15 Best No Crop Apps for Instagram & WhatsApp

Today with the help of the internet, you can do wonders right from your handheld smartphones. From buying movie tickets to shopping your groceries & medicines, there can be an app for every purpose.

For social freaks, application developers come up with some amazing no crop apps. Using these Apps, you can post full-sized pictures and images on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Usually, apps like Instagram and Facebook automatically crop your picture, which might cut your favorite element in the picture you want to post. This seems irritating many of times. To get rid of this issue, such apps are helpful.

Peeping into the statistics, billions of people around the globe are using social networks for various purpose. Some are using them to showcase their lifestyle and socialize with people while some are using them to promote their businesses.

Whatever be the purpose of using these social networks, no crop apps works always in your favor to edit your pictures with perfection. Stick to this article to know some of the best apps to post your pictures without actually cropping it.

Best No Crop Apps for WhatsApp & Facebook

no crop apps for WhatsApp & Instagram

1. Instasize: Photo Editing & Collage

As the name of the app suggests, this is one of the best no crop apps available for posting full-size photos on Instagram without cropping. Apart from all the photo editing features like brightness adjustment, emoji, stickers, tags, and much more, the app provides you to create pictures to fit on any social media app. Instasize also provides a premium service which you can check on their website.

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2. No Crop & Square for Instagram

Due to its awesome and easy editing features, this app holds the number two position in our listicle today. You can edit pictures adding attractive tags, emoji, and stylish fonts without cropping. This application contains all the usual photo editing features and enables you to post full-size photos on Instagram without the need to crop it.

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3. Square Quick Pro – Photo Editor, No Crop, Collage

Although the app is designed for Instagram, it also works best as a no crop app for WhatsApp and Facebook. It has a special feature to turn any picture in the square shape. Plus, it also contains an in-built PIP photo maker. You do not need to install a separate app for making a collage. There are tons of collage templates in this app as well.

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4. Square Quick

If you are searching for a good no crop app for WhatsApp or such other apps, you are at the right place. Square Quick is the right choice to edit and post pictures without cropping. This application has all the features that one expect to have in any photo editing app. Through adding expressive stickers and emoji, make your pictures alive. There is a quick share feature using which you can share the pictures right from the Square Quick app itself.

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5. Square Fit – No Crop Photo Editor, Collage Maker

Download Square Fit App and fit your photos on any social media without cropping. It is an overall photo editing application facilitating to turn your pictures into stories. This no crop app for Instagram and other social apps offers you to post whole size photos.

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6. Best Video & Photo Editor, No Crop – InPics Free

This app provides the dual function of editing photos as well as videos. This serves as no crop app for videos as well as photos. It offers you features like video trimming, video cutter, and video editor. Apart from that, it possesses all the photo editing features as well. So, whether it is a photo or video, this app works in all cases.

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7. Square Fit Size – Collage Maker Photo Editor

It is an all-in-one app where you can all the photo editing features including the no crop photo feature. More than dozens of emoji, stickers, background templates, collage grids, and blur effects are available here. Additionally, you can also use beauty filters to make over your selfies and pictures.

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8. PICFY – Photo Editing & Collage Maker

Whether you want to set WhatsApp DP or Facebook 24-hour story, PICFY assists you in creating perfect picture size to set in the available frame. In this no crop app for Facebook or WhatsApp, you can enjoy adding filters and effects to reshape and make over your photos.

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9. Square Pic – No Crop Photo Editor for Instagram

Find it difficult to post entire pictures on Insta story frame? Try Square pic app. This is one of the best no crop apps with 100% photo editing features. The list of its features includes blur borders, collage maker, photo editor, no crop, emoji stickers, and mesmerizing features.

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10. Square Photo – No Crop Pic

In this list of no crop app for videos and photos, Square Photo is one of the simplest application with easy to use interface. The features are limited as compared to other apps listed here, however, it works great for quick editing. The app allows you to post a full picture on Instagram without cropping.

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11. Square InPic – Photo Editor & Collage Maker

Be it is to adjust the pic size or it is about applying filters on photos, Square InPic always offer you to enjoy all the desired photo editing features. You can also make a collage and use hundreds of funny and expressing stickers and emoticons. The app occupies a relatively small size and thereby save device storage.

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12. InSquare Pic – Photo Editor, No Crop, Collage

The name itself clarifies the purpose of the app. Though it is developed for Insta lovers, it can be used for other social networks as well. With thousands of photo editing feature, you can be an Instagram star with perfect photo posts.

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13. No Crop For Whatsapp

As you read the name of the app, this application is designed only for WhatsApp. Many of the times, the size of your photo and WhatsApp status do not match. With many editing effects, now posting your WhatsApp status is much more fun and easy.

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14 No Crop

This one is a simple and quick app with all the necessary and basic photo editing feature. Instead of focusing many photo editing features as we have seen in the previous apps, it just concentrates on no crop feature for people want to post full-size photos. Besides that, there is a background blur feature and some wonderful features.

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15. Nocrop Photo Editor: Selfie Effects & Face Filters

Last but not least, this no crop photo editing app is full of all the photo editing features to beautify your pictures. Apart from all the fundamental filters, you can do many more effects with this app say, applying eyelash, eyeliner, changing eye color, whitening teeth, smoothener, remove acne, and a lot more.

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