12 Best Crossword Puzzle Games for Android & iOS

In the older times, newspapers were the go-to place for people to play crossword puzzles. But with moving time, we have to adapt to newer technologies and with newer technology came smartphones.

In recent times one can enjoy playing a plethora of online games, including crossword, which is easily available both on the play store and the apple app store. By playing crossword on mobile devices.

Taking into consideration that there are a lot of applications available, we have shortlisted the best crossword puzzle games you should play.

Little Crossword Puzzles

This particular app has a different name on the IOS app store and the play store for Android phones. This particular game is developed by Second Gear Games and is extremely popular in its genre considering that it has more than a 100 thousand downloads.

This game changes the experience of playing crossword games due to the plethora of features available in this application.

Best Crossword Puzzle Games 1

Download: IOS, Android

CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles

This particular game is under the title of the editor’s choice on Play Store and it has more than 50 million downloads on its name. It offers a new experience of solving the crossword games that allow the user to challenge themselves according to the difficulty level set by them. If you have some free time on your hand and want to sharpen your brain a bit and also kill some boring time you can download this game and use it.

Best Crossword Puzzle Games 2

Download: Android, IOS

NYTimes – Crosswords

If a user wants to enjoy the classic game of crosswords on their IOS or Android phone then this is the best application out there. This particular application lets the users enjoy the puzzle games in a vintage newspaper style.

There are a lot of other features which are brought by the app such as mini puzzles that are easy for you to warm up before playing and so on. You can also take a subscription that grants you access to a lot of classic puzzles and also mini-games.

Best Crossword Puzzle Games 3

Download: Android, IOS


Crosswords is a very popular game with more than a total of 5 million users from the play store alone. This particular app has been developed by Stand Alone Inc and it comes with new puzzles in its app periodically.

In order to solve the puzzles, you are also given a sufficient amount of hints. There is also a progress tracker for your reference to track your improvement in the game. This application comes with a plethora of features for the users to enjoy and use.

Best Crossword Puzzle Games 1

Download: Android, IOS

Crossword Light

If a user is looking for a crossword puzzle game that offers the users a feel of the classic puzzle without spending any amount of money then this is the best application for you. This game lets you play crossword on phones or tablets both with the Android or IOS platform.

The best part about this game is that one can find a variety of games from a large selection of puzzles. The user can choose his favourite newspaper and solve the puzzles.

Best Crossword Puzzle Games 2

Download: Android, IOS

World’s Biggest Crossword

One can easily download this application and challenge themselves on the biggest ever crossword platform ever.

This particular application is developed by AppyNation which brings a new crossword puzzle to solve for the user every day. One can improve their puzzle-solving skills by practising and using more than the 10,000 unique clues set out by the developer.

Download: Android, IOS

Crossword Puzzle Free

If you are someone who is looking for a crossword application with good ratings then this is the best application for you. This is a very fun but challenging app that lets the users solve a wide array of crosswords without any sort of subscription.

Despite it being free, this application still delivers the best experience for all the users out there. This application comes with a very well designed interface and also has fresh content delivered to the users.

Download: Android, IOS

Clean Crosswords

This is another popular gaming app for crosswords with a very good user interface. This puzzle game tool has been designed for both IOS and Android platforms.

This application is based on classic British English and hence provides a bit different experience for both operating systems. This application is free, however, it comes with the option of in-app purchases for additional product items.

Download: Android, IOS


One can enjoy it by playing the WordBrain app. Irrespective of the fact that you are a crossword expert or a newbie, this particular application offers an engaging crossword game for both Android and IOS users.

It has a plethora of features with it to attract users to download and play the game. This game has over 700 different puzzles embedded within it. A user can get to know the level they are in and also improve their skills by solving it.

Download: Android, IOS


This is a particularly great application to train and shape your brain. This particular application by PeopleFun is able to improve your IQ by way of exercising the brain with the word game. It has a wide array the selection of unlimited crossword puzzles alongside random letters and also hidden words.

If a user needs a challenge, then this game is definitely worth trying. This game lets you escape boredom and also allows the user to show off their vocabulary power by finding hidden words.

Download: Android, IOS

Cryptic Crossword

This particular crossword game is useful for users that let you exercise your brain through a smartphone. Any players irrespective of their proficiency level can try this application. The free version of this application has more than 24 puzzles to accomplish and for the benefit of the users, it is ad-free as well.

Download: Android, IOS

Penny Dell Crossword

This particular crossword puzzle app is the best for all users irrespective of their age. You get daily puzzles on it with different levels such as easy, medium or difficult. Kids and adults both can enjoy this game by setting their level of difficulty.

Download: Android, IOS


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