Sales Automation Tools For LinkedIn That Make a Big Difference

Businesses looking to free up resources, leverage the powerful automation features, and increase their productivity should consider what the various Automation Tools for LinkedIn can provide for them. But with so many different tools on the market, where to begin? 

In this article we will go over some of the most popular tools available for LinkedIn, as well as uncover a few hidden gems that will benefit your overall business strategy in the long run, and help speed up daily tasks as well.

1. Lempod

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Having a popular and active profile is important in order to be perceived as an authority on LinkedIn, and one of the first obstacles that people run into when trying to grow on LinkedIn. 

Lempod offers businesses a way to automatically increase their engagement levels and views, making this tool excellent for a large number of industries and scenarios. From getting more exposure for the company’s job listings, to creating an effective branding or marketing strategy, the possibilities are endless once you get started with Lempod. 

This tool works by creating so-called engagement pods, which are groups of individuals that can be sorted by location, industry and more. These engagement pods make it easy for businesses to be supported with likes and comments, increasing the engagement by as much as 10 times according to their website.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

Reason: Users are generally satisfied with the results, but sometimes feel the comments and engagement can be too generic. This should be a relatively easy fix for a future update though.

2. Closely

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Any business that successfully manages to increase the amount of leads they generate, should expect a wealth of prospects coming to their websites. And LinkedIn can be the perfect place to do just this – generating leads!

But manually scouring through hundreds if not thousands of individual people can be tiresome, and it also requires a large investment of time. By using Closely it becomes possible to not only discover new potential leads, but also contact them as well as convert them into paying clients. All on autopilot!

Closely offers businesses a complete and automated sales platform that makes managing leads and contacts easy, while at the same time offering a powerful lead finding tool to assist with the growth. The tool integrates common features and filters, such as searching for leads by job title, company location and so on, with more advanced methods such as funding size and revenue.

This makes for more targeted and effective outreach campaigns, but it is even possible to export these newly found leads into a CSV file, in order to import them into other powerful services or applications for further processing and segmenting.

Verdict: 4.5 out of 5

Reason: Users love this tool for many reasons, but some find it cumbersome having to export data instead of using built-in integrations.

3. PhantomBuster

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The next tool on our list also deals with lead generation, offering templates for the various steps along the process, along with a seamless integration for common CRM systems. 

PhantomBuster offers more than 50 different modules for LinkedIn, making it extremely easy and simple to get access to qualified leads, even without prior technical knowledge. 

The more basic modules allows you to retrieve a spreadsheet of the results from your search on LinkedIn, or scrape details of a company from their pages. But there are also more advanced and specialized modules. 

The “LinkedIn Search to Lead Connection” is particularly useful for businesses with a need to extract users from a certain group or search, in order to then automatically contact and connect with them, as well as manage the engagement and activity of the leads themselves.

Verdict: 4.5 out of 5

Reason: A great all-round toolset that offers many different options and systems. One drawback is that their API services are not always fully updated or functional across different integrations.

4. We-Connect

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We-Connect is a modern automation toolset for LinkedIn, offering a specific set of products and services to help businesses find success in generating leads safely on the social platform.

By using their Smart Sequences, it becomes possible to create a single campaign that manages everything you need for prospecting new leads automatically. This is especially useful for creating 1st connections, but can be used for endorsing contacts, automatically following profiles, and more.

The We-Connect system can be configured to act differently depending on whether or not an invite is accepted, be set to automatically remind (nudge) people, and many other features designed to help businesses connect and convert.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

Reason: While the software itself is flexible and useful, users report issues with bugs and bad customer service. 

5. TexAu

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The last item on our list is TexAu, a tool that not only works on LinkedIn, but many of the other major social platforms. But do not let that fool you into thinking LinkedIn is just an afterthought. 

TexAu contains more than 50 different automation tools available for LinkedIn, allowing you to extract and export any necessary data you might need: from followers, contacts, messages, full profiles and more.

TexAu also features modules that allow you to automatically like all comments on specific posts, helping you find emails of company employees, or sending Sales Navigator requests in order to build your network.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

Reason: There are plenty of modules, called spices in the TexAu store, which allow for many features. However there are no modern automated outreach features, and beginners might also find the lack of documentation a bit difficult to work with.


Listed above are the greatest automation tools for LinkedIn and not only. Use them to increase brand exposure, build powerful marketing and outreach campaigns and boost your revenue. 


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