List of All Texting Symbols With Their Meaning

If you want to better understand the acronyms and short forms commonly used in messaging, check out this list of texting symbols. Knowing the meanings of these symbols can make texting more enjoyable and help you decode the messages you receive.

On numerous occasions, we come across a new word and hasten to refer to a dictionary to seek its meaning. The addition of new words to the language every other day makes it difficult to keep track of their meanings, making a dictionary a lifesaver. As communication continues to evolve with changing times, our dependency on texting is on the rise.

Short Text Messages (SMS), commonly referred to as a new form of communication, is a popular method of sending instant messages to our friends via mobile phones. Online chats are another medium we’ve become addicted to. Therefore, if you are an enthusiastic texter or instant messaging user, chances are you’ve come across many abbreviations used in texting.

Need help decoding abbreviations, acronyms, and short forms used in text messages? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive list of texting symbols that can serve as your very own dictionary. With this guide, you can easily decipher the meaning behind various text message codes and symbols. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clear communication!

List of Texting Symbols

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For those who are new to texting and chatting online, deciphering the meaning behind smiley faces can be a daunting task. It can be especially challenging when faced with less common symbols like :^{ or :(#).

Asking for clarification can be embarrassing and imply a lack of familiarity with the latest cool language trends. Fortunately, Techspirited has got you covered with a comprehensive article that covers the most commonly used symbols for texting and chatting. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to confidently expressing yourself online!

Understanding the meaning of texting symbols is a breeze! For instance, if you receive a message with the letter ‘Y’, it typically means ‘why’. Similarly, if someone texts you ‘U8?’, they are most likely asking if you have eaten, with ‘U’ representing ‘you’ and ‘8’ standing for ‘ate’.

The symbol :'( typically denotes crying, while <3 is often used to signify a heart. To save keystrokes, vowels in words are sometimes omitted, as in ‘btwn’ for ‘between’ and ‘hndsm’ for ‘handsome’.

If you’re ever unsure of the meaning of a text message symbol or emoticon, fear not! Simply consult our handy texting symbols list for guidance.

Texting Symbol Meaning
SITD still in the dark
O-Z-> man running (whole body figure)
O-S-> In a hurry
O-G-> Pointing to self
o-&-> Doing nothing
ITD in the dark
I โ€“ O bored/yawning
8-> person in glasses grinning evilly
๐Ÿ™ Sad
๐Ÿ˜ฎ Ooooh!!shocked
๐Ÿ˜› Tongue in cheek
๐Ÿ˜Ž Sunglasses face
๐Ÿ˜€ Laughing
๐Ÿ˜€ very happy, laughing
>=-O frightened
<3 Love Heart
<[]I television/video screen
<:-O eek!
+ knight
#:-) From a person with matted hair
&:-) From a person with curly hair
\=o-o=/ glasses
*$gt;) / :O) clown
@<โ€“<โ€“ red rose
(O-> something fishy here
((@))-((@)) the Demon Headmaster
((((((((((O>>>>>>o cannon firing
(-.-) Zzzz . . . asleep
:*) Drunk smiling face
:-X Big Kiss
:-S makes no sense
:-O Surprised/shocked
:-ll Angry
:-amp; Tongue-tied
:-* Kiss
:-@ Screaming
:-)) Very Happy
:-)โ€ฆ.. Drooling face
:-. ssshhh talking very quietly
:-, Hmmmmโ€ฆ, smirking
:- I hypnotized!
: v shouting
: C v. unhappy/incredulous
: [ unfriendly
: )) laughing
: โ€“ O saying โ€˜Oh!โ€™
: โ€“ \ puzzled
: โ€“ ( unhappy


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Symbols List for Facebook

Looking to spice up your Facebook chats? Look no further! Below are some fantastic texting symbols for Facebook that are sure to add some fun and interest to your conversations.

