10 Best AI Music Generator Websites

The rapid pace of Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancement is astounding. AI has infiltrated various industries, from writing applications to video and presentation tools, and can now even be integrated with Siri on your iPhone through ChatGPT.

Surprisingly, the music industry has also joined this list, and an AI music generator is no longer a figment of our imagination. In the interest of aiding aspiring musicians or simply satisfying curious minds, we have delved into the world of AI and curated a list of the most impressive AI music generators.

So, if you’re a musician looking to explore new possibilities or just an AI enthusiast, set aside your guitar and pick up your mouse as we embark on this exciting journey.

10 Best AI Music Generator


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For music enthusiasts who crave boundless creativity, Soundraw is an ideal option. This innovative AI music generator offers a plethora of options for crafting distinct sounds and melodies. You can choose the tempo, mood, genre, theme, and instruments of your song, allowing you to create a unique musical masterpiece. With Soundraw, you can generate compositions that are up to five minutes long, even with the free version.

What sets Soundraw apart is its unique customization features. Once you have created your song variations, you can tailor them to fit your preferences. Users can click on specific parts of the song to modify its energy and trend up or down. You can selectively trim the songs and even go into Pro mode to fine-tune the instruments and their elements. With Soundraw, the possibilities for creating original music are endless.

When you’re satisfied with your creation, simply download your music from Soundraw and it’s ready for use. Whether you’re a professional musician or just experimenting with sound, Soundraw provides a unique platform for exploring new and exciting musical possibilities.


generate AI music with boomy

Boomy, a unique AI music generator, is designed to provide a simple and easy-to-use platform for creating music beats. Unlike other similar tools that require users to input lyrics, Boomy solely focuses on producing different styles of beats, ranging from Rap Beats to Lo-Fi, EDM, Experimental, and even custom styles. Boomy then presents users with a range of tracks that the AI will sample from.

One of the significant differences between Boomy and other AI music generators is that it provides users with only one tune. While Magenta and Soundraw produce multiple versions, Boomy sticks to a single output. However, Boomy offers an interesting feature that sets it apart from other apps.

Voicemod Text To Song Converter

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Voicemod is an AI music generator that is both user-friendly and versatile. Unlike some other tools that require musical knowledge, this one is designed for anyone to use. It’s accessible from anywhere, thanks to its web-based platform, making it perfect for music creators on the go. As with other similar services, Voicemod uses lyrics inputted by the user to generate songs.

Getting started is easy: users simply choose from over 16 different song types, ranging from pop to EDM to Christmas music. Next, they can select from seven different singers, each with their own unique vocal style. Whether you prefer a classical soprano or a pop Mezzo, there’s a voice that suits your needs.

But what sets Voicemod apart from other AI music generators is its focus on personalization. Users can adjust the tempo, key, and even the mood of the song, giving them complete control over the final product. 


aiva genres

AIVA is an AI music generator that takes advantage of pre-existing generation profiles to create new and unique compositions. These profiles span a vast range of music genres, including Lo-fi, techno, meditation, and afro house, among others. With this tool, users can select any profile that appeals to them and begin creating their own music.

One of the unique features of AIVA is its ability to allow users to choose the key signature that contains all the scale notes. In addition, users can also determine the duration and number of compositions they would like to generate. The AI music generator then processes the inputs and outputs a unique composition within a minute.

Magenta Studio


If you thought Google Bard was the tech giant’s first venture into the AI world, you’re in for a surprise. Meet Magenta Studio, an incredible collection of music plugins built on the open-source tools and models of Magenta. Developed by Google, these plugins offer a range of capabilities, including an AI music generator, as well as other tools like Interpolate, Drumify, Continue, and Groove. You can use these tools as standalone apps or as plug-ins for Abelton Live, offering endless possibilities for music production.

Magenta’s Generate tool is a standout feature of the collection, which is incredibly easy to use and requires only a small one-time download. With this tool, you can create a four-bar phrase with zero input from the user.


melobytes 655908 full 1

Melobytes is a blast from the past with its retro-looking website, but don’t let that fool you – it’s a powerful AI music generator that works surprisingly fast. Its music tool is particularly impressive, offering dozens of styles that range from classic and vintage to modern and trendy.

Users can choose from music genres like jazz, blues, rock, pop, and even classical composers such as Bach, Beethoven, and Vivaldi. What’s more, Melobytes lets users customize even the smallest details such as tempo, bars, and instrument notes to create a truly unique output.

One thing that sets Melobytes apart from other AI music generators is its ability to add audio effects. Users can choose from a variety of options like echo, reverb, and distortion to add a professional touch to their output. Once you’re satisfied with your creation, Melobytes generates a MIDI file that can be easily downloaded and shared with others.

OpenAI  – MuseNet

MuseNet Advanced Mode 1

OpenAI, a leading name in the AI industry, offers an AI music generator called MuseNet that can create songs with up to ten different instruments and in up to 15 different styles.

One of the most interesting features of MuseNet is its ability to mimic famous composers like Mozart and modern-day composers by relying on a deep neural network trained on data gathered from various internet sources. This allows MuseNet to evaluate music over long periods of time, enabling it to generate unique compositions.

It’s worth noting that while MuseNet has many samples available on Soundcloud, it does not currently allow users to generate their own music. Nonetheless, MuseNet offers a vast collection of AI-generated music that showcases the tool’s capabilities.

Image To Sound Effect

Choose Singer 1

For a completely different approach to AI-generated music, consider trying out an image-to-sound effect generator. Unlike traditional AI music generators that rely on lyrics to output songs, this tool uses images to create unique soundscapes. Based on Huggingface, the generator is powered by CoCa Image Captioning and AudioLDM, making it both user-friendly and effective.

To use the tool, simply upload an image and select your desired settings, such as the song’s duration and speed. While the generator can automatically derive a prompt from the image, you also have the option to manually add a description to fine-tune the output. After just a few minutes, the generator will produce a one-of-a-kind song that’s entirely based on the input image.

Synthesizer V


Magenta Studio is a great option for generating music, but if you’re looking to go beyond simple melodies, then Synthesizer V might be what you need. This freemium software takes things to the next level by incorporating the power of vocals. With a wide range of voices and their respective vocal profiles, Synthesizer V allows you to turn lyrics into full-fledged songs using AI.

The app has a timeline with musical notes where you can place your desired lyrics to create a melody. You can also customize the notes by altering them and stretching the lyrics to fit your desired length. The app provides a good level of flexibility and options to experiment with. Although the free version has only a limited number of voices available, they are sufficient to get started with.

Ecrett Music

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Ecrett Music is a versatile AI music generator that can help create music for videos or games without worrying about licensing. This tool trains on hundreds of hours of existing music to provide users with a vast selection of scenes, emotions, and genres to choose from.

The interface is user-friendly and straightforward, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals. Users can customize the instruments and structures with just a few clicks, including melody, backing, bass, and drum.

Once you have selected your preferences, click on “Create Music,” and Ecrett Music will generate a unique track every time, even if you use the same settings. The tool also comes with features such as Favorites, Download History, and Video Upload to manage your created music.

Ecrett Music is the perfect solution for those who want to create music without worrying about licensing issues. With a vast selection of styles to choose from, users can easily create music that fits their specific needs.

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