Geeks Gyaan is an online tech magazine for Geeks. Our main motto is to provide interesting tech related articles and how-to guides. We mainly focus on computer tutorials and reviewing the latest software’s & gadgets.

Currently, Geeks Gyaan receives 100k+ users per month from all around the world.

Why we started Geeks Gyaan?

Geeks Gyaan was founded by two geeks at the end of 2014. We have started this blog to share the tips and solutions for the problems which occur in our day to day computing life. If you have any queries and suggestions for us, then fill this form to contact us.

Meaning of Geeks Gyaan?

GeeksGyaan is a fusion of two words of different languages. You might know the meaning of Geek, but what is the meaning of Gyaan?
Gyaan is a Sanskrit word for knowledge. So it means knowledge for geeks. Yea… I Should have spent more time on thinking a better name.

 The Team 

Abhishek Choudhary – Co-founder/Editor


Abhishek is a Web Entrepreneur, Geek, Photographer, Humorous Humanoid and a giant foodie who is always pumped up for new adventures.

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Sainath Parkar – Content Head

Sainath is a full stack software development for a multinational company. He is from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He is very much technology geek and enthusiastic person. Apart from being a blogger, he is a gamer and likes to play lots of newer generation games. He also likes Programming & Drawing.

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Sushant KambleContent Writer

Sushant is a senior content writer at geeksgyaan. He is an engineering graduate and currently pursuing M.Tech from Mumbai University. He is a social worker and is the president of Aryan’s youth club.

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Hussaina Bhorasawala – Content Writer

Hussaina is an Accounting Technician by profession and lazy by mood. She lives life on the simple principle of ‘Simple Living, High thinking”. She is damn Foodie and an extreme optimistic personality. She loves writing and aspires to be one of the greatest writers in the world. Maybe you will read her novels soon. When she is not writing, she loves to play games and watch Movies.

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