Top 10 Highest Earning Websites in the World

Many of internet users are just not aware about this giant internet world. About what kind of business is working in our online world. Most of us are just browsing internet daily without knowing that how much these websites are earning on daily basis. Some websites earn $50 per secound ! Yes It’s true.
I’am sure that you guys are waiting of the whole list of Top Earning Websites.

10 Website Which Make Lots of Money Online


   Founders – Larry Page & Sergey Brin
   Annual Revenue – $55.9  Billion
   Revenue Per Second – $691.6

Google is the best & biggest search engine. The word “Google” which simply means to look something around the world was added from Oxford English Dictionary.


   Founders – Jeff  Bezos
   Annual Revenue – $61.93 Billion
   Revenue Per Second – $607.05

You’ll never need to worry about whether you’re getting best deals or not, as we all know that Amazon is the biggest online retailer. Its like an online mega store where you can grab electronics, clothing and many other stuffs.


   Founders – Jerry Yang & David Filo
   Annual Revenue –  $7.2 Billion
   Revenue Per Second – $228.31

Yahoo is globally known for its Web portals, search engine, yahoo answers and related services. Its basic concept was to create a miniature internet, so that we could get all information at a single place.


   Founder – Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz & Chris Huges
   Annual Revenue – $5.1 Billion
   Revenue Per Second – $63
Facebook is one of the biggest social media website in the whole world with almost 1.18 Billion monthly active users. You can share what you want but without harming Facebook  Terms & Conditions. Facebook also allows us to increase traffic onto your business through its Fan-Page scheme.


   Founders – Evan Williams, Noah Glass, Jack Dorsey & Biz Stone
   Annual Revenue –  $3.71 Billions
   Revenue Per Second – $24

Twitter is the second largest social media website on the web. Using twitter we can share our thoughts in form of tweets. You can easily sign up for twitter, Twitter is also available for smartphones you can download Twitter application from Google Play Store easily.


   Founder – Pierre Omidyar
   Annual Revenue – $6.29 Billions
   Revenue Per Second – $46
 The world’s largest online auction place. Here you can find deals on vintage products, used records, pawn shop & antique material etc. eBay also allow us to sell our products online.


   Founders – Steve Chen, Chad Hurley & Jawed Karim
   Annual Revenue – $1.7 Billion
   Revenue Per Second – $9.51

YouTube is  world’s biggest online Video Streaming site. YouTube is truly belongs to its users, As we know that YouTube is also a product of Google, so it helps us to earn some money by uploading videos and getting genuine views on it..

» LinkedIn

   Founders: Reid Hoffman
   Annual Revenue: $972 million

   Revenue Per Second – $7

Reid Hoffman first created in 1997, At that time nobody have imagine of Myspace or Facebook. He used to work in paypal, Then he founded the first business oriented social network that is LinkedIn.


    Founders – Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp & Ben Silbermann
    Annual Revenue – $45 Million
    Revenue Per Second – $20.13

One of the great discovery in the online universe. Pinterest is like a global pin board where you can pin your recipes, crafts, photos & your discoveries on it.


    Founders – Chris Chan, Brian Yu, Derek Chan, Macro Fung & Ray Chan
    Annual Revenue –  $9 Millions
    Revenue Per Second – $16

9gag is one of the extremely famous website for its funny material, and a website with lowest bounce rate. You can find and share your favourite funny memes, gifs etc. 9gag is also available on Google PlayStore in the form of an Application.

Wrapping Up

You might be wondering that how these websites earn such huge amount of money ? Well the credit goes to advertisement. Most of the websites earn through advertisement while others sell their own product on their website. Also checkout our article on Google Adsense Approval Tips.


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