Little-Known Tools That Could Significantly Help your business

Growing your online business is a difficult task & requires knowledge about various tools & resources to manage it well. 

Nowadays, with technology going haywire, you need to always stay updated with the latest tools & software that are being launched in the market.

Fortunately, there are plenty of websites available that you can access for free to get your business sorted. From different marketing software & managing social media accounts to designing tools & more – there’s a tool for everything.

So, let’s talk about some of the little-known tools that can significantly help your business.

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Images and Pattern Generators Tools

If you are not someone who is good at designing & drawing pattern images but require such a talent immediately for your business, then you can make use of an AI pattern generator like CF Spark Pattern.

This fabulous tool generates patterns from the text you have entered within no time. Isn’t it cool?

You may need some graphics to form a virtual background or use it as digital paper – so just describe in words what you have in mind & then press ‘Ignite’, tada! Your work is done. An AI-generated pattern will be created & you can download or publish it at any time.

How to create a pattern with CF Spark

  • Visit the CF Spark Pattern Maker page.
  • Then start the AI Image generator & describe what you need in the given search bar.

CF Spark

  • Press the ‘Ignite’ button to start generating the desired pattern.
  • Around 4 patterns will be generated. Choose the one you like & download or publish it.
  • You can use these patterns to design your product packaging or decorate the background, & more.
  • Remember, you need to create an account to get these patterns generated. You can sign up using your email address & become a member within seconds.

CF Spark Pattern is a text to image tool that works well if you need to create seamless patterns, but if you’re trying to come up with totally new images to add to your projects, you might be better off using the image generator Spark Art that’s part of the same suite of tools.

This may be a little unknown compared to the big DALL-E , Wombo and other trending tools but it is worth a try!

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The name of this system is self-explanatory. It helps in maintaining customer relations to improve the business. 

By keeping all customer information and interactions in one place, companies can get a clearer picture of what their customers want, like, and do & CRM helps in just that.

Additionally, it is also helpful in keeping tabs on potential clients, opportunities, and sales.

When the above-mentioned activities are taken care of, employees can focus on more important work while customer interactions are well taken care of.

Email marketing platforms

Email marketing is an efficient strategy for your business to reach and engage with its audience. 

It is a real steal when it comes to spreading the word about your business. Email marketing won’t put a huge dent in your pocket like old-school ways of advertising, such as airing a commercial on TV or placing an ad in a newspaper or magazine.

You can easily advertise your products and services by sending emails to your customers. If you are offering special discounts and providing recommendations, then this strategy will help your business gain customers & propel them to make purchases.

There are several email marketing platforms available like HubSpot, Sendinblue, Mailchimp, & similar others.

Blogging tools

Blogging tools can give your business an effortless means to create and post top-notch content on a regular basis. It is a great strategy to grow your brand & attract new customers.

You can also promote your blog posts on different social media platforms, thus increasing your brand visibility & reach a wider audience.

Here are a few tools that can help you create an engaging blog for your business:

  • WordPress – WordPress is famous for its super simple setup, which lets business owners and marketers effortlessly create and handle their blog posts even if they are not that experienced.
  • Hootsuite – This is a social media management tool that allows you to manage and schedule your social media posts across multiple platforms from a single platform.
  • Grammarly – This tool can help you rectify your grammar & spelling mistakes while you write your blogs.
  • FPtraffic – Now you can schedule your content & post in advance with FPtraffic. Your posts will automatically be published on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform you wish to post on.
  • DocuSign – Signing your documents digitally is easier than ever with the DocuSign app. You can sign any document online without printing or scanning it.

Mobile apps for business owners

Running a business can be a tough job because you need to juggle a ton of stuff all at once. However, there are numerous apps out there made just for people like you to help make things easier and more efficient so you can crush it and bring in the big bucks!

Some of the most useful mobile apps are listed below:

  • BankMobile – This tool provides a mobile banking app that allows business owners to access their accounts and perform transactions on the go. You can deposit checks on the go, pay bills, and keep an eye on your account balance like a boss.
  • Dropbox – With Dropbox, you can easily store and share files securely in the cloud. You can conveniently access and collaborate on files from anywhere & on any device.
  • Trello – Trello is a project management tool that allows users to organize and manage tasks and projects using cards & lists.
  • Apple iBooks Author – It is a free platform that lets you create and publish interactive digital books and educational materials for your business.
  • MailChimp – This tool is made for businesses to create, send, and track email campaigns. It helps in curating newsletters for your customers.

Social media tools

Social media is a very important aspect for businesses these days. With more & more people joining different platforms, it is easier to advertise your products & services on Instagram, Facebook, & more.

  • Google Analytics – This tool provides you with information about who has visited your site, how much time they spend there, which post they mostly view, & more.
  • Buzzsumo – If you search for a topic or keyword in Buzzsumo, it will display information about influencers or creators who have been sharing content associated with that topic within the previous year.
  • Social Mention – If you want to keep a check on conversations that are happening online about any specific topic, then this tool can help you achieve that.

Collaboration tools

Expanding & growing any business requires solid communication & continuous collaboration with your teammates. There are various tools available in the market that will help you with constant collaboration, such as Slack, Google Docs, Asana, & more.

Each of these apps offers unique features to improve productivity & enhance teamwork.

  • Google Docs – This tool is very popular & most of us use it even if we don’t own a business. It helps numerous people work on a specific document simultaneously.
  • Slack – You can have private chat channels for your team members when working on numerous projects.
  • Asana – It helps you provide specific tasks to colleagues for a particular work.

Internet security software

As important technology is for the betterment of your business, it also has its downside. Online threats & digital risks can pose a serious issue when it comes to your business. So, investing in a cyber-security tool is essential to protect your company.

Amongst the various security software available in the market, AVG and Avast are two popular tools that provide protection against malware, viruses, and other digital threats.

Time management tools

We are all well aware of the fact that time is money & business owners will find this more relatable. You can’t waste time when you have so much in your hand. 

Here are some time management tools that can save you time while acing your business:

  • ToDoist – This tool features a simple interface that allows you to create, organize, and keep a tab on your to-do lists and projects.
  • Evernote –If you want to organize your notes, save files, and enhance productivity, Evernote is an exceptional app. It can be operated within Google Drive & Dropbox too. 
  • Google Calendar – You can easily create, view, and modify events when using Google Calendar. 

In addition, you have the ability to include descriptions, locations, and reminders of your events, and share your plans with others, which makes it an amazing software for teams and organizations to plan meetings and manage schedules.

Accounting software for small business

Accounting is a crucial aspect of any business regardless of its size. Manually doing everything by yourself can take a toll & it is difficult to handle so many things all at once.

So, using tools like Quickbooks & Xero can make things easier for you. If you want to keep a track of your income and expenses, manage your bank accounts, and generate balance sheets and transaction history, these apps can help you with everything.

If you have an online business, then you can use platforms like Shopify that integrate well with this accounting software. 


This article throws light on some of the essential tools that can help you up your game in the world of business.

Handling everything yourself can be tempting when you are just starting out but taking some help using these tools may prove to be a game-changer.


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