15 Offline Shooting Games For Android (Like PUBG)

If you are finding it too hard to spend your extended leisure time in these days of lockdown, you can just get your hands into some exciting Android games. The taste of games varies from person to person, but there is a particular category that is rarely denied- shooting it is! We all love to shoot in the virtual world.

Again if the game comes in the offline mode, you will not have any headache of running out of data. You can play all day long.

Best Offline Shooting Games for Android (2020)

Here we will guide you through 15 leading offline Android games that you can enjoy from your smart device.


It is a popular zombie shooter game in which you will have a collection of amazing weaponaries. A lot of different missions are there in the game. You have to use your armory keeping in mind the type of mission. There is a survival mode also in Unkilled that will test your shooting skill to another level.

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This offline Android game has a bonus feature of voice over of one of the best action heroes of Hollywood- Jason Statham. Jason will be your commander in the game and will guide you throughout the journey. This game has gained large popularity among the action movie freaks due to the presence of Jason.

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Death Effect 2

You can put this game into the horror genre because of its horrifying dark theme, but there are science fiction elements also present in Death Effect 2. It is a very long game and possesses attractive graphics that will absolutely give you an experience of PC gaming on your smartphone.

You can upgrade your character with different weapons and power, which will firmly keep you on the track of a great Android gaming experience.

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Mad Bullets

It is a little different one with the comparison of all the other offline games. Mad Bullets does not have a strict storyline, it used to drop the players directly into the battlefield. You have to defeat the enemies and rescue the hostages and make your way out of danger. The game is based on the theme of American frontier.

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Cover Fire

This game is not far away from the legendary console games such as Call Of Duty or Far Cry series. You have to think of your own strategies along with having a formidable shooting skill. You have to survive the fierce enemies to win the title. Cover Fire is very famous among proficient Android gamers.

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Into The Dead

You have to fight the zombies as your enemies in this well popular game. It has a touch of horror with the excitement of shooting- the best combination you can have in Into The Dead. So load your weapons and count the creatures to die.

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Hitman Sniper

In Hitman Sniper, you will put your feet in the shoes of the famous Agent 47, the Hitman. The missions are designed properly to give you a real-life feel of intrusions and actions. Despite having fewer numbers of weapons, the game can thrill you out with its fantastic missions.

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Nova Legacy

Nova Legacy is a highly demanded first-person shooter game available in the Android app store. You will have access to different types of avatars, weapons, and enemies in this game. The game sets on a sci-fi environment where you have to fight the evil alien forces. You are the soldier of Nova force in the game. You can also team up with 5 other players in the deathmatch.

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Lone Wolf

Apart from attractive graphics and structured gameplay the only factor that makes a virtual game engaging is its tight storyline. The Lone Wolf offers intense first player gameplay with a very good storyline. You will get into love with the game once you will step into the world of the Lone Wolf.

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Kill Shot Bravo

It is a fabulous sniper game that allows infiltrating different military bases secretly. It has a good number of mission locations. You will be assigned a target and you have to take the subject down without blowing your cover. The position may be a deep jungle or on the far islands.

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Major Mayhem 2

You don’t have to tickle your brain cells too much in this game, just pick up your gun and start the shooting. Major Mayhem 2 does not hold extraordinary graphics still it can refresh your mood perfectly. This game has a variety of guns that you can use to defy your enemies and save the captives.

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A fantastic combination of weaponry, strategy, and action- Shadowgun will take you to the ultimate level of Android gaming. Here you will play as a third person and will also be associated with the others. Your opponents in this game are aliens, intergalactic forces, and modified humans.

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Battle of Bullets

This game is designed on practical military strategic operations. The role-play is of an experienced soldier of the ground army who will face several challenges in various story modes.

The most attractive feature in this game is the high definition graphics and astonishing sound effects. Battle of Bullets has gained good popularity among the Android gamers of the present era.

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Modern Combat 5

If you are in search of an exemplary first-person shooting game that will engage you in it totally, then Modern Combat 5 is the ideal option for you. You will enjoy the compact storyline along with the sheer graphics. This game has an online alternative also that permits you to join with your friends.

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Deus Ex

Deus X has a story based on the future world, how politics will be driven at that time. This game is perfectly outlined for your Android smart device and does not consume any internet while operating. The gameplay involves a bunch of futuristic guns and gadgets.

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These are the 15 leading offline shooting games that you can play in your Android device and make proper use of your lockdown hours.

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