Texting Symbol Meaning
O.o Confused
O:) Angel
B) Sunglasses
8) Glasses
3:) Devil
๐Ÿ™‚ Happy
๐Ÿ™ Sad
๐Ÿ˜› Tongue
๐Ÿ˜‰ Wink
๐Ÿ˜€ Grin
<3 Heart
<:O Upset
<:( Grumpy
^_^ โ€œkikiโ€
:v Pacman
:putnam: Chris Putnam (Facebook Engineer)
:O Gasp
:3 Cute/Cat-like
:|] Robot
:/ Unsure
:'( Cry
:-* Kiss
-_ Squint


Symbols for Love

In search of creative ways to express your love via text? Look no further than the table below, which features a collection of popular texting symbols for love. Use these symbols to convey your feelings to that special someone in a fun and efficient way.

Symbol for Facebook Meaning
o:-) Angel smiley
:-* Kiss
<3 Love Heart
@>โ€“>โ€“ red rose
:-)) Very Happy
( โ€˜}{โ€˜ ) Boy and girl kissing
:โ€) Blush
๐Ÿ˜‰ Cheeky wink
๐Ÿ˜‰ Flirty
:-X Big Kiss
o) Wink
*^_^* Huge Wide Grin
})i({ Butterfly
:-p Naughty
d8:) Cool
:-)โ€ฆ.. Drooling face
๐Ÿ˜ก or :o* Kiss


Texting Abbreviations

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of commonly used text message abbreviations. These acronyms are frequently used to save time and keystrokes in text messaging. Take a look through the list to discover the meanings behind the various word abbreviations.

Text Abbreviation Meaning
ZZZZ Sleeping or bored
YT You there
YBS you will be sorry
Y2K You are too kind
WYWH Wish you were here
WWYC Write when you can
WUF where are you from
WTG way to go
WRT with respect to
WEG Wicked Evil Grin
WAN2 want to
W4U waiting for you
URTO you are the one
URH You are hot
UFB Unfreakingly believable
U4E yours forever
TYVM Thank you very much
TTYL Talk to you later
TMI Too much information
TMB Text me back
T2ul talk to you later
T+ think positive
STBY Sucks to be you
STATS your sex and age
SRY sorry
ROFL Rolling on floor laughing
RMB ring my bell
RBTL Read between the lines
PPL people
POV Point of view
PLMK Please let me know
PCM please call me
OXOX Hugs and kisses
OMG Oh my God
OIC Oh I see
O4U only for you
NVM Never mind
NSA No strings attached
NP No Problem or Nosy Parents
NO1 no one
NMH Not much here
MYOB mind your own business
MGB may God bless
M8 mate
LYLAS Love you like a sister
LTK like to come
LTG Like to go
LOL Laugh Out Loud
L8R Later
KIT keep in touch
KC keep cool
JK Just Kidding
J4K just for kisses
J4F just for fun
IMO in my opinion
ILY I love you
IDK I donโ€™t know
IC I see
HAND have a nice day
HAGN have a good night
H8 hate
H&K hugs and kisses
GTSY great to see you
GTG Got to go
GR8 Great
GMTA great minds think alike
GG good game
GF Girlfriend
G9 genius
FYI for your information
FYEO for your eyes only
FC fingers crossed
F2T free to talk
F2F face to face
EOL end of lecture
EOD end of discussion
DUR? donโ€™t you remember?
DQMOT Donโ€™t quote me on this
CUL see you later
CU see you
COS Because
Cm call me
C&G Chuckle and grin
BTW By The Way
BRB Be right back
BFF Best Friends Forever
BF Boyfriend
BCNU Be Seeing You
B4N Bye for now
AYS Are you serious
AYDY Are you done yet
ATW at the weekend
ASL age, sex, location
ASFAIC As far as I am concerned
ASAP as soon as possible
AMOF As a matter of fact
AML all my love
AFK away from keyboard
AFAIK as far as I know
Adctd2uv addicted to love
AB! Ah Bless!
AAM as a matter of fact
A3 Anytime anywhere anyplace
4yeo for your eyes only
4e Forever
2WIMC too whom it may concern
2NITE Tonight
2MORO Tomorrow
2l8 Too late
2g4u too good for you
2bctnd to be continued
?4U Question for you



The texting symbols listed above are not limited to just one type of phone! These symbols can be used on an iPhone as well. By utilizing this comprehensive list of texting symbols, you can add some flair to your messages and save time in the process. So go ahead and incorporate these cool abbreviations into your texting to take your conversations to the next level.

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