How Long Does It Take to Learn Python?

In today’s world data analyst and data scientist are those which are required by maximum companies. As python is the most preferred language for data scientists, so if you prefer to be a data scientist or data analyst then python is the language that can help you make your career grow easily.  IBM has predicted that by 2020 the demand for data scientist would grow by 28% which show that the future belongs to the python language.

What is Python Programming Language?

There is a great scope in the future for the python programmers, but before learning the language you should know about the language. Python language is developed by Guido van Rossum and was released in 1991.

The language is named after the television show Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The language is based on object-oriented programming and it is used for software development, web development, mathematics, developing games, machine learning, and system scripting.

The language can be used on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and the language syntax is the same as the English language with a little involvement of maths in it. The python language has the simplest syntax and thus the programs could be written in fewer lines. The language runs on an interpreter system which means that the programs run as soon as we write the programs.

It has a large collection of standard files. In python, a command is completed by just changing line which is very easy when compared to other languages where we use semicolons or parentheses to complete a command. The latest version of python is Python 3, but Python 2 though it is not updated is still more popular.

Why Learn Python?

Machine learning is slowly making its way into sectors like banking, insurance, healthcare, business services, marketing, and python is a standard language for developing Machine Learning. So python is going to create a lot of opportunities in the coming time.

Most of the industries have to collect and process huge amounts of data and for this, they use Data Science for which python is the most frequently used programming language. Even behind the apps like YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify, with which most of you are spending the maximum time in this quarantine period.

According to programmers, it is the perfect language for anyone who has just started to code as its language and syntax is very simple. Today the top universities around the world are including python as the first language that will be taught in their computer science courses.

Python is easy when compared to other languages but when it comes to programmer career, it could be highly effective. The language is the most demanded professional skills that must be in your resume if you belong to a coding background.

The average salary of a typical data scientist is $100,000 a year and the average salary of a data analyst is $65,432. The greatest benefit of Python is that you could work for an American based company without being present in America.

Data science is a very new field and thus you could hope for a lot of hiring in this field and the key to be a good data analyst is having a good grasp on Python language. Even if you are not in a coding job, learning python could act like an extra skill for you which you could use to make your work in the present job easier.

How to Learn Python Quickly?

  • For being master in coding you need to code every day, no matter which language you are coding in. Include coding in your daily routine, coding every day will slowly make you familiar with coding. First, start with 25 minutes of coding every day and then slowly increase the time after every week. You can learn the basics of python using Google’s Python class.
  • Try to work with a community of Python developers, this will help you to stay focused towards your goal of learning Python. It will also help you to discuss the problems that you are facing during coding.
  • Try to compete in Data science competition, in which you will get the opportunity to compete with coders like you.
  • Once you start writing code you a lots of bug will appear in your program, so go through your program word by word and try to find out the bug.
  • Try pair programming in which one person writes the code and is called driver while the other person finds a solution to any problem that occurs in the code and also checks the code who is called navigator. Find any person with whom you could do pair programming with you. You two keep exchanging the position between you two this helps you get a lot of exposure.
  • Once you are confident with basic data structures, object-oriented programming, and writing classes, its time for you to start working on some projects and start building something. When you start using python to make something then you can understand the language better. Some of the projects that you can work upon is guessing game, Simple calculator app, Dice roll simulator.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Python?

The time depends on your schedule of coding according to most of the programmer’s anyone can learn programming in two months but that too when you are fully dedicated towards it and devote appropriate time daily for coding.

The basics of the python language can be completed in one month. But for being a master in the language in two months, you should practice coding from 8 am to 5 pm for two months straight which is a difficult job.

Another option is taking five-month for learning python for which you have to give daily two hours for coding. This option is best suited who are in a full-time job and also for students. With everyone in lockdown, it is the best time to start learning python. It’s important that you get deep into the language and try to give your hundred percent attention to the language.


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