10 Coolest Websites You Must See Before You Die


After doing some serious work its time to have some fun. Each day 140000 websites are launched, So it’s really difficult to find great and addictive websites to kill your time. So I have compiled a list of some of the coolest websites that you must definitely checkout.

Party Cloud [Music]

Party cloud is an online virtual DJ mixer. It’s same as virtual DJ software but here you can only select two songs at a time and play them together. It also allows us to record the fusion that we created. The only limitation is that you can’t download the recorded song for this you need to download Part Cloud’s desktop application.

Best Of Youtube [Videos]

If you like watching viral youtube videos then you must definitely check best of youtube. This site features some of the most viral videos of youtube. There is also a voting system which automatically adds the most voted videos in the top list.

LameBook [Funny]

Lamebook has a huge collection of Weird stuffs that people post on social media. These posts contain funny facebook and twitter statuses, LOLS, Fails, etc. Trust me the posts are so hilarious that it will make you go LOL.

Where the f*** I can Get Coffee [Misc]

If you are in a new city or country then this website can really help you. This site actually helps us to find the nearest restaurants and coffee shops, You just need to type your f***ing location and it will find some of the nearest f***ing restaurants and coffee shops.

Press The Spacebar [Time Killing]

This is something that I use to kill my time when I get bored. The game is quite simple you just need to hit the spacebar simultaneously until your time gets finished. I have scored 36 in 5 seconds, let us see if you can beat my record.

Test Gay [Funny]

 Being gay is really not a big issue If you think so then do check out this site. It will show you the exact disadvantages of being gay. I hope it will definitely ruin your entire day.

Cat Bounce [Misc]

If you love cats and you are too much frustrated then this website is for you. There is nothing special on this website, there are some cute cats bouncing on your screen. To play with these cats we just need to click them.

Clients From Hell [Funny]

This is actually a story sharing website, where anyone can share stories of their dumb clients who ruins their life. If some of your clients are rude to you then immediately visit this website and share your story because he deserves fame.

Dude, I Want That [Geeky]

This site has some crazy collection of awesome geeky stuffs. Here you can grab stuffs like Captain America Shield Backpack, Iron man Pen drive to basically anything you want.

Shut Up and Take My Money [Shopping]

This is again a website where you can find cool and geeky gadgets. Here you can not only find geeky or cool gadgets but you can also find some of the coolest clothing, kitchen, and gaming stuffs.

Silk [Art]

This is totally a time killing website. Here you can draw interactive generative art. You can use different colors to draw the picture and you can save the draw pictures. Look what I have drawn using this website

Share these awesome collections of cool websites with your friends and family before you die.


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