PUBGM: A Beginner’s Guide to Sniping and Long-Range Shooting

PUBGM has great gunplay at its core, especially with its various game modes and a plethora of guns at the players’ disposal. You can definitely enjoy each gun in different modes and practice before entering ranked battle royale games. 

We will concentrate on sniping and long-range shooting, which are essential play styles for winning in solo, duo, or squad modes. Of course, you have two slots for weapons, so being a sniper does not technically mean you are a sniper all the way in PUBGM, you can pick up an AR as your secondary gun to help you defeat enemies on close to medium range.

Here’s a beginner’s guide and some pointers on how to improve in this style of play.

Select a Sniper-focused Map

pubg sniper

PUBGM has a lot of maps, and not all of them are geared toward sniping. If you want to improve your sniping and long-range battle skills, Erangel and Miramar are both excellent practice maps.

Erangel is a large map and the first PUBGM map. It is the best all-around map, so you will encounter a variety of play styles in this map, which means players can come at you from close to medium range, or snipers from long-range shooting. This map has a lot of good sniping spots where you can get a lot of kills and gain an advantage over your opponents.

Miramar is unquestionably a sniper’s paradise. It is mostly open fields with few buildings and hiding places. Be aware that veterans are most likely playing in this game mode, as it is one of the most difficult maps in the game for the reasons stated above.

Pick your ideal Sniper Rifle

You can choose between DMRs and full-fledged sniper rifles based on your preferences and playing style. Each type of gun has advantages and disadvantages.

DMRs, for example, have more magazines but produce less damage than sniper rifles. This means that they cannot one-shot enemies with a headshot, whereas some sniper rifles can. DMRs have a faster rate of fire, which means they can fire consecutive shots, whereas sniper rifles must wait for a little while before they can fire again.

Furthermore, sniper rifles are only useful for long-range shooting, as they are ineffective for close or even mid-range combat. DMRs, with their faster rate of fire than sniper rifles, can at least be usable in mid-range assaults.

AWM (drop only) and Kar98k (common drop) are the best sniper rifles in the game. SKS and MK14, on the other hand, are the best DMRs in the game. VSS is useful in the early game but can be detrimental in the late game. Mini 14 is ideal for mid-range combat.

Ideal Attachments for Your Long-Range Weapon

weapon Attachments

PUBGM has a variety of attachments that you can find all over the map, and specific attachments can be extremely useful when attached to your weapon.

To be extremely effective in the game, most sniper rifles, such as the KAR98k, M24, and AWM, require an 8X scope. Some long-range weapons, such as DMRs like the SKS and MK14, would benefit greatly from a 4x or 6x scope.

Furthermore, compensators, vertical grips, extended magazines, and cheek pads are excellent additions to long-range weapons that support them. Recoil should be minimized to the greatest extent possible in order to be as effective as possible when shooting enemies.

Positioning and Communication

First and foremost, if you’re playing as a sniper in PUBGM, find a location with a high-ground advantage. This allows you to see enemies before they see you, and it prepares you in case they try to rush you to your position.

Make use of covers such as rocks, trees, and other game objects to keep yourself hidden. Also, if you’re looking for AWM for the late game, look for ghillie suits as well, as they can be very effective in the mid to late game.

As a sniper, you must be hidden a majority of the time to prevent other players from discovering your location, especially in the middle of the game when you may encounter enemies moving from one point to another.

If you’re in a duo or squad, your teammate can help you spot enemies or even suppress them if they can, allowing you to take a great shot while they’re busy.

Trigger discipline is also required; you cannot shoot an enemy once they have been discovered. You must position yourself carefully and wait for them to be in a position where you can easily snipe them. Otherwise, you may get your position discovered by the enemies, which is not ideal if you are still practising your sniping skills.

Sensitivity Setting Update and Leading Moving Targets

Pubg (2)

Finally, PUBG Mobile allows you to adjust your sensitivity for each scope or weapon. This will assist you in determining your ideal setting. However, if you are still new, the default setting is adequate.

However, as you play the game with a specific play style more often, you will develop your own preference. 

Simply go to Settings > Sensitivity and adjust it as desired. You can use Advanced Settings to fine-tune your customization for each type of gun, or you can go deeper and have different sensitivity settings for each gun.

When sniping enemies in the game, aim slightly in front of the moving target for a better chance of hitting them. Bullets take time to reach their targets, which is why using sniper rifles or DMRs takes time and a lot of practice.


When you master the art of sniping enemies from afar, PUBGM is amazing and fun. It is, without a doubt, one of the most satisfying methods of defeating an opponent. It is also a difficult skill to master, so practising this craft will require dedication and time.

This beginner’s guide should help you understand how to be an effective sniper in PUBGM. Practice to win your next game! If you have any sniping tips and tricks, please share them in the comments section below. And, be sure to get a PUBG Mobile UC from OffGamers here for a better experience in the game.


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