Can You Really See Who Views Your Instagram Profile? (Legit Method)

If you have been on Instagram in the past few years, you probably already know that the most popular social media site is all about sharing. You share your posts with friends and family, or maybe even just people who follow you.

The number of people who log on to Instagram every day has grown tremendously in recent years. While there are a few who don’t post much, there are many more who use the app as a means to stalk their favourite celebrities or followers.

If you’re on Instagram regularly and have a public profile, chances are you’ve considered the question: “How do I know who views my Instagram profile?” more than once. In this article, we’ll learn how to track who’s viewed your account!

How to See Who Views Your Instagram Profile?

You’ll find that Instagram is somewhat lacking in features when it comes to checking who views your profile. For obvious reasons, Instagram doesn’t provide an in-built feature to let people check who is viewing their profile.

Facebook-owned Instagram is quite protective of user privacy and won’t share their data with you as it leads to the decline in engagement on the platform.

Instagram users are actually spending a lot of their time on the app “checking out” others’ profiles and not actively engaging. If Instagram releases data about their activity, there is a big chance they won’t spend as much time on the app, which means they’ll be less likely to engage with ads.

Even though these users don’t post content on the app, they still consume ads and if they’re called out, they might stop using Instagram altogether.

Using Third-Party Apps To See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile

There are a ton of third-party apps at your disposal on the App Store and the Play Store that show you how many people have viewed your Instagram profile. But can they really show you who views your profile and find your Instagram stalkers? Definitely not, so don’t fall for these scams.

SocialView for Instagram


If you’re looking for a way to track your Instagram followers, SocialView for Instagram is one of the apps you will come across. However, Despite their claims, this app doesn’t actually show who viewed your Instagram profile. You can look through their reviews to learn more.

Follower Analyzer for Instagram

When you take a look at the Follower Analyzer app, you’ll see that it advertises to show you who views your Instagram profile, but in reality, it doesn’t work.


profileplus insta app 1

Profile+ is another Instagram app that promises to reveal who has viewed your profile, but that app doesn’t work either.

In fact, it tries to trick you into paying for features even after it doesn’t work. The app simply lists the users you’ve blocked on the official Instagram app — which is something you can do right from the mobile app.

There are applications that pretend to work and make people believe they’re interacting with other Instagram users. These apps can also pose a significant privacy threat as they collect account data the moment you log in, despite the assurance that they won’t abuse it.

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Why Don’t Third-Party Apps Work?

Instagram’s data policy clearly specifies that they will only share a user’s name, username, bio, profile photo and email address. Third-party apps are not eligible to use this information unless Instagram has specifically vetted them.

With the Graph API, Instagram has been tightening its grip on the apps that use it. In order for third-party apps to use it, they have to go through a review process with Instagram. 

So, now that a third-party app isn’t an option, how do you see who viewed your Instagram profile?

Using Instagram Stories/Highlights

It’s possible to check who has recently visited your profile by going through your regular Instagram feed, the only major difference being that you have access to a feature that allows you to check on people who viewed your Stories and Highlights.

 If you want to see who viewed your story, all you’ll need to do is tap on the profile picture icons in the bottom left corner of your Instagram Stories and browse through our lists of users. Now, you can see that everyone from your followers have come to check out what’s up with you in your story – even those who don’t follow you!

Instagram stories seen 1

Anyone who you don’t want viewing your Instagram Stories can be blocked by tapping on their name in the slide-out menu and choosing the ‘Hide Story’ option.

Instagram Stories can only be viewed for a maximum of 24 hours. If you want to see who has visited your profile throughout the day or get a long-term overview of how many people have viewed your Instagram Profile, check out Highlights.

Using Instagram Business Accounts to See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

Another way of seeing who viewed your Instagram account is by using Instagram business. Instagram business accounts are one of the best ways to get important information without compromising on your account’s security.

With a business account, you can access insights about all your visitors. The insights won’t reveal identities, but they’ll give you helpful information about your visitors, such as their age range and gender.

If you want to change your profile from personal to a business profile and use Instagram to find who your stalker is then you can easily do so by navigating to the Instagram Settings, tapping ‘Switching to Business Profile’ and connecting your account with a Facebook Page.

Instagram for Business Insights 1

When creating an Instagram business account, there will be a prompt to choose which contact information you would like to transfer. You’ll be able to pull your Facebook data as it’s already stored on the platform.

Instagram Private Account 1

Your new Instagram business account will then be good to go and Instagram will then start collecting all the necessary data for you.

How To Make Your Instagram Account Private

Now that we’ve covered all the ways to see who’s currently reading your Instagram profile, how do you make sure that people can’t access your profile without knowing it? The answer is simple- You can make your Instagram profile private.

Instagram Private Account 1

Converting your Instagram profile from public to private is as easy as visiting the account settings and clicking the Private Account option.

Changing this setting won’t have any effect on your existing followers, so you’ll need to weed them out yourself if you don’t want them following you after switching to a private account.

So Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Profile?

Instagram doesn’t provide a function to see who viewed your profile. Approximately the only option is reviewing which users looked at your Instagram Stories and Highlights, but it doesn’t show all information of which users scrolled through your posts on Instagram’s main timeline.

Using third-party apps for this task is unnecessary and will waste your time and hard earned money. If you want more information about visitors without having to access their names, then you can switch to a personal account as well.

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