You Can’t Play PUBG Mobile and Fortnite on iOS 13: Here’s Why

iPhone users who are frequent PUBG Mobile players or loves to play Fortnite, there’s bad news for them! Well, on the new update of iOS 13, your favorite PUBG Mobile and Fortnite can’t be played. So far, if you’re running any iOS version earlier than iOS 13, you can hold-on to update it to the latest iOS 13, if you really want to continue playing PUBG Mobile on your iPhone.

iOS 13 comes with a set of text-editing gestures due to which games like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile can’t be played on it. The newly introduced gesture feature activate commands like Undo, Copy, and Paste with pressing 3 fingers together on the phone screen. This causes a problem in playing PUBG Mobile because the game demands to play with 3 fingers placing on the screen. They have to use 2 fingers for running and moving while adding up the 3rd finger, they can shoot and fire the enemy.

Now, the problem here is with the overlapping of iOS 13 functionality and PUBG Mobile features. When the player uses 3 fingers, the text-editing feature appears on the screen which interrupts in your game.

Well, if you haven’t played PUBG ever, (Which is hard to believe), PUBG Mobile is the mobile version of the most popular battle royale game launched in 2018. It’s the most engaging and adventurous game that people are still crazy about playing them. Fortnite is a similar battle royale game developed by Epic Games.

Talking about iPhone and PUBG Mobile together, before the launch of iOS 13, there were no issue of support and compatibility. iPhone was the best platform for PUBG mobile as the users were playing the game lag-free without any ado. Although, the launch of iOS 13 has changed the scene and those who’ve timely updated their new iOS OS, have started facing the issue with playing games like PUBG and Fortnite.

Epic Games and Tencent who are the developers of these games, acknowledge this issue to their loyal players. Tencent, in fact, is displaying a notice in the PUBG game itself that interruptions are possible due to gesture feature introduction in iOS 13. However, players have left with no solution than waiting for another update from Apple to fix this issue.

PUBG and Fortnite lovers who have already updated iOS 13, the only way to continue playing is to degrade their operating system restoring from the backup if any. Apple’s iOS 13.1 is launching today, which is 6 days preponed from its actual release date of 30th September 2019. It’s expected that iOS 13.1 brings the solution to this problem for PUBG and Fortnite lovers.

Besides fixing this, it is anticipated that iOS 13.1 also brings many more features such as patch for lock screen bypass, Siri shortcuts, Apple’s map to instantly share ETA with other Apple users. If we count on the report of 91mobiles, the new iOS update comes with processor throttling for devices like iPhone XS and XR series.



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