10 Websites to Find Funny Pictures for Facebook

If you are owning a Facebook fan page then I can understand your pain of finding funny pictures for your Facebook page. Page admins usually copy pictures from other fan pages but if you continuously try to copy pictures from other pages then your audience will start losing interest in your page and slowly your page’s reach will get decreased. So we are going to share a list of websites that have a huge collection of funniest pictures on the internet and you can use these sites to find funny pictures, memes, and comics for your Facebook page.

Best Websites to Find Funny Pictures for Facebook

1. 9GAG

9gag has the craziest collection of pictures on the internet. Basically, anyone can sign up on 9gag and upload their picture, If the pictures get more points then it will get featured on the first page or Hot category of 9gag.

2. LOLPix

LolPix is a website totally based on funny pictures. They are too crucial about their content so they don’t allow anybody to upload or share their pictures. Here you can also find funny dog and cat pictures. LOLPix is updated daily so you can get lots of fresh funny pictures for Facebook here.

3. DailyHaha

DailyHaha is a website based on funny pictures. Rather than funny pictures and videos it also has a good collection of some cool flash games which you would love to play.

4. Memes.com

Memes.com features the funniest memes on their website. Apart from providing funny memes they also allow us to create your own memes. It has a huge collection of raw memes pictures, so you can quickly select any picture and create your meme.

5. Imgur

Imgur is a picture sharing website or you can say image hosting service where you can host unlimited pictures. It has the largest collection of pictures which are sorted by popularity. Imgur has various categories such as Funny, Aww, Cute, etc. Based on your Facebook page niche you can find amazing pictures for your Facebook page or account.

6. Funnyjunk 

If you love reading funny comics then funnyjunk is for you. It has a huge collection of comics and funny pictures. The best part of funnyjunk is it directly allows us to upload any funny picture without signing up. Again the picture which gets the highest votes is featured on the top page. Great site to find funny pictures for Facebook.

CollegeHumor is a website based on funny pictures & comics. It has some great collection of funniest pictures in the form of articles or posts. It is similar to BuzzFeed, you can find some good funny comics for Facebook.

8. Tumblr 

Who can forget Tumblr? Actually, Tumblr is a blogging platform but it is very popular for viral images. There are millions of blogs on Tumblr from where you can get funny and viral pictures. Just visit Tumblr and make a search for funny pictures.

9. UberHumour

UberHumour is a comedy website where you can find funny and sassy quotes, pictures, videos, etc. You can submit funny pictures or quotes, get some karmas and get listed in the top user section. A good place to find funny pictures for Facebook or Instagram.

10. EatLiver

This is a great website where you can find some of the funniest pictures for Facebook. You can also find some funny picture based articles (You can also call them comics).

Wrapping Up

Use these above sites to find funny pictures and share them on Facebook, Reddit, google plus, twitter, etc. Also, check our article on 10 Coolest Websites You must See Before You Die.


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