16 Best Meme Creating Apps for Android/iOS

Memes are more effective than any laughter therapy. You can’t stop yourself to burst out of laugh. Besides making you laugh, creating meme blogs can also let you earn handsome money. Though there are tons of memes you can scroll down on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but not all of them are enough hilarious to make you laugh. For guys who want to create the best memes, here are some most used meme creating apps for them.

Best Meme Creating Apps for Android

1. GATM Meme Generator

Best Meme Generator Apps

GATM Meme Generator is one of the top meme generator apps for the Android platform. This app provides you to either pick images from the gallery or use the default images from the app itself. It lefts no watermark, this is the major reason behind its popularity. With a decent interface, the app offers you all the trending meme templates. If you go with the pro version of the app, you may enjoy the ad-free functioning of the app.

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2. Mematic

Best Meme Creating Apps for Android

Similar to other Meme applications, this Meme generator brings you the library of templates from classic to recent. If you wish, you can add pictures from your phone gallery as well. The user interface is completely unique and is easy to create a meme in no time. Though at some instances the bug issues are reported but this could be acceptable as it is a free meme maker app. You can share the created memes either through email or save on your device to use later.

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3. Memedroid

Best Meme Generator Apps for Android

This meme maker app creates memes with the most humorous designs and templates. Besides the variety of funny templates, the app offers you to laugh with many existing Gifs, photos and jokes. Developers come with timely updates to provide the best for users. Apart from annoying ads, the Memedroid free app has almost all the features. However, to enjoy seamless fun, you may go with the premium app.

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4. Meme Generator by ZomboDroid

Best Meme Creating Apps

Out of all the meme creating apps, ZomboDroid made all possible efforts to keep it distinguished from other such apps. The developer has somewhat succeeded with features like easy interface and advanced settings to adjust text, color, size, etc. At the moment, there are 1000+ HD quality meme templates available to choose from.

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5. Meme Creator

Meme Creating Apps for Android

It is another suitable app to use by meme lovers. This among all the meme creating apps is different for the reason that it has a lot of features to offer you. You can pick any font out of 20 styles available, 600+ templates and any color or size.

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6. Modern Meme Maker

Meme Generator Apps for Android

It is one of the best meme creating App to create the funniest social media memes. It is special designs for Instagram and Facebook. You can crop images, add your watermark, and can change the font size, color, and style. You can save your meme in progress and edit them any time later.

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7. Straight Outta Meme Maker

Meme Maker Apps for Android

It is one of the easiest and quickest apps to create memes on Android. Although the features are limited, but you can always get the scope to create hilarious memes within the app.

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8. Memeto – Free Meme Maker, Meme Creator & Generator

Meme Creating Apps for Android

Among all the meme creating apps for Android devices, Memeto offers the widest range of options and customization traits. Along with 250+ images, there are more than 1000 stickers that

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Best Meme Maker Apps for iPhone

9. Make a Meme+

The first in our list of meme-making apps for iPhone is “Make a Meme+”. As the name suggests, using this app, you can always create the most creative and rib-tickling memes. This app is only for iOS users and lets you make trending memes like “Forever alone” or “Success kid”.

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10. Meme Producer

Out of many available meme creating apps, meme producer is relatively easy and fast to create memes. One of its unique features is to adjust the automatic text size according to the type of the template you are using. To know more visit the given link.

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11. Meme Factory

This one of the most entertaining meme creating apps out there for iPhone users. As you get an idea from its name, it is the factory of memes that produce awesome chucklesome memes. Plus, you can add pictures from your phone and edit them as well.

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12. Easy Meme Maker – Funny Pics

It is exactly the way its name is. You can start creating memes out of the template storage of the app itself or browse through your phone storage. All the options are easily located and accessible on just a tap of your finger. You can adjust text, size, color, fonts and many more in this app.

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13. Simple Meme Creator

Along with the meme maker, this app is a photo editor too. It consists of all those features which you can expect to have in the meme creator application. The features are simple without any complex settings. So, you can create memes on the go.

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14. Memes Maker Pro

From “Socially awkward” penguin to “Sucmbag Steve”, there is everything in this meme making apps for iPhone. You can directly share the meme from the app through email, Twitter, or Facebook.  In addition, there is no limit on making memes. This means you can make the memes all day long with one these meme creating apps.

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15. iFunny – Hot Memes and Videos

Again clarifies the purpose of this iOS application. iFunny is a meme creation app for iPhone users. No features are left, that you can’t find this fun-loving application meant for iPhone lovers. With the existing funny meme templates and adding some of your own creativity, you may create iconic memes ever.

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16. Veed Meme Maker

meme maker

Veed is one of the most popular meme generator tools online. This tool helps you create shareable content for free. With the use of the tool, you can make relatable video memes in simple steps. And the best thing about this tool is that you can create multiple meme videos in just minutes! You can access this tool anytime, anywhere- from any device!


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