10 Best General Knowledge Apps for Android/iOS

The Internet has become our lifeline without which it is impossible to imagine our life. We are so addicted to using mobile Apps, that there are Apps for everything. Be it shopping, banking or paying bills, there are apps to facilitate everything at our fingertips. Similarly, for making life easy for school and college going students, there are General Knowledge Apps as well.

These GK Apps are not just for students or aspirants appearing in exams to qualify in Govt. jobs, but they are equally useful to people of all ages who are keen to learn new things every day. For everyone out there who wanted to expand the treasure of there GK, we are here enlisting some of the best Apps to improve your General Knowledge.

Best General Knowledge Apps for Android/iOS

1. Wikipedia



If you use the internet on a daily basis, there is a rare chance that you have not heard about Wikipedia. Wikipedia is one of the renowned knowledge website and an App where you can find about anything you wanted to know. It is the official app from Wikipedia where there are 40 Million+ articles are available to read which are written by professionals. It supports over 300 languages worldwide. The best part of this app is, Wikipedia never displays ads. Hence offering a seamless experience of learning.

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2. World General Knowledge


The App menu is divided into various categories and sub-categories such as Earth, Continents, Oceans, etc. At the moment, this GK application is only focusing on world geography. So, if you are just interested to know about world geography like Countries, Oceans, Continents, etc, the app is perfect for you. Even the entire information about the Solar System is available here in a very simple and user-friendly language.

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3. General Knowledge – World GK

General Knowledge World-GK

This is one of the few offline General Knowledge Apps that opens up the entire world of knowledge on your mobile screen. It is actually a quiz app where you can grow and expand your general knowledge by solving various questions. There are questions that appear in competitive banking, civil, IAS, and UPSC like civil service exams. At the moment, the app has more than 15000 questions.

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4. Current Affairs 2019 General Knowledge Quiz


This is another quiz app that focuses on providing top questions that usually comes in examination. This is a general knowledge app in Hindi and English as well. There is a separate dedicated section to update you with current news in less than 100 words because no one has time to read long paragraphs. Headlines and a little crux is enough. It is one of the best apps for current affairs.

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5. Computer General Knowledge


For Computer learners and geeks, this is one of the nicest general knowledge apps available on the Android platform. This app provides a comprehensive computer learning program where you just have to solve the MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) to increase your computer nuts and bolts. Old competitive exam papers are also available in this application so that you can get an idea about the pattern and marking schemes.

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6. Kids GK Quiz App – Lot of Categories


This quiz app is for kids. Since it is designed keeping in mind the kids of below 12 years, the interface of the app is very simple and colorful. Here kids will find the complete list of questions arranged in order of grades. Multiple choice pattern attracts kids in the center of attraction in this app. Currently, this app hosts more than 2500 GK questions to stretch the minds of little angels. You can also check the best educational apps for kids.

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7. General Knowledge Quiz


As the name gives an idea itself, it is a kind of quiz app where growing knowledge is fun. It includes MCQ trivia questions along its answers to correct you. You can also download these question and answer sheets for reading offline and it will cost you nothing. This App is available in 16 languages like Korean, German, French, Arabic, Spanish and such other foreign languages including English.

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8.   Universal Knowledge (Facts, Quotes, Sci-Fi, Jokes, GK)

This is one of the funny general knowledge apps where along with exploring knowledge you can have some funny jokes as well. The knowledge here is emitted through images, Gifs, and short summaries so that you won’t get bored while learning new things. Apart from jokes and fun elements, there are many GK quiz with multiple choices to keep you engaged with something productive stuff on your mobile screen.

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9. Knowsome – General Knowledge (GK App)

The app is as effective as the creativity in its name. Know Some knowledge with Knowsome GK App. It is a free learning app which is the best way to keep yourself engaged in learning something even while you are traveling or walking on the roadside. The app has an in-built AI system which personalizes your choice and trend of learning. It has a smart reminder characteristic which won’t let you forget what you have learned. This is the reason that we have added this in our list of best General Knowledge Apps For Android.

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10. Crazy GK Trick

Last but not the least in our listicle of General Knowledge Apps For Android is ‘Crazy GK Trick”. The app is a home to all the learning material and thereby a good source of knowledge. The app enables you to watch videos to know some GK tricks in an entertaining way. All the GK learning material is available in both Hindi and English language here. Also, the app gets itself updated regularly.

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