15 Apps For Getting Followers On Instagram


Getting followers on Instagram is all about fame, perhaps a famous person has said this “Passion for fame: A passion which is the instinct of all great souls” as you are witnessing, it is very important to be famous otherwise no one will ever recognize you or will appreciate what you are and what you do. Today, Instagram is one of the preferred and popular social media platforms for people to get the required exposure.

Each and every Instagram user want some magical Apps for getting followers on Instagram overnight. And there is nothing wrong to think about the apps for Instagram followers. After all, we all want to get famous in a short time. But that’s not how it works, you have to grind and improve your profile reach and then you will start gaining genuine followers. We have made the list of top Apps for getting followers on Instagram.

With apps for Instagram followers, you can not only raise the number of followers but also know which of your followers unfollowed you, more about your secret admirers and even about the ghost followers. 

So if you tried enough for increasing your Insta followers, check out these Apps for gaining Instagram followers quickly.

Android Apps For Gaining Instagram Followers

GetFly Followers+

Getfly Followers app
It is one of the widely trusted Apps for getting followers on Instagram, this app helps in increasing real and genuine followers on Instagram. You can easily increase your profile engagement and achieve great results that are profitable for you and your business as well. All you have to do is just follow the steps the app provides you, and after that sit back and witness the huge growth in your followers, comments, likes, and tags on Instagram.  


Followers Insight for Instagram


Want to know which Instagram follower unfollowed you? You can find it out easily with the help of any of the Apps for gaining Instagram followers. Not just that, you can even find out all about your ghost followers, inactive users and about secret admirers as well. The app has many features which help you to get the insight information of Instagram like you can easily find out the list of followers gained or lost, can identify blockers, get in touch with your real and genuine followers and also find out who liked you the most, all this happens through this app.


Followers & Unfollowers

Followers-&-Unfollowers app Instagram boosting app

Explore more about your Instagram followers with one of these popular apps for Instagram followers. You can track all the current Instagram followers and unfollow the people not following you anymore. With the help of features like Instagram tracker, anyone will get the full analysis of Instagram followers and find out that your followers are real or bots only.


Real Followers for Instagram


Earn all the likes on Instagram with the help of one of these amazing Apps for getting followers on Instagram. This App provides you the list of different tags that surely helps in getting as many likes as you want on your Instagram profile. There are so many popular tags in this app. You can choose from a wide range available, which makes your photos more approachable and helps you get more and more likes.


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Get Followers


Get more Instagram likes and followers with this Get Followers App. Everyone today is fond of using Instagram and desires to increase the number of likes and followers. The popularity of your account simply depends on how much likes and followers you earn when you post something new and interesting. Now with this app, you will get more publicity and exposure for any of your new business, holiday pictures or even for any ads you post. This app has some best tags and tips for you to get the best attention you always in need of.


Hash Tags For Likes & Followers


Trying to get more real Instagram followers? Why don’t you try one of these Apps for gaining Instagram followers? This App has latest and trending hashtags that improve the visibility of your account and helps you in getting more real Instagram followers. You can simply increase the engagement rate of your Instagram account and gain followers just like any celebrity.


Followers Analyzer – Follow Tracker


This App requires no login and passwords, the interface is simple and user-friendly and there are lots of cool and popular hashtag themes which definitely helps you in getting the likes and followers you always dreamt for. After using this app you will simply master the skills of how to get the recognition and honor on your profile of Instagram. 


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iOS Apps For Getting Followers On Instagram

Reports+ for Instagram


For iPhone and iPad users, this is one of the Apps for getting followers on Instagram. It has a powerful follower analysis tool for Instagram users. It discovers your unfollowers and lends you the power to see who blocked you. There are stunning charts to track your account growth. You will get instant notifications when someone unfollows you. This app is able to generate more than 30 insights about your followers. You can add multiple Instagram accounts to track.



Crowdfire - Apps For Getting Followers On Instagram

Using Crowdfire App, curating articles and images for your social accounts has never been so easy. You can schedule your posts in advance and at the suggested best times. Plus, it tracks to reply to mentions for your account from one simple dashboard. This is one of the best App for tracking your social growth, posts performance, and getting follower details. The app monitors detailed performance metrics with advanced analytics.


Social Scan – Insta Reports


One of the Apps for Instagram followers, this app gives you answers about who unfollowed you, who started following you, who is actively on Instagram out of your list of followers, which of your post performs well on Insta feed, and which hashtags are trending to fetch more likes and comments. This is a nice App to keep the record of each and every Instagram activity of you and your followers.


Followers for Instagram Spy

Followers for Instagram Spy

As you might get an idea from its name, this is the spy App for Instagram Followers. Using this App,  you can save Instagram photos and videos in the phone gallery. You can then watch them or manage all of them as per your choice. With this app, you get followers on Instagram and expand the list of likes, tags, followers, and views on your Instagram profile.


InControl Stats for Instagram

InControl Stats for Instagram

There is no login required for using such Apps for Instagram followers. You can easily use the latest hashtags or get the daily hints on how to increase the numbers of real Instagram followers on your profile. So whenever you post something new, get all the likes and appreciation from your followers with the help of popular hashtags. This app shows you all the detail statistics of your Instagram account.


Followers Track for Instagram

Followers Track for Instagram

This App monitors the popularity of your profile and allows you to look at the complete stats of your Instagram followers, it is rightly said as a clean app that cleans the unfollowers list who unfollowed you on Instagram. You can also copy, paste the tags and make your own list of tags as per your choice and category which increases your list of admirers and followers on Instagram to an imaginary figure.


Followers Pro + for Instagram 

There are hundreds of Apps for gaining Instagram followers but this app serves as a powerful tool for follower analytics. This app informs you about people who have unfollowed you recently. User engagement is a very important factor, this app lets you know user engagement on your Instagram account and tips to increase it. The app also discovers your best and worst posts. Plus, it also tells you the most popular post of you.


InsTrack for Instagram

This one is yet another strong analytics tool for Instagram. It tracks your follower growth and gives you a competitive analysis through keyword searches and comparisons. Besides that, it also provides for details hashtag media analysis. It fully manages comments on your post with advance filters. It also shows other activities like online followers, demographics, and more. The best feature of this app is that it analyzes the best time to post on your Insta feed according to the list of your followers.




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