10 Offline Bike Racing Games for Android

No thrill or excitement can match a bike racing game. These games always keep their players on their toes as they have to pass through various obstacles to reach the finishing point while competing with other opponents.

It requires deep concentration to ensure you don’t hit the obstacles, rather pass them properly and reach your destination with ease. In this list, we have listed the 1 best bike racing games for android users that we came across in 2020.

1. Traffic rider

This game is a first-person driving game that has the charm and simplicity of old-school fun. It has a full career mode with around 70+ missions and 29 different motorbikes to choose from in this game. It starts with a low-power bike, that becomes powerful as you move forward in the game.

There are several locations that you can zoom your bikes through, at different times in the game. The sounds have been recorded from real bikes to give you the real feel. It is also available in 19 different languages, so the users won’t have language issues.

 Download (Android)

2. Bike race free

In this game, the players have to reach the end of every level of this game without falling off their bikes. It consists of many crazy tracks and mad worlds but also several amazing bikes that you can choose from. It is easy to play and the controls of this game are very simple to follow. Brakes can be applied by tapping on the left part of your screen while tapping right leads to acceleration.

Tilting your android is also one way to accelerate your bike. It uses relatively low data and you can race against a huge number of players if you select multiplayer mode.

Download (Android)

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3. Bike Racing 3D

This game has different types of treacherous tracks that make driving a little more fun. The players come across 60 tracks in career mode that transitions from easy to technical. There are various obstacles that you have to cross by jumping, stunting, or dodging it.

The game is quite easy to control as you only need your right thumb to accelerate it and your left thumb to control its tilt. The 3D graphics make it look very real.

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4. Drag racing: bike edition

This game is all about maintaining the right balance to gain victory. It has 10 levels of bike and race categories, which makes it quite exciting to play. It is solely skill-based as there is no fuel that you have to wait for and no delivery time for bikes either when you want an upgrade.

There are about 17 sports bikes, amazing graphics, and realistic racing gameplay that keeps you hooked till you have reached your goal here. It has a personal touch to it as the challenges feel real and the upgrades are quite epic. It allows fair play to make this game a memorable experience.

 Download (Android)

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5. Real bike racing

Just like the name suggests, this gaming app provides you a real-life biking experience. to play, the users only have to turn the engine on and go to the gas station to fill it up and have the thrilling experience of riding a 200 HP beast. This game also allows VR mode that aims at a better experience for the players.

There are more than 10 types of unique superbikes that you can choose from and realistic 3D graphics make it feel too real. The lighting effects make the gaming experience even better.

Download (Android)

6. Death moto

This game is super fun as you need to destroy your competitors while completing all the races to win. There is a highway that you need to reach, at full speed, while dodging traffic and also your opponents.

It provides superb graphics that make for an excellent gaming experience. the design of the motorbike, in-game stunts are all worth it to play this game. The vehicles here are pretty cool to ride.

 Download (Android)

7. Highway rider motorcycle racer

It is a bike racing game wherein the players have to race their motorcycle at full speed amid a busy highway. They need to be mindful of all obstacles and vehicles in the way. It is a simple game but requires concentration as you have to ride in a straight line and not crash into other vehicles.

The motorcycles upgrade as you unlock different levels after winning. There are 4 different highways and also arcade & fugitive mode to make this game more interesting.

 Download (Android)

8. Racing moto

It is a fast-paced game where the users ride their bikes at full speed while carefully dodging the obstacles coming their way. It has got amazing scenes and views such as desert, city, bridge, sea and also a forest that makes for a gripping game.

This game is easy to play, without much complications about its controls. It is a fast-racing game that makes use of the boost factor.

 Download (Android)

9. Racing fever: Moto

 This game has several amazing bikes that make the gaming experience worthwhile. Its graphics are great and have 4 different camera angles to give you a better, real-life bike racing experience. it has about 16 different bikes, 4 gang leaders, and ten levels.

There are different modes too such as escape mode, daily bonus mode, and private mode in this game. It supports 23 different languages, so everyone can play with ease.

 Download (Android)

10. MotoGP racing

This game makes its players feel the intense racing on actual tracks due to its intense graphics. The players can also customize their bikes here, which is a bonus. You can play with your friends by challenging them on different tracks and levels and if you do well, you might get on the global leaderboard position too.

Download (Android)


These bike racing games are thrilling and adventurous to play. In a time when going out has become a luxury not everyone can afford, such games bring a sense of different thrill every day you play them. So download them on your android device and enjoy.



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