Android vs iOS: 5 Reasons why Android is Better

The never-ending battle between Android and iOS takes new twists and turns every now and then. Android loyalists and Apple fans take every opportunity to prove that their OS/device is the real deal. As the high-octane clash intensifies, there are reasons to prove the superiority of one side over the other.

We have a few reasons as to why Android Phones are better than iPhones. Even though iOS fans may not still agree on the below mentioned reasons, some truth sure taste bitter.


1. Loads of Devices

Android is an open-source platform and is used by many leading handset makers. The Android OS can be bent to the needs of a user and has a lot more functionalities that excite a smartphone user. Some features are not at all available in Apple devices, something like an expandable storage and removable battery.

The limited number of device choices is one of the biggest drawbacks for Apple, there are only a few selected models which come with specific functionalities. However, that is also a reason why Apple phones are exclusive in a way.

2. Customization

Android devices can be easily customized. There are 3rd party apps that are supported on the device and many other customization’s are possible with the Android OS. You can bend it to your needs and not disturb a lot of things in the process.

There is the ability to root your device, add a completely different OS like Linux OS and install a wide variety of apps. There are custom hardware that come with different manufacturers with navigation and user experience a lot different.

3. Multitasking

The multitasking ability of iPhone is nowhere close to the multitasking power of android phones. There is a simple back and forth navigation between different apps in an iPhone. However, this does not come close to the quick switching between different apps in an android phone.

4. Launchers

If you own an iPhone, your home screen and nearly every screen looks the same as another iPhone user’s device. However, an android device has a lot of launchers which tweak the home screen and other screens on the device.

There are a world of possibilities with an android device in hand as simple launchers can create a whole new customizable world. This function is totally missing on an iPhone and you might get a little bored of no customization’s after some time.

5. Custom ROMs

There are custom ROMs that replace the software which come with the device. The new operating system gives more power to the user and better performance can be achieved by gaining access to the add-ons and additional tools.

Some of the custom OS that run on android phones include Firefox OS, Sailfish, Ubuntu, Linux and many more.


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