Founded in 2014, Geeks Gyaan is a tech startup aimed at helping people understand technology and use their gadgets efficiently. We focus on How-to guides, reviewing gadgets, and the latest events happening in the tech world. We aim to educate consumers on technology products and help make people’s lives better.

Our team of tech enthusiasts continuously search the internet for the best products, and tutorials. Our audience consists of end consumers of technology and geeks which are more likely to buy an innovative product.

According to stats from May 2021, we have been recording 300,000 monthly page views globally. For advertising your product, drop us a mail at [email protected].

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Blog Statistics

Monthly Visitors: 300,000+ (Google Analytics)
Monthly Unique Users: 178,369+

Domain Authority: 63 (Check here)
Page Authority: 44

Push Notification Subscribers: 10,000+
Email Subscribers: 10,000+
App Users: 5000+

Sponsored Reviews

If you are looking to promote your product then you can publish a sponsored article on our blog. It will be published within 2 business days. The post will be promoted to 4000+ subscribers and shared on our social media pages.

Product Reviews

  • Are you planning to launch a new product in the market?
  • Do you have a great product that no one is noticing?

If yes then can now send it to us for an in-depth review. Let us tell our audience how amazing your product is. We have specific guidelines for product reviews.

  • We only review products and services that we believe are beneficial to our audience. 
  • We’re unbiased and only share information we think will be useful to you, regardless of if it’s sponsored or not. 
  • Our reviews take 2-4 days to complete and we do thorough testing before recommending anything in our site content to avoid any issues with a product that has not been tested yet such as damages, defects, etc. 
  • When possible, we include Amazon affiliate links in these articles and videos in order to generate extra revenue for the work we put into creating content while also maintaining the trust of our readership who know what our link is connected to.
  • We expect companies to ship and pick up our review units in the agreed-upon timeframe. We currently review under the assumption that we will return the products in order to provide feedback.
  • We publish our own original content without being affiliated well with any paid product.

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