15 Useful Android Apps for Developers/Coders

Android is one of the best, widely used, and an open source mobile operating system. This is the biggest reason behind the success of Android as a mobile operating system. Many of you might think that developing an Android app is the work of professionals or software engineers but that’s not the case.

Anyone who is passionate to develop Android apps can design their own Android applications. The only thing they need to do is learn the coding language for developing apps. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best Android Apps for developers, which will not only assist you in developing a good Android app but they are super easy to understand.

Best Android Apps for Coders

1. Learn Android App Development: Tutorials

This is the best Android App for Developers with all the basic features and tutorials to guide you in the right way. This app includes the complete package of Android app development course.

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2. Master Android – Learn Android, Java & Kotlin

This application offers you hundreds of tutorials upon coding and developing Android Apps. Coding and source code, all the tutorials are free of cost. Simply download this Android app for developers and enjoy coding lessons.

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3. Libraries for developers

This application offers a wide range of third-party libraries for Android app developers. These libraries come with detail information about apps like captures, links, license, and others. Those who are aspiring to develop Android apps, this is the best Android app for Developers.

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4. Learn Android With Source Code

Those who wanted to learn Android app development, the wait is over! This is the best Android App for developers for the detailed demo of the working of the Android app and the source code behind it.

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5. Developer Options

It is a simple, easy, and convenient app to access the developer options screen. Android users and developers generally find it difficult to access the developer options screen which is now just a matter of seconds with this app.

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6. Options & Settings Code Snippets

This application allows users to access settings that are not easily accessible. From App developers point of view, this is a very useful application. App developers can tweak many codes through the hidden information obtained from this app.

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7. Awesome Android – UI Libraries

From simple to complex, all elements of an Android app are present in this Android app for Developers. You may found many of the applications listed on Github. Whether you want to know License or app description, everything is present in this app.

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8. Android Things Toolkit

In this Android app for developers, users will learn to create an app for IoT i.e Internet of Things. The app comes with a Tool Kit which you need to use for the best of Android development. The tutorial in the app will help you how to install the kit and make the best use of it.

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9. Android Developer

This Android app for developers is mostly preferred by Android developers because it is easy to use, efficient, and exhibits a good design. With regular updates, developers can do many things with this app. They can test the online version of Android documentation and Google play console.

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10. AIDE- IDE for Android Java C++

This Android app for developers has an easy step by step tutorials to teach you the most in-demand software and the programming language Java C++. This will help in developing apps and coding or decoding them.

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11. Dev Tools (Android Developer Tools)

It is an Android assistant that you can download on your phone. The which you can find this App for Android developers are decompiled other apps, check the latest open source project, adding layout tools, know the coding history of the app, and much more.

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12. Learn Android Code

This is another App for Android developers which gives you the idea about its functioning from its name. For the newbie Android designer, this app is the perfect guide to anyone who wants to develop his/her first application on the Android platform.

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13. Android Docs

Android docs facilitate you to read Android documentation that you can’t otherwise do. This application can also let you use its features offline without the need of internet connection.

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14. Hi Android Developers

This is an app by Ketan Shukla, which is in its beta phase. However, Android developers have lots of expectation from this application. At the moment, the app welcomes you with the greeting page.

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15. Programming Hub: Learn To Code

All the major computer languages such as C++, Python, R Programming, Java, and HTML, this app for Android developers offers you to learn all of them. This is an award-winning application which is easy and fast. It is an ad-free application.

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