15 Poetry Writing Apps for Android & iOS (For Poets)

Poetry is a beautiful way to express and convey what you feel, think, and how you see the world around you. The Missile Man of India, the former Indian president, and the great scientist said indeed, “Poetry comes from the highest happiness and the deepest sorrow”.

Poetry is writing the emotions and thoughts into words. I believe there is a poet resides in every one of us because we all feel and observe things around us. It is just that we need a driving force to develop the creative, artistic, and poetic way to convey it.

As compared to the earlier times when resources and sources were limited, today we are living in the age of technology where everything is possible to do at your fingertips. Poetry is no different. With the introduction of smartphones and easily accessible internet, we have Apps to do shopping, watching movies online, banking, learning general knowledge, and for whatever you want to do. 

Best Poetry Writing Apps for iPhone & Android


For all our aspiring poets, we are making here the collection of 15 Best Poetry Writing App that helps you to nurture the poet in you.

Poetry Magazine App

This is an awesome app developed by ‘The Poetry Foundation’ which turns your mobile into a poetry library. This magazine was launched in the year 1912 and show courage to publish new poets like Wallace Stevens and T.S. Elliot. Now the whole world knows them as a great poet. This is an App by the same foundation allowing you to read thousands of poems for free. You can also share them on social media.

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Poet’s Pad

By just spending a few bucks, you may get yourself a great poetry app. This app has many features which won’t let you regret to get this over any free poetry writing App. This could be your personal assistance which can generate ideas as well as let you pen down what comes in your mind. Plus, this app has a voice and audio recorder as well so that you can practice reading your poems as well.

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Mirakee – Write Quotes, Poems & stories

Mirakee is not just a poetry App but it is a complete writing package which is best for unleashing the power of words. Mirakee is the perfect app for writing quotes, small poems, short stories, tales, blogs, haikus and everything that comes in your mind. This app is not less than a paradise for new as well as experienced writers. 

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Poetry Creator – Verses

This app is unique because it offers you to write poems with the help of a built-in poetic dictionary. For newbies, this app is amazing where emerging poets can get many suggestions for rhyming words and new ideas. Once you create a poem, you can share your masterpiece on Facebook and Gmail. Although the App is available only for iPhone, soon Android poets may also expect it.

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Haiku Poem

Haiku is a type of poem read and listen internationally. The app is developed to aid the poets and poems loving readers to read and write Haikus. The App besides letting you wrote beautiful Haiku, teach you on how to write Haiku. The App has the feature of ‘Syllable Count’ which is of great help for the layman for writing Haiku. The app is available for iPhone and iPad and can be installed from the link given below. You can also save your work and resume back at any later point in time.

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Poetry Everywhere

Poetry demands a deep knowledge of language and rhymes. Poetry Everywhere is the right app for people love to listen to poetry aloud. The app contains audio clips of previous pro poets so that one can learn how to write and sing poems.

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Poetry without proper and meaningful words seems not worth reading. Therefore the role of rhyming words is very important in writing poetry. RhymeZone is popular for having the largest collection of rhyming words for writers. It is available on both the App stores, Apple and Google Play. The link to install this app is given below. Spending a few bucks in this App is worth investing in order to write great poems.

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For new generation poets, this App is simply ultimate. PortaPoet works best on iOS-enabled devices. The download link is given here. Right from generating a thought to publishing your poem, there is everything in this App. What makes this App unique is the feature of challenging other poem lovers for competition. You can participate in rap battles and rate poems you like. 

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This App is for Android users. Writing poems requires more precision than novels and short stories and writing App brings you the inner poet in you. It is a free App which works as a notepad to jot down your thoughts and ideas anywhere anytime. The app is not available for iPhone

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Poet’s Corner

Developed by Wild Notion Labs for Android and Richard Aurbach for iPhone, the app works almost the same. The app is a kind of forum for poets to share virtual space. The App provides the poets around different parts of the world to discuss poems and related ideas in a cozy and friendly way.

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JotterPad – Writing, Screenplay, and Novel App

This is an essential app for writers. It is a mobile-friendly text editor packed with features like a dark theme, typewriting, keyword extension, etc. The best part of using this app is cloud synchronization. You can convert your work in PDF format and can share or publish it on-the-gon-the-go.

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It is really annoying when an idea struck your mind and you can’t note it down just because you don’t have a pen or you are traveling or due to any other reason. AudioNote is the perfect App for such a situation. You can record your poetic thoughts anytime anywhere and convert it into the poem afterward. For busy poets, this is a nice app.

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Poetizer – Social Network for Poetry

For writing, reading, sharing, and publication of poetry, this app has been designed perfectly. The interface of the app is extremely easy and convenient to use while traveling or doing some other chores because it supports audio recordings well. Additionally, the app gives you suggestions based on your history so you don’t need to install any other app for rhyme suggestions.

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This poem writing app lets you write your own poems and share them with others right within the app. You can read, like, and comment on other poems. The app has an in-app chat system to get connected with other poets. If you collect maximum likes, you may win the ‘Poet of the day’. There are many categories of poems to choose from.

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Rhymly is awarded as an addictive poetry writing app with many features. It is one of the largest communities of poets and writers, copywriters, rappers, and all those who love to write words on paper. The app is best for native Hindi speakers as it has the built-in dictionary of Hindi rhymes and words.

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