How to Make an Enchanting Table in Minecraft

As straightforward as Minecraft may appear in its initial stages—where you start by punching a tree and engaging in the repetitive cycle of crafting—you’ll eventually find yourself immersed in a realm of increasing complexity and fantastical elements. Picture magic portals, formidable dragons, radiant pyramids, and more.

Moreover, you hold the ability to wield magic yourself through the enchantment table, also colloquially known as the “enchanting” table. This unique item empowers you to augment your weapons, armor, and other equipment with mystical enhancements. To illustrate, certain enchantments can amplify the efficiency and durability of your tools, while others serve as a shield for your protection.

Let’s delve into what’s required to craft an enchantment table and explore strategies for maximizing its potential.

How to make an enchantment table in Minecraft

Crafting an enchantment table in Minecraft is a bit like performing a magical ritual. Here’s a step-by-step guide that transforms seemingly mundane ingredients into a powerful tool for enhancing your gear.

Ingredients you’ll need:

  • 1 book
  • 2 diamonds
  • 4 blocks of obsidian
  • Lapis lazuli (for power)

Creating the book:

  • Leather Gathering: Start by acquiring leather. This can be done by bravely taking on cows in your Minecraft world.
  • Sugar Cane Harvest: Venture to the waterside, either in a swamp or a desert biome, to collect sugar cane. Once gathered, arrange these pieces in equal amounts along one horizontal row in the crafting area. Watch as the paper magically appears.

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  • Book Concoction: Take your hard-earned leather and three pieces of paper to craft a book. Arrange them in any four blocks within the 3×3 crafting table area, ensuring each piece of paper is distinct.

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Gather diamond, obsidian, and lapis lazuli

Acquiring diamond, obsidian, and lapis lazuli is best achieved through mining. Equip yourself with torches, food, weapons, and a water bucket before embarking on your mining expedition, as it may take some time.

Once you’ve secured a minimum of two diamonds, locate a pool of stationary lava. Pour your water bucket into it to generate obsidian, a material requiring a diamond pickaxe for extraction. Gather at least four obsidian blocks.

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While mining, be vigilant for lapis lazuli, a dark blue ore scattered abundantly. Accumulate as much lapis lazuli as possible, as it is essential for crafting enchantments later on.

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Now that you’ve gathered all your materials, let’s move on to crafting. Head to your crafting table, which is your go-to spot for creating cool stuff.

In the 3×3 crafting grid:

  • Drop the book into the top-middle slot.
  • Position the diamonds in the left and right slots of the second row, leaving the middle spot vacant.
  • Put the obsidian into the middle-center slot, snug between the diamonds. Then, fill up the bottom row entirely with obsidian.

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Where to find an enchanting table in creative mode

Education Edition Decorations (0.14.2-1.0.18)

Items (1.0.21-1.17.30)

Java Decoration Blocks
Nintendo Switch Miscellaneous (1.04-1.11)

Items (1.5.0-1.18.10)

Nintendo Wii U Miscellaneous (Patch 3-38)
Platform Location
PlayStation 3 Miscellaneous (1.26-1.76)
PlayStation 4 Miscellaneous (1.26-1.91)

Items (1.14.0-1.18.10)

Pocket Edition Decorations (0.14.1-1.1.3)

Items (1.2-1.18.10)

Windows 10 Edition Decorations (0.14.1-1.1.3)

Items (1.2-1.18.10)

Xbox 360 Miscellaneous
Xbox One Miscellaneous (CU23-CU43)

Items (1.2.5-1.18.10)

Enhancing the enchantment table with bookshelves

To supercharge your enchantment table, let’s bring in some bookshelves. This not only adds flair but also boosts the enchantment power. If you encircle the table with bookshelves, you can unlock higher enchantment levels, all the way up to the mighty level 30. A total of 15 bookshelves is the magic number for this enchanting upgrade.

How to craft a bookshelf:

Here’s the lowdown on crafting a bookshelf:

  • For a single bookshelf, gather three books and six planks. Feel free to use planks from any type of wood, so pick the nearest tree for convenience.
  • In the crafting table’s 3×3 grid, place the six planks in the top and bottom rows.
  • Drop the books in the center row of the crafting grid.

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Now that you’ve crafted your 15 bookshelves, arrange them strategically. You can opt for a one-story, nearly complete circle around your enchantment table, or go for a two-story setup flanking two sides of the table.

Just remember, maintain at least one empty block of space between the bookshelves and your enchantment table for optimal results.

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How to enchant with an enchanting table

Let’s dive into the art of enchanting using an enchanting table. Follow these steps for mystical enhancements:

  • Launch the enchanting table by interacting with it.
  • Deposit the item you’re eager to enchant into the initial box on the enchanting table.
  • Toss in three lapis lazuli into the second box, right next to the item from step 2.
  • Now, the enchanting stage: choose the enchantment you desire, and deftly transfer the enchanted item back into your inventory.

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