10 Best Story Saver for WhatsApp to Download Stories

WhatsApp status is a great feature, and its users love it. WhatsApp status feature facilitates you to post what you are up to, your memories, funny jokes, inspirational quotes, and anything you want to, but the option of downloading the status feature is missing.

So, If you like any of your friends WhatsApp status, you can’t download. But don’t worry, we are here with 10 best story saver for WhatsApp. This means, now you do not need to take a screenshot of the status, crop it, and repost it. Simply make use of any of the below-given App and save the status to use later.

Best Story Saver Apps for WhatsApp

Story Saver Apps for WhatsApp

1. Story Saver For WhatsApp

This is a simple and lightweight app to get your WhatsApp stories saved offline before it disappears. Using this app, you can save as many images as you want. Plus you can save the videos too. Images and videos will get automatically saved to your WhatsApp folder. The app also has an in-built video player and image viewer.

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2. All in one status saver

This is a three in one application. It can not only save WhatsApp status but also save stories for Instagram and Facebook. It is very easy to use this application. You just need to open the ‘All in one status saver’ app. It will redirect you to WhatsApp and gives you the option to save the status images and videos. This works the same for Instagram and Facebook App as well. If you like creating WhatsApp status then you can check the best WhatsApp Status Apps to create unique status.

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3. Status Story Saver for WhatsApp Free

If you like any of your friends WhatsApp status and you want to download it, this app can do that for you for free. Be it multiple images or videos, the app saves it all for you. Operating the app is quite easy. First of all, download this story saver App for WhatsApp. Then open WhatsApp. Choose the status you want to download and tap on ‘Save’ to save the status.

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4. Status Saver

Now, you don’t have to worry about taking the screenshots and cropping it before reposting. Although you can use No crop apps to avoid cropping the image. But simply download this story saver for WhatsApp and save everything that people display on their status feed. This application saves all types of formats, which include images, videos, Gifs, texts, and everything. The app is easy and fast. If you want you can also repost and delete the saved post anytime.

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5. Status Saver for WhatsApp: WhatsApp status downloader

This story saver for WhatsApp is great and keeps all the WhatsApp status saved for you. This app supports all the Android devices and developers of this app keep updating it with a simultaneous update of WhatsApp official app. The quality of status saved also remains intact with this app. Both the images and videos can be saved with this app.

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6. Story Saver for WhatsApp by YOBA

So you want to save the WhatsApp status of all your contacts? Here’s the story saver App for WhatsApp from YOBA. Having this app on your smartphone, you can save any image or video from your WhatsApp status feed. However, we would suggest you to take permission from your contacts before you save their status. This accounts for good habits.

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7. Status Saver for WhatsApp By Secure Developer

Get the app on your mobile phone and save any status you want. It supports all the media format be it images – JPEG or PNG or videos 3GP or Mp4. The app also gives you a choice to save the status on your phone device storage or SD Card. Share this with your friends so that he or she could also enjoy the features of this app.

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8. Story Saver

Another story saver for WhatsApp is “Story Saver” app by The Sypnosis. This tool helps you to download all the images and videos from WhatsApp status section. The feature of this app includes user-friendly design, convenient and easy features, fast downloading, best quality, and supporting all the Android versions.

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9. Status Saver for WhatsApp 2019 By SocialLabs

This is the latest Android application that can save your WhatsApp status whenever and wherever you want. All you need to have an active internet connection. That’s it. It is quite a fast working app that can download WhatsApp status in less than a second. You can save these statuses and repost them on apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The app won’t take much storage space on your device and can download both images and videos.

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10. Status Saver-Image and Video

This one is the last App in our list of story saver for WhatsApp today. This is totally a free application having a lot of features and options. It allows you to download any status, be it an image or video. Sharing and managing status is even simple and easy. The design of the app is very simple that anyone can easily operate it. Apart from that, the app has inbuilt image viewer and video player that gives the completeness to this app and you don’t have to download any other additional app.

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