6 Ways to Fix Twitter ‘Content is Not Available’ Error

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging site where users submit content and communicate with others via ‘Tweets,’ often known as messages or comments. While viewing pictures, GIFs, or videos, some users have recently encountered the Twitter Content is not available error. Make sure to follow this troubleshooting guide if you are also a victim.

Users are obviously put in a position where they are unable to utilize the app on Android or iOS smartphones as a result of this. Therefore, if you can refresh feeds or like/retweet tweets but the media files aren’t loading on your Twitter app, you should check out all the potential workarounds mentioned below.

Why are Twitter GIFS not working?

If gifs aren’t functioning for you, there may be a problem with your data or wifi network. You can reset your device or try switching to a different network to see if that works.

Why are Twitter videos not available?

Twitter videos occasionally fail to load because of cached data. On the mobile browser or Twitter app on your device, try clearing the cache and cookies. This can be done through settings. Additionally, the video you’re attempting to play might be offensive, and Twitter may be obscuring it.

Why are Twitter photos not loading?

Issues with Twitter photographs not loading may be brought by a sluggish internet connection or a heavy server load. To see if the problem is resolved, you should restart your phone, and erase your app data, and cookies.

Do I need to change Twitter media settings?

It’s possible that you need to adjust Twitter’s media settings if you can’t watch videos or gifs or if photos won’t load. This setting recognises content that may be sensitive or improper and blurs it so you can’t see it in your feed.

These materials could be graphic or contain nudity. If you want to change it in that situation, go to privacy and safety under settings on your Twitter profile. Then, under Content you view, pick “Display media that may contain sensitive Content” and turn it on.

What does it mean: this media is not available because it includes Content you’ve chosen not to see?

By default, Twitter hides sensitive and inappropriate content from you and blurs all other content. As a result, you see the statement “This media is not available because it includes stuff you’ve decided not to see” on your screen. However, Twitter gives you the option to formally and conveniently disable this feature if you so want.

  • Click on your More button and select the Settings and privacy option.
  • Then select “Display media that may contain sensitive content” from the checkbox.
  • Additionally, deselect the box that reads, “Mark media you Tweet as containing material that may be sensitive.”
  • Now click on the Save changes button.

6 Ways to Fix Twitter ‘Content is Not Available’ Error

content is not available

Try using another network

Try utilizing a different Wi-Fi or mobile data network if Twitter GIFs, videos, or photos fail to load. You should also verify whether the battery saver and mobile data limit are turned on or off in the meantime. This is an important setting as it could prevent more frequent connections that would otherwise increase data usage or battery drain.

Reboot your device

Try restarting your device to see if it made a difference. Rebooting a device can occasionally be a highly helpful way to update the system and any cached data.

Check Server Status

Use the independent Down Detector website to check the health of the Twitter server. You will undoubtedly encounter problems because the majority of users have already reported that there may be server-related downtime or outage occurring in the background.

As of the time this post was being written, we can see that Twitter’s servers are now experiencing a significant outage, and many users have complained about it throughout the past 24 hours. The Twitter website is not loading, the Twitter app on both iPhone and Android is having problems, and some users are also unable to enter into their Twitter accounts, according to the reported issue.

Reinstall the Twitter app

To see if the issue has been resolved or not, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Twitter app on your iOS or Android device via the relevant official app store. You can determine whether there is a problem with the application by uninstalling the app and reinstalling it on the device.

Update Device Software

Additionally, you ought to see if your gadget has any available software updates. Simply check for updates by going to the Settings menu on the device and selecting About Phone or Software [General for iPhone]. Install the update as soon as possible if it’s available.

Report the Problem to Twitter

We advise visiting Twitter’s support page to look for solutions if you’re still having problems with your Twitter Content. Another option is to try reporting the issue to Twitter and see if they can offer any useful information. Try to include your account information and any other pertinent information when reporting a problem. 

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