10 Best Offline Racing Games for Android Every Gamer Should Try

As we all know that we live in a world where the children find life in gaming and spending time on mobile phones. The Internet plays a major role in surfing websites, e-mails, data management, and the most commonly Gaming.

The most important genre of games played today is Racing. So we have decided to compile a list of best offline racing games available in Play Store.

The virtual games played by teens nowadays require tremendous data network and this makes people without internet connections incapable of playing their favorite games.
Still, there are some gaming companies which have established various offline games that do not need internet connections for playing them.

Best Offline Racing Games for Android

These are some of the most enjoyed offline car racing games available on the Google Play Store.

1. Hill Climb Racing

One of the best causal racing game. Although it has cartoonish graphics and gameplay but, the physics of this game is amazing and that is what makes it entertaining. It has 29+ animated vehicles which you can unlock by leveling up.  It is one of the most addictive offline racing game of all time.


2. GT Racing 2

The GT Racing series provides a Real Car Experience with realistic graphics and First person driving mode. It is not as famous as the Asphalt series but still is an amazing car racing game. You can select from a variety of upgrades to enhance the performance of your car. If you are on Wifi or mobile data then this game also allows you to compete with other online players as well.


3. Asphalt 8 Airborne

You might have seen this game in a lot of YouTube videos, as game reviewers love this game. It pushes your CPU/GPU to its limit. This game provides offline racing experience in HD graphics on your smartphone. It is the top-rated offline racing game for Android in the Asphalt series.


4. Asphalt Extreme


Another top racing game from the Asphalt series. Asphalt Extreme enables the players to drive different racing cars with drifting and climbing across mountains and in the sand. It is an off-road racing game which has no rules.


5. Clash for Speed


CFS is the most rated offline racing game for Android platform. This game is owned by Tweaking Technologies. In this game, the player drives the monster cars and have to defeat all the rivals to win. The player can even set obstacles in the tracks to make it difficult to win for rivals.


6. Drag Racing

It is a classic nitro-fuelled racing game which enables the users to customize their cars for racing. It also has a multiplayer mode which unlocks lots of different cars. It is an all-time classic racing game for Android.


7. Horizon Race

This game has various tracks to unlock and have various cars. This game was featured as the best offline racing game of 2015. The best part is that it supports Android Tv as well. So you can enjoy the gaming experience on a bigger screen.


8. Poly Drive

This racing game is also owned by Tweaking Technologies. You can use NOS boosters and various weapons on your tracks. This is a lightweight offline racing game which can be played in the low-end smartphones as well.


9. 4×4 Mountain Car Racing

This is a mountain racing game which enables the user to drive SUVs and 4X4s. It is a realistic simulation off-road offline racing game. NOS boosters and mountain tracks make the racing really cool.


10. Bridge Constructor Stunt

Players who have a keen interest in car stunts should play this game. Bridges and construction roads are the storylines of the game. Just cross the obstacles by doing amazing stunts and reach the end line to win.


All these games do not require internet connections but most of them have an online mode as well. You can enjoy all these offline racing games for Android and that too without any internet requirements. If you are a cricket fan then also check our post on best cricket games for Android.


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