s interesting that it needs other apps to help you direct your path; however, there are clear benefits and it’s worth exploring.

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