15 Best Offline Cricket Games for Android Phones

Looking for free offline cricket games? Well, games have always been an important part of our lives, whether it is street cricket or the Olympics. Playing games is always fun and the feeling of beating your opponent is even more delightful. Playing cricket games with friends will add fun and adventure and takes the excitement at the next level. 

Smartphones and gadgets have changed our lives and in this race, our way of playing is also completely changed. Now you will not see the children playing in your neighborhood because now a magic device has come in their hands, an opening which they enter into their own world of apps and games. Games are also not untouched with the Android breeze. 

Cricket is no more a game limited to the boundaries of the playground. It can now be played online and offline on your smartphones. We have made the list of amazing online as well as offline cricket games which you can download on your smartphone and play anytime anywhere. The cool features and amazing colorful schemes and designs of these cricket games made it simply outstanding.

Best Free Offline Cricket Games

World Cricket Championship 2

Best Offline Cricket Games for Android

World Cricket Championship 2  is a compelling video game for all those who want to play cricket like a Pro. It is a next-generation power-packed 3D game where the players are free to set the game as per their wish from the stadium of their choice to their favorite players, anytime anywhere. You can choose either from default teams or can select your own players for the team manually. Also, you can choose your own field, type of grass, weather, etc with around 40 different camera angles having real-time effects. 

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Beach Cricket

offline cricket game for android-beach-cricket

Among all the offline cricket games out there, this gives the player a real-time experience while playing offline. The game has left no stone untouched. The rules and regulations of the game are as real as in real-world cricket with cool gaming laws and directives. The realistic commentaries available in both the languages of Hindi and English in the game with lively emotions of the players in different situations will give you a human touch.

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Cricket T20 Fever 3D

Best Cricket Games for Android

Although cricket is the field game, thanks to Android smartphones due to which we’re no longer limited to expensive game consoles. There’re numerous 3D cricket games available on the store and one such mind-blowing game is Cricket T20 Fever 3D. This is a fantastic and amazing 3D cricket game 3D interface that gives the realistic feel to the players as if they’re playing an international tournament. 

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Real Cricket 19

best offline cricket game-real-cricket-19

In this Cricket game controls need attention in the beginning but as you’ll be familiar with them, your fingers will easily set on the controls. There’re 6 venues, 8 international teams and multiple play modes including ODI and T20 to choose from. Interestingly, you can also see cheerleaders dancing on your screen whenever a shot is hit or wicket is taken.

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Cricket Worldcup Fever

Best Offline Cricket Games for Android

For Android smartphone out there, this offline cricket game is the most compatible one. There are four gameplay mode in this game, which is, Power Play mode, World cup mode, Quick Match, and “Pass-N-Play” mode. It’s a multiplayer cricket game, which you can also play with your friends. The graphics of the game is very attractive in motion pictures. The analysis is also given according to the ball by ball scorecard.

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World Cricket Championship LT

This is one of the most electrifying offline cricket games. You can find it installed in almost all the cricket lover’s mobile phone. There is an all-new cricket gang and you can join them to experience the awesome digital cricket game. The high-quality graphics made the game even more exciting and engaging that you won’t even think about exiting the game before hours. Check the details of every ball in slow motion.

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Stick Cricket Premier League

In terms of popularity among the cricket fans, this game top the list of amazing online and offline cricket games. Players have the liberty to choose their own captain. The game includes exotic locations. You can play cricket from Delhi to Denmark, everywhere. You can enjoy the freedom to create your own team and increase your chances to grab the league trophies. You can choose among the 50 Star players on the board.

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Epic Cricket

This game is developed by the combined efforts of Nazara Games and Moong labs which are awarded as the best cricket simulator game. The features of this game include HD quality visuals, terrific sound effects, the audience that looks real, multiple batting and bowling styles to enjoy playing cricket, and teams participating from all over the globe.

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World Cricket Battle

This is truly an advanced cricket game where everything looks so real that for a moment you forget that you’re playing virtual cricket. It’s an online cricket game where you can play with your friends as a real opponent. You can also make teams here. Like T20 Cricket World Cup, this game has auction mode, where you can buy and sell players. Furthermore, to make it real, there is rain mode, where the decision of the game is taken through the Duckworth Lewis Method.

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Stick Cricket Super League

This game provides you both ways to enjoy personalized cricket game, either you can choose your favorite out of the list of available players or you can also create your own customized player. This game contains 70 teams in total and you can sign contracts with best cricket players. To fire up the spark of cricketing, smash sixes and let go of your helmet. All this is possible only in Stick Cricket Super League

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World of Cricket

World of Cricket has got realistic gameplay and awesome game modes. The interface of the game is very sleek and easy to operate. Talking about the controls of the game, they all are buttery smooth to hit fours and sixes and ignite the stadium with cheers. For a batsman, there are more than 25 unique shots and 16 international teams to join. Along playing, listen to the professional commentary in multiple languages.

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MS Dhoni: The Official Cricket Game

The name of the game is enough to find out the cricketer in you. All the Fans of MS Dhoni worldwide are going to love this game. The game is actually based on the Bollywood Movie which is “Dhoni: The untold story” in which the dashing Sushant Singh Rajput played the role of MS Dhoni. You can also fulfill your wish to hit the helicopter shot being MS Dhoni. It’s the one and only game of its kind.

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Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Who don’t know Sachin – The Lord of Cricket. This is one of the unique offline cricket games, which is designed around the great Sachin Tendulkar. Signing up in the game, you will be going to be in the shoes of Sachin and play cricket like never before. This game is nominated as the best mobile and tablet cricket game by FICCI in the year 2017. The game has everything that one can expect from an excellent cricket App.

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Doodle Cricket

This is another offline cricket game which is powered by Google’s AI Algorithms. It is a lightweight mobile game where all the basic nitty-gritty of the cricket is available to enjoy. Its features include a simple interface where you just need to tap to play, realistic physics, and dynamic camera angles. You can also share your score on social media. The game is also suitable for kids below 10.

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It’s actually not a cricket Gaming app but it is a casual gaming online destination where you can not only have the fun of playing but also earn exciting prizes and cash for winning the game. Yup! That’s true. It can be a good partner of your pastime where you can choose among a wide range of game genres like adventure, racing, fighting, puzzles, etc. All the games are online and you need an active internet connection. However, you don’t need to pay a single penny for playing games on Gamezop.

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