Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot Someone’s Story?

Taking a screenshot of an Instagram Story might make you feel uneasy, as you may worry about the other person discovering it. However, there could be a legitimate reason why you took the screenshot in the first place, such as sharing a funny meme or preserving a sentimental photo as a memory.

Alternatively, you may be curious about whether someone has taken a screenshot of your stories, photos, or messages. The question is, does Instagram notify users when someone takes a screenshot of their story or anything else? Let’s explore the answer.

Can People See If You Screenshot Their Instagram Story

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If you take a screenshot or record someone’s Instagram story, Instagram won’t notify the other user. Similarly, you can take a screenshot of Instagram posts and Reels without any concern about being detected. Hence, it’s great news if you want to take a screenshot of an Instagram story without the person finding out.

However, it’s not so great if you’re interested in knowing when someone takes a screenshot of your story after uploading it.

Does Instagram Ever Send Notifications For Screenshots?

While you can take a screenshot of Instagram stories, posts, and Reels without triggering any notification, the same cannot be said for disappearing photos and videos sent via direct messages.

If someone sends you a photo or clip that can only be viewed for a limited time and you take a screenshot, they will see a star symbol next to the item in the message thread. Moreover, when they open their direct messages inbox, they will see a message under your name saying “screenshot taken.”

However, you can take a screenshot of someone’s direct message without alerting them. The person will only know that you’ve read their message, as it will show as “seen.”

When Does Instagram Notify That A Screenshot Has Been Taken?

Instagram only sends notifications for screenshots taken in Vanish mode or of disappearing photos or videos sent through private direct message (DM) threads. Instagram does not notify users of screenshots taken of stories, posts, reels, permanent DMs, or any other content on the app.

If you take a screenshot in Vanish mode, the message “[your username] took a screenshot” will appear within the conversation thread.

For disappearing photos or videos, a small circle will appear beside them for both you and the other person when someone takes a screenshot.

If you don’t want to take a screenshot to save an image or video, you can use the bookmark feature instead. Simply find the post with the image or video, and tap the bookmark icon. You can access your saved content by tapping the three-line menu and selecting “Saved.”

Does Instagram Notify Users When You Screenshot Dms?

That’s correct. Instagram only notifies users when someone takes a screenshot of a “disappearing” photo or video message in a DM chat. Disappearing messages are those that are taken from the camera directly from within the DM chat and are only viewable for a limited time. 

Instagram will not notify users if someone takes a screenshot of a photo or video that they have shared from their gallery or camera roll, or other non-disappearing content in DMs like posts from feeds or text messages.

How To Avoid Being Detected For An Instagram Screenshot

If you wish to avoid Instagram notifying someone when you take a screenshot of their content, there are a few methods to consider. However, it’s important to remember to never use or share someone’s image, sensitive content, or personal information without their consent.

  • One method is to open Instagram in a web browser on your computer and take a screenshot of the disappearing photo or video in your direct messages. Instagram does not notify screenshots taken in a web browser.

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  • Another option is to put your phone in airplane mode before taking a screenshot of the disappearing photo or video. This way, the other party will not receive a notification.
  • Lastly, you can use another camera or device to take a picture of your screen. However, this method may not result in the best quality screenshot.

How To Prevent Others From Taking Screenshots Of Your Content On Instagram?

Based on current information, it is highly probable that Instagram does not offer any feature that can prevent others from taking screenshots of your content. In fact, the platform has disabled the ability to detect if someone takes a screenshot of your story, post or DM. Despite this, there are still some effective ways to lower the possibility of others taking screenshots:

  • Set your account to private mode so that only people you have approved can see your content
  • Share sensitive information through DMs instead of publicly on your profile
  • Use the “Close Friends” feature for more private sharing
  • Avoid posting sensitive or personal information on Instagram
  • Be careful of who you allow to follow your account and remove any followers who make you feel uncomfortable

However, it is important to note that while these measures can help minimize the chances of someone taking a screenshot of your content, they do not offer an absolute guarantee against it.


There are many valid reasons why you might want to take a screenshot of an Instagram Story or Reel. For instance, you may want to keep track of a movie recommendation or save a recipe for future reference. However, it’s crucial to avoid taking screenshots of things that might be private or posted accidentally.

We’ve already covered everything you need to know about taking screenshots of Instagram direct messages (DMs). Once again, the same rule applies here: don’t be a creep. It’s as simple as that.

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