10 Best Woodworking Apps Every Woodworker Should Have

Smartphones have become a part of our life. Now, the smartphone is like the extension of the human body. There are millions of apps on the App Store and Google Play Store that supports various professions.  A bunch of apps makes the smartphone an incredible tool in the woodshop. These apps help the woodworkers in the form of reference tools, for calculations, video tutorials, project planning tools, etc.

In this post, we’ve curated a list of the best woodworking apps for both iOS and Android users. Each of these apps serves a different purpose. These apps help you save time and effort for the woodworkers. You can also use them if you are creating simple DIY woodwork projects.

Best Woodworking Apps for Android

1. Woodworking

Woodworking Android App

Woodworking by Craftlog has a vast collection of woodwork projects. You can share your project with the community of woodwork hobbyists. This is a must-have woodworking app for anyone who loves exploring the woodwork projects. All the projects are properly presented with videos and photos. It’s a great platform to get inspired from the woodworks of other people. It has a clean and sleek interface. It’s easy to upload your woodwork project, and the projects load up pretty fast. You can find several projects on homemade crafts, woodshop works, carpentry related projects, and DIYs.

2. Woodworking 101 – Woodwork Lessons

Best woodworking apps
Woodworking 101 – Woodwork Lessons

Are you interested in learning carpentry? A list of the free woodworking apps cannot be justified without mentioning Woodworking 101. It has thousands of lessons to learn woodworking, carpentry, project plans, etc. You can learn right from how to use the tools to planning and crafting your project. It teaches you measurements, use of softwoods and hardwoods, safety procedures, different styles of saws and other tools, sharpening process, how to plan the project, fillers, and finishing, etc. Woodworking 101 is the best resource to learn woodwork for both beginners and intermediate woodworkers.

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3. Woodworking w/ Wood Whisperer

Best woodworking apps

Woodworking w/ Wood Whisperer is certainly one of the best App for beginner woodworkers. You can find lots of useful articles, videos and project tours in this app which helps you get inspiration and guidance. There are tons of how-to videos on woodworking right from the very basics to advanced woodworking techniques.

4. Woodworking Utilities

Woodworking apps for Android

It has all the utilities which you expect in a Woodworking app. It has a pilot hole guide, board foot calculator, spacing calculator, dovetail jig calculator, trammel length calculator, etc.  The unique feature in this app is it gives you the estimated price using the shopping cart.

5. Felder Group Woodworking

Woodworking App

Felder Group is a well-known brand among the woodworkers. They provide excellent woodworking tools that are accurate and durable. This app is a great place to find the information on all the woodworking machines and tools offered by the Felder brand. Apart from that, it has a beautiful calculator that finds out golden ratio, cutting speed, lengths remaining at the edge of the material, wrong meter, wood wastage, panel material weight, tooth step, etc. You can also get in touch with the Felder service department if you need any help.

Best Woodworking Apps for iOS

1. WoodMaster

Undoubtedly, WoodMaster is one of the best App for iPhone or iPad users. It is a super handy tool as it’s loaded with dozens of useful tools for woodworkers.  Whether you are a beginner, novice or expert woodworker, WoodMaster saves you a lot of time and energy. It’s a bundle of dozen tools in a single app. It has a Woodworking Shelf Calculator, Fraction Calculator (both numeric and sideline versions), Decking Calculator, Length Conversions, Golden Ratio, Proportional Calculator, Fraction to Decimal & Millimeter Converter. The other feature that makes it one of the best App is the project planner form. The app sends you a PDF project planner via email which comes handy during the fieldwork.

2. Drill Calc

Figuring out the right drill bit size is not easy, and sometimes it can be time taking and frustrating! Drill Calc is among these best woodworking apps just for one reason! It knows how to calculate the drill bit size precisely. It takes bolt or tap diameter, thread percentage and pitch for metric and inch threads and calculates the perfect drill bit size. It has all the information on different pipe sizes and tables of numeric and fractional drill bit sizes.

3. The Woodshop Widget

It has all the tools and features that are present in the WoodMaster app. The tight integration of features and user-friendly design makes it one of the best woodworking apps out there. You can jump from module to module with ease. If you are looking for an alternative to WoodMaster for some reason, Give The Woodshop Widget a try!

4. Homestyler Interior Design

Homestyler Interior Design is not a regular woodworking app. It helps you to visualize the furniture before you buy them. It helps you to check whether your interior design ideas are good enough before you make a purchasing decision. With this app, you can create a virtual model of your room and place the 3D models of real furniture from real brands in your rooms. You can try out different decor items, wall, and real furniture products. It has a vast collection of remarkable interior design projects and furnishing trends that keeps inspiring you.

5. Basic Angle Finder

Basic Angle Finder finds multiple angles within no time. It can measure the angle on vertical and lateral movements. It can calibrate and reset the gyroscope. It’s a straightforward app and comes handy during work.

Special Mention – Pinterest

Android | iOS

Are you surprised to see Pinterest in the best free woodworking apps on this list? Pinterest has active communities for all professions, hobbies including woodwork. Search for any woodwork term on Pinterest. You’ll find thousands of project plans, case studies, DIY projects and many more.


  1. Would like to mention “furniture facts” as well.
    Easy and quickly compare wood species.
    Also lookup standard furniture dimensions is very easy.

  2. I can only speak for the IOS suggestions in the article where the #1 recommendation has horrible reviews from beginners to woodworkers with 30 plus years experience. It also happens to be one of the more expensive woodworking apps for IOS. I am not an expert but the reviews are so bad I have to ask how you measured the value or not of the apps?


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