How to Get Legendary Items in PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile has a lot of fancy stuff which you can buy. But whenever you try to open a crate you get school shows or school shirt.

Items in PUBG mobile are categorized in the following way:

  • Mythic
  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Rare

Mythic items are the most attractive and highlighted items, but it is very difficult to get mythic items. There is only 0.5 % chance that you will get any mythic item from PUBG premium crate.

Legendary Items, on the other hand, are also cool, but they are also very difficult to get. There is only 2.5% of chance to get a legendary item in PUBG premium crate. In this article, I will show you some way to get mythic and legendary items in PUBG mobile.

How to Get Free Helmet Skin in PUBG Mobile

You should know that you get a free helmet skin. To get a free helmet skin, you need to own two permanent legendary outfits. You get three legendary items for free in PUBG mobile. checkout the below steps to grab your free legendary outfits.

How to Get Legendary Items for Free

Two items are available in the soldier crate, and to open soldier crate, you need the in-game BP which is free. You get the BP by completing daily missions and login in daily.

Just collect some BP coins, and open the soldier crate.


Here Hot pants (blue) and sunglasses(red) are the two legendary items. The miniskirt is the mythic item, chances of getting it is very rare.

Since you are opening the soldier crate, there may be chances that you might get duplicate items. You can dismantle these duplicate items to get silver frags.

Once you get around 850 silver frags, you can buy a trench coat which is also a legendary outfit.

You can buy the trench coat from the shop in the redeem section.

How to Get Legendary Items in PUBG mobile

Here, I will show you a secret trick using which you will have a higher chance of getting legendary items while opening crates.

Now India or other countries which have higher PUBG mobile user has very less chance of getting legendary or mythic items. The reason for this is as there are so many users they don’t want most of the users to own legendary or mythic items.

If most of the users will own legendary items, then those items will lose their value.

Here comes a simple trick, by changing or spoofing our location to some other country where PUBG mobile user base is less our chance of getting legendary items increases a lot.

  • So, all you need to do is download a VPN on your Phone. Any VPN would work, hotspot shield is recommended.
  • Now connect to a location where PUBG mobile is not much popular. For example, Taiwan or Germany.
  • Once you are connected, launch PUBG mobile and start opening the crates.
  • You will immediately notice the difference, and you might definitely get some legendary outfits and guns.

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