50+ Best WhatsApp DP – Attitude, Funny, Cool & Sad Profile Pictures

WhatsApp is the second most popular chat application after Facebook. Almost all of us are using this chat application. Previously, people like to change their Profile pictures on Facebook very often but now WhatsApp DP has overtaken this trend. WhatsApp profile pictures are popularly called DP (Display Picture).

It is also said that an image says 1000 words. So by the help of DP’s you can express your love, sorrows, desires, attitude and other such emotions which are very hard to express in words.

So we’ve divided all WhatsApp DP’s into categories like – love, sad, attitude, friendship, funny, etc., So all you need to do see scroll down and select your favorite DP for WhatsApp. 

Best Love DP’s For WhatsApp

Love is the happiest, most beautiful and the most wonderful emotion in this world. When you’re in love, everything around you turns good. You start smiling for no cause. And yeah! You can’t stop yourself to express it. You can’t, even if you want to hide your love emotions! That’s how we humans are. And what could be better than expressing your love through WhatsApp Dp? WhatsApp Dp is the first thing people notice about you on mobile space and everyone likes to unleash love. It makes the viewer happy. So, spread love and smile picking any one of the Best Love Dps For WhatsApp given here.







Best SAD Mood WhatsApp DP’s

It is the irony of life that Happy moments last lesser than grief and sadness. There often comes a time in life that we feel broken and shattered. We want to be alone and nothing makes us happy. WhatsApp is the medium that can convey your Sad mood to your buddies who will for sure come to rescue your mood doing idiotic and funny things. You must have heard that happiness increases when shared and sadness decreases. We have collected Best Sad Mood WhatsApp DPs (We wish you never need this one though) for you, which you can put on your profile to announce that you are not in a good mood.










Best Attitude DP’s For WhatsApp

Pictures showing attitude, coolness, and Swag are the most Trending WhatsApp DP nowadays, especially among teenage boys and girls. From 16 to 60, everyone wants to show off the coolness of Dude and babes in their own way. And there is nothing wrong in this. We all have a certain level of attitude within us and we have some of the Best Attitude Dps For WhatsApp which let you show the real attitude in you. So, pick the one that suits your attitude the best and put it on your profile to let everyone know how cool you are!






Best Friendship DP’s For WhatsApp

Recently Friendship day 2019 was celebrated by all of us but do you think that friendship is just about one day or a year or so? No! Friendship is the festival which we celebrate each and every day to rejoice even the lame jokes hundreds of times. It is the gift that we choose irrespective of age, color, gender, rich or poor. Friendship is beyond such criteria of society. Friends are not by birth but they can love you till death. Set these Best Friendship Dps For WhatsApp and let your friends know how much you love them and how important they are in your life.






Best Funny DP’s For WhatsApp

Searching for Trending WhatsApp DP? Fun and laughter never go out of trend. Laughter is the best therapy we all know but in the busy and hectic life schedule how often we laugh badly? We all like to have fun and see funny things. Be it some hilarious joke or rib-tickling WhatsApp Dps, we should not miss the chance to laugh and make others laugh too. These Best Funny Dps For WhatsApp let you bring a smile on any sad face.



Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is DP in Whatsapp?

DP stands for ‘Display Picture’. The term usually used in context with social media & instant messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and such others. Display Picture or DP is visible to all your contacts unless you hide it under the privacy settings.

How Do I Save My WhatsApp Profile Picture?

To save your WhatsApp Profile picture, open your WhatsApp App. Tap on the hamburger menu at the top right corner of the screen. Tap settings. Tap on your WhatsApp Name. Then, tap on the Camera icon. Select any of your favorite picture from the gallery or click it and Save it.

What Makes A Good Whatsapp Profile Picture?

The profile picture is just like the cover of the book. It’s should be attractive and impressive enough that provokes people to connect with you. Make sure to wear a smile, dress up well, and look happy. Try to be expressive and lively.

Wrapping Up

This is our whole collection for the best WhatsApp DP. I hope you’ll like the profile pictures we have shared above.
  • To download these images just right-click or long tap on the picture you like and select save image as.
  • Save the image to an appropriate location and the profile picture will be downloaded.

Pro Tip – Use No Crop apps so that you don’t need to crop your WhatsApp profile picture while uploading.




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