7 Simple Secrets to Fix Bad Photos Effectively

Took a photo that perfectly fits your social media account or that you’d like to print, but the quality is poor? This problem can be easily solved while post-processing your images. In this article, we’ll tell you how to salvage a bad photo in a number of ways. 

Quick Ways to Improve the Quality

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1. Use presets and filters

You can waste hours on trying to edit your photo and adjusting its colors manually, or instead you may use various presets and filters that will save your time. You can rebalance the contrast by using soft filters that typically place more emphasis on the lighting, shadows, and tonality than they do on the colors.

Besides, you can easily enhance the colors by choosing colorful presets. These presets typically have greater contrast, saturation, and creativity when it comes to color tones. Or just make changes to these default presets and save them as a new preset for later.

2. Crop it

Sometimes you don’t need to edit your photo in a number of ways, as cropping might be enough. A photo can have a completely different appearance if distracting elements are taken out of the background or the edges of the picture. There are lots of image cropping rules that will help you save your images and make them look more visually appealing. 

3. Turn it to black and white

Making your photo black and white (or grayscale) works if it has contrasting colors and patterns and feels overly cluttered. When the distracting colors are removed, the subject stands out in dramatic contrast. For a better result, look through black and white photo editing tips to get the best result and set the right mood.

4. Reduce noise

Digital noise, which is typically brought either by dim lighting or a high ISO setting on your camera, is a common issue in photography. Even if you have a fantastic camera, noise degrades the quality of your photos. Moreover, it diverts attention from the scene and strains the eyes of the viewer and to get rid of this problem you may need to use photo noise reduction software.

Many editing tools are available today to help remove noise from photos. However, it may be challenging to find the best noise reducing software. Nowadays, there are quite a lot of different editors and online tools that offer this feature and instead of trying all of them and wasting your time, you can discover the best noise reducing software just by following the link and reading the article. 

With the help of the best denoise software you’ll be able to save your time and, what’s more important, give a new life to your photos in a couple of seconds.

5. Remove unwanted objects

Unwanted objects frequently get in the way when taking pictures. Unwanted things might be tough to remove from a photograph. It must be defined in the image, marked, and deleted before the empty space is appropriately filled. However, it doesn’t mean you should delete this photo forever. Instead, you can easily get rid of these objects with the help of the best online photo objects removers that will do all for you in a couple of clicks.

6. Correct color temperature 

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From time to time, there is no need to use all the tools above to save a poor photo. In such cases, the white balance is crucial. You do this because you want your pictures to depict a real world. Choose the appropriate setting for the light you are working with to guarantee that whites are whites. 

Every source of light has a unique color temperature. Moonlight is cooler than the sun. But, a full moon is warmer than a bright blue sky! These variations in color temperature must be taken into consideration.

The majority of amateur or beginning photographers will employ automatic white balance. They might be able to take pictures now without giving their subject too much thought. They won’t receive the greatest and most lifelike color cast, though.

7. Make a photo collage

In case you have a couple of photos you need to salvage, you can make a beautiful photo collage out of them. Putting them together will help you make the whole piece look more interesting. You can use various mobile apps or desktop editors that come with a variety of photo collage templates. This way, even the worst photos may have an absolutely different look.


These are 7 quick ways to improve the quality of your photos. As you can see, saving images with a poor quality can be easy, and you don’t even need to spend hours on it. Just follow the tips above and find the right photo editor to give your photos a new life.

Abhishek is the founder of Geeks Gyaan. When he's not busy writing, he loves looking at the stars and exploring the universe.


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