6 Best Free Games for Your Smartphone

If you are looking for the best smartphone games for Android & iOS without spending a penny, here is a selection of free games to while away the time.

You’ve just bought a new smartphone and are looking for some great games to pass the time? Then we have two good news for you: firstly we will help you to find them and secondly the games are all free.

That’s correct! There are now many free mobile games available in the respective app stores, and many of them are almost as good as the paid ones. Below we present some of the best free smartphone games.

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Alto’s Oddysey

Alto’s Odyssey is a snowboarding, well actually, sandboarding, game in which players slide down huge hills while exploring a desert landscape. It’s an endless runner game, which means the goal is to get as far as possible without falling or falling into a pit. 

This is one of those games that is intuitive to use and easy to play but difficult to master. Gorgeous graphics are complemented by a unique color gradient, making for a truly beautiful gaming experience. The game can be relaxing but also thrilling as well. You can let the beautiful scenery and soothing sound effects lull you into a state of blissful relaxation, or you focus on pushing your characters to their limits by performing tricks to create epic combos.

For the “purest” experience, try Zen mode. There are no points, coins, or power-ups in this simplified mode, so you can just relax and enjoy the scenery. If you can, you should try this mode with a pair of good-quality headphones to enjoy the original music and sound of Alto’s Odyssey.

Online casino games

You can now play online casino games through an app on your phone. Pretty handy, right? You don’t have to bother with finding the best online casino through your browser when you have an app installed. Springbok Casino mobile app lets you enjoy hundreds of online casino games, from slots to the most elaborate table games. Through this app, you can access your account (if you already have one) or make a new one. The app is free to download.

Alchemy stars

The genre of gacha-style JRPGs is pretty overused now, which means you have to have a truly remarkable product to stand out from the sea of ​​games currently available on Google Play or the App Store. Alchemy Stars fits that description, as it’s a game that’s beautifully designed in every way, with great attention to detail.

Characterized by an excellent anime design, the game’s protagonists move in a fantasy world full of traps that they have to face. There are many special skills and spells in the game that can attack and hurt multiple opponents at once.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

With the rise of smartphones, Nintendo decided to bring over many of its most popular games. The goal, of course, is to target mobile gamers with recognizable brands. Fire Emblem, Mario, and Pokemon are some of them. And then there’s Animal Crossing, whose addiction reaches all generations!

Like Sims Mobile, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is again a management and simulation game. But this time it’s not a classic city but a campsite that you have to manage. The whole thing with animals as customers. The game can be played multiplayer; you can visit other players’ campsites and trade certain resources. There are also quests, events, and an ongoing feature expansion.

Epic Match 3 Empires & Puzzles

This game is a simple yet deep tactical experience that combines combat from role-playing games, collecting cards, building bases, and match-3 gameplay. Use powerful combinations, advance your characters’ levels, gather riches, create weapons, and cultivate supplies. As a player, you may take part in online raid fights or challenge other players to PvP duels.

The Sims Freeplay

There are two mobile versions of The Sims: Sims Mobile and Sims Freeplay. The former is more than a decade old, while the latter came out in 2018. Both games have received four out of five stars from users on the Play Store and have been downloaded more than one million times (five million for the first!).

In The Sims Freeplay, you can oversee a whole neighborhood of Sims without worrying about micromanaging individual homes. In The Sims Mobile, you take charge of a single Sims family and decide everything about their lives, from where they live to how they interact with each other. You can also choose what they do for a living and how much money they have, as well as what clothes and accessories they wear. There are, of course, other households nearby to make the entire play more interesting!


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