5 Interactive Websites to Start Learn Coding Right Now

There are several reasons that you should start learn to code. If you know the basics then it may help you to interact better with developers. The best part is you don’t need to spend hundred’s of dollars to teach yourself programming as there are several website which helps you to start learning coding from scratch. So here are top five websites which will guide you to learn coding in an interactive way.

Code Avengers 

CodeAvengers is the best place to learn web development. It only has HTML5,CSS and Javascript for now, but all the courses are designed so beautifully that you will never get bored while learning them. It has three panels the first one provides you a specific task which you need to perform it in the second panel and the third panel give you the output of your program.


Codeacademy is one of the most popular website to teach yourself coding for free. All the courses on codeacademy are well structured. Here you can easily learn basic courses like creating a new website and so on. The interface is quite amazing, there are panels which provides instruction and also explains the entire code. We can also write the code and run it online. It warns you when there is some error in the code.


KhanAcademy is not just based on programming, Basically here you can learn everything from KhanAcademy . There is a special section for programming where you can learn HTML/CSS, Javascript, SQL. They provide video tutorials as well as notes. You can easily learn basic concepts of programming and then play around with the code to clear your doubts.

Code School 

Code School teaches web technologies in an interactive way. It provides advanced and in-dept information regarding Ruby, JavaScript, HTML/CSS and Objective C. It share informative content in form of video lessons, screencastsa and coding challenges. Most of the courses are free but some of them cost $25/month.


Do you love game programming ? CodeHs is all about game programming lessons. Here you can learn animation, game design, data structures and puzzle challenges. The best part is it teaches you the ability to think like a programmer and solve various problems systematically in an interactive way.

Wrapping Up

These were the 5 best websites where you can easily learn programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Objective C in an interactive way without getting bored. Also check Top 10 websites to find funny pictures for your facebook page



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