Fix Lag in Gameloop Emulator (PUBG Mobile)

One of the best emulators to play PUBG mobile in PC is Gameloop. Since it’s in the beta version it has many bugs. The worst problem is it starts to lag after a few gameplays. The frame rate gets very low and the game starts to freeze.

Another issue is the frame rate fluctuates too much. You might get 50 fps and suddenly it will drop to 5-10 fps.

Before using the below methods its important to use proper settings for Gameloop emulator in order to get the most out of it.

Optimizing Gameloop

Well here are some settings you need to change. Launch Gameloop, click the hamburger menu and select settings.
In settings, select the Engine tab. Select the following options under the following category.

Under Rendering –

Now if you have a GPU 2 GB or more select DirectX+.
If you’re having GPU of 1 GB or less then select OpenGL+.

Check Render cache, Enforce Global Render Cache & Rendering Optimization.
You can also set Anti-aliasing to close, memory to maximum size available.

Under Processor –

If you have a 4 cores processor then set it to 2 cores,
similarly for 8 cores set it to 4 cores.

You can set the resolution to 1280×720 and DPI 240. Now that we have fixed the setting lets fix the lag issues.

Fix Lag in PUBG Emulator 

Delete temp files

When you install Gameloop, it generates a lot of temporary data files which is stored in Temp folder. I have noticed a significant increase in FPS after deleting these temp files.

  • You can access the temp folder by going to the run menu(Windows+R).
  • In the run window type %temp% and hit enter.
  • Delete all the files from the temp folder.

Increase Virtual Memory Size

Another problem is Gameloop uses more paging file size(Virtual memory) then it is allotted. While running Gameloop, search for dxdiag in the start menu. This will open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
Here you can see the amount of paging file size used and the paging file size available.

If the used memory is greater than the available one then you need to manually assign more memory to the paging file. Follow the below steps to increase the paging file size.

  • Right-click This PC/ My computer and go to properties.
  • In properties go to Advanced System Settings and under the Performance section select settings.
  • Here select the Advanced tab and under the Virtual memory, section click change.
  • First, un-check Automatically manages paging file size for all drives, then select the C drive and in custom size add 8000 to initial size and 9000 to maximum size.

  • Click OK and reboot your PC.

Clear Cache

The most basic method is itself present in the emulator menu. Click the hamburger menu and you will find the Clear Cache option.

This will clear the cache of the game.

Note – After clearing the cache you have to login again, also the downloaded data is lost so you have to download all the maps again.

Disable Full-Screen Optimization

  • Right-click on Gameloop Emulator and select open file location.
  • A folder will open in which you will find AppMarket.
  • Right-click on AppMarket and select properties.
  • In properties switch to Compatibility.
  • Under compatibility mode select Windows 8.
  • Under Settings check this –

Disable fullscreen optimizations.
Run this program as Administrator.

If you have a low-end PC and the game still lags you can try to run the game in 640×480 resolution. This will make the game look terrible but will improve the frame rates.

For low-end PC I would suggest using Phoenix OS, it is currently the best emulator that supports PUBG Mobile. Check out the below video:




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