5 Practices That Businesses Should Follow For Guest WiFi Networks

These days providing a reliable and fast WiFi connection to customers and guests has become a necessity for every kind of business. Most people expect a reliable and fast WiFi network when they visit an office. Due to the increased expectancy of WiFi networks, a lot of businesses make the mistake of providing their guests with access to the primary network. It is a risky mistake that can not only slow down things for employees but also expose your business to malware and security risks.

For these reasons, it is necessary to provide guests with a separate WiFi network. With that said, let us have a look at five best practices that businesses should follow for guest WiFi networks.

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1. Have a Separate Guest Network

Most of the time, there won’t be any need for guests or your customers to access the primary business network. Therefore, the first thing that you gotta do is create a separate guest WiFi network. Most wireless routers allow you to create a separate guest Wi-Fi network through and by doing so, you can separate it from your main network.

This will separate your primary network from the guest network and keep your company’s information and network secure from all types of security risks. Keep in mind that it won’t do anything in terms of performance, as the available bandwidth is being shared across both networks.

2. Develop and Implement a Guest Internet Usage Policy

As a business, you should have a proper guest internet usage policy in place. It is a good thing to provide your guests and customers with the internet, but you should make sure that you have a proper policy in place to avoid any misuse. Firstly, you should limit the bandwidth access to the guest network so that the primary business network has the necessary bandwidth to conduct business activities.

Secondly, you should have protocols that will prevent guests from accessing illegal websites or downloading questionable content because it is better to be on the safe side than to be sorry later on. This can be configured through the firewall settings, which are accessible through or the router admin panel. By developing and implementing a fair guest usage policy, you can ensure that guests can access the internet without misusing it in any way.

3. Make the Network Easily Accessible

The guest network that you are providing to your guests and customers should be easy to use. Security is essential for the guest network too, but the network should be easily accessible for guests. Therefore, while implementing a log-in solution for guests, make sure that you implement an easy one that provides a simple and convenient way for guests to access the network without asking for much information.

4. Secure the Equipment

Just as it is important to separate your guest network from the primary network, it is also necessary to secure the router and other equipment from the guests. Securing the router, modem, and other networking equipment is a part of basic security principles and you should make sure that no one can access the equipment without proper access.

When setting up the guest wireless network, change the default access username and password to prevent bad actors from gaining administrative access to the network. In addition, change the SSID of the network that reflects or points to your business. It is your job to ensure that your network and guests on the network are safe.

5. Proper Router Placement

Lastly, you should place the access point or the router in the right place. Proper placement is necessary to prevent bad actors or outsiders from accessing your network and also to avoid frustration for your guests. If your guests don’t go beyond your lobby, the guest WiFi network shouldn’t extend beyond the walls of your office to prevent bad actors from accessing it. Similarly, the router shouldn’t be placed too far away that it results in poor WiFi signals and frustration for your guests.

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