Best Claw Setup For PUBG Mobile To Play Like PRO

PUBG is a fiercely adventurous multiplayer war game for mobile users that claimed millions of users worldwide in just three months after its launch. Also known as Player Unknown Battlegrounds, this game by Bluehole productions thrives on its players’ survival instinct and puts them in an unknown desert with 99 other players trying to virtually kill each other. Players in PUBG scavenge for tools and weapons scattered throughout the desert and enforce various strategies to not get killed by other players. The game is a major epitome of creative direction and has a record-breaking 400 Million active players today.

PUBG Mobile Game has stunning graphics, high-tech audio and arcade-style elements that bring the whole gaming experience to life. The strategy-driven approach that PUBG brought in the gaming industry made it the game of brains and boldness alike. PUBG Latest Update is tailored out for Windows, iOS and Android phones and is also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox versions. It’s one of the most thrilling multiplayer games for players who love battle royale genre. This article talks about the Claw Setup for PUBG Mobile, that makes playing the game damn EASY!

Why Use Claw Setup for PUBG Mobile?

Controls in the PUBG game is very important. And it becomes even crucial when you are managing with the small screens of your mobile phone as compared to that of PC or Xbox version. Those who have already played the game on PC, find it very difficult to play the game on Mobile phones. Although there’re many advantages of playing games on mobile phones controls are a major concern for all the die-hard fans of PUBG playing it on their smartphone. 

To get out this, there is a technique used by gamers. This is called ‘Gripping Technique’. In this technique, the gamer has to make use of all his 4 fingers and grip the phone in such a way that all his fingers are put on use. At the start, it seems a bit difficult but later on it become your strength to play PUBG easily. 

For using this technique, you have to hold your phone horizontally. Then, use both the index fingers to hold the top corners of the phone by making a curve. Plus, both the thumbs are used for controlling the movements in the game. This technique turns to play PUBG buttery smooth and quickly change the controls for shooting, reloading, jumping, and scoping, etc. And if you’re planning to participate in PUBG Tournament, you must have gone through this article speaking on Claw Setup For PUBG Mobile.

Types of Claw Setup 

Claw setup is not that easy, as it seems. It involves a lot of practice and practice to get the mastery of this technique. We are explaining here the types of claw setup which is useful depending upon the number of controls on the screen and screen size of your phone. So, Shall we move on? Let’s go –

2 Finger Claw Setup for PUBG Mobile


This type of claw setup is very common and we usually make this finger position while playing other simple games also like car racing or shooting games. In this type of basic claw setup, you just make use of both the thumbs to control the game. At times, one thumb can be active, either left or right. For beginners, this type of claw set up is recommended to start playing PUBG. The advantage of this technique is that it doesn’t demand the mastery of yours in the game. Anyone including the beginners can use this claw setup for PUBG Mobile.

3 Finger Claw Setup for PUBG Mobile


If you are playing at the intermediate level of playing PUBG, 3 Finger claw is a good option to try before you jump onto playing with 4 finger claw setup. This setup helps you to move while keep on shooting your enemy. So, if you are making use of 3 fingers at a time, you can move, shoot and aim together to knock down your enemy. This technique is good for making a trio shooting, aiming, and movements where your one finger is used for shooting, Left thumb for moving, and the Right thumb for aiming. So, we can say that it’s quite a dynamic style of controlling the PUBG game. 

4 Finger Claw Setup for PUBG Mobile


This is the technique which can commonly be seen among the pro level players of PUBG. As you can get an idea from the name itself, it’s the technique where you need to make use of all the 4 fingers; 2 index fingers and 2 thumbs. If you love to play the game on your Android tablet or iPad, this is the technique you must learn.

4 finger claw setup for PUBG Mobile allows you to do many things at a time say you can move, look around, jump, and shoot all at a single point of time. Amazing isn’t it? Knowing this technique you get a competitive advantage over your opponents. If you try to make use of this technique on a small screen smartphone, you might not find it working. It’s notable for large screen tablet phones.

With awesome plus points, there is one downside that not everyone can excel in this technique. This is quite hard to learn and implement while playing the game. To do that, you need to be very quick in combating and should remember all the controls by heart.

Here a Video Tutorial to Explain 4 Finger Claw Control

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5 Finger Claw Setup for PUBG Mobile


Five finger Claw Setup for PUBG Mobile controls sounds little weird but that’s possible. The 5th finger is used for controlling the scope button. With this technique, you can do all the things that we have explained in the previous claw Setup for PUBG Mobile game but the added advantage of 5th finger is that you can allow you to scope in. This is the ultimate winning control strategy of this most popular action shooting game.

However, it’s not that easy as it sounds. Coordination of all the five fingers at a time is really very difficult. Practically, holding the phone and playing the game is not possible for long hours because all the weight of the phone resides on your two fingers. So, you can’t play the game more than a couple of hours or two.

10 Finger Claw Control

Yes, it is possible to use all your 10 fingers control in PUBG mobile, but there is a catch you have to use Emulator like Tencent gaming buddy to use 10 finger controls. Here the complete guide to play PUBG Mobile on PC.



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