iOS 13 Bug May Grant ‘Full Access’ to Third-Party Keyboards

After interrupting the gameplay of PUBG and Fortnite, another iOS 13 Bug is identified by Apple! The company have alerted its users, that using any kind of third-party keyboards can fully access your iPhone. Apple officially warned its users not to use third-party keyboards because it might get complete access to your iOS 13 device and iPadOS.

iOS 13 has arrived last week while iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1 are released today. Third-party keyboards need a lot of permissions like internet access for grammar and spell-check but still, they can’t get ‘Full-access’ to your device in any way. iOS 13 is going generous to grant complete access to such third party keyboards to iPhone and iPad. By full-access, we mean that one can access anything and everything you type on it say emails, banking passwords, messages, etc. So, it’s way too creepy than it seems.

The situation for iOS 13 users has become even worse because it may give permissions to third-party keyboards without any approval. Although, Apple didn’t speak much about the issue, only gave the advice to beware of third-party keyboards and assured that the company soon update the OS and fix the bug in the next release.

The bug only affects the third-party keyboards and has nothing do with an in-built Apple keyboard. So, Apple users can carry on with their devices safely as soon as they are using the integrated keyboard. So, by the time this global tech giant brings the new OS update, avoid using any third-party keyboards or do it at your own risk!

Keeping a few bugs aside, iOS 13 is not that bad. iOS 13 is one of the major updates for Apple users. If you haven’t read much about iOS 13, here’s a quick sketch of what’s new you can find in iOS 13. Apple has added dark mode to make it easy going for users to operate an iPhone or iPad at night. Besides that, almost all the apps are improved in terms of quality and functionality be it is about auto-playing live photos and videos feature in photos App or its more immersive design than ever.

Above all, Apple focus on security, as always. To facilitate more security traits, Apple brings a new sign up option i.e. “Sign in With Apple’. Connecting via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi also becomes more secure than before. So, now the users will see some more popups while connecting Wi-Fi or enabling location tracking.  

Users will definitely like the new Apple Maps feature – ‘Look Around’. It gives an impressive Google street view in 3D. However, the feature is not available in all the cities around the world. In addition to this, many other Apps like Reminders, Mail, and Messages are updated. Now iPhone users can also set profile pictures in offline Messaging App. More Text-formatting options are added in the Mail App. Frequent web browsers will find a new menu in the settings bar.


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