20 Unblocked Proxy Sites for YouTube (2023 Updated)

Proxy websites are quite commonly used to unblock blocked websites. But before we get to the list, what exactly is a proxy server? If you want to protect your privacy online, proxy servers are the best way to do it.

How Proxy Sites Works?

A proxy server helps users in hiding their identity while using the internet. Using proxy websites you can easily access websites, bypass internet censorship in your country or office network. It can come in handy several times; therefore, you should always have a proxy site.

how proxy sites work

It hides the IP address of the user as it acts as an intermediate between the website & his request. The browser that the user is using sends a request for accessing the webpage wherein the proxy uses its IP address and masks the user, keeping him completely anonymous.

VPN Vs Proxy

When we talk about proxy, it might sound a lot like VPN, but trust us it is not. While both of them help in masking the user’s location, but that is the only common thing between them. While proxy helps in hiding one IP address, VPN masks an entire network connection with ease.

Also, VPN makes use of tunnels and encryption to ensure your data is safe from third parties. However, it isn’t always free of cost and takes quite a bit of the system’s RAM. So, if you only need to access blocked sites, proxy sites are the best alternative available.

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Best Unblock Proxy Sites for Youtube

1. Zend2

1 zend2

You can easily use Facebook without worrying about being caught via this proxy site. It creates and issues a new IP address to its users so that they can operate the Facebook account without leaving a trace. Also, there isn’t a lot of advertisement here. It is safe and secure and allows users their anonymity.

2. 4ever proxy

3 4rever proxy

This proxy site allows users to unblock everything that has been restricted by their system or in their country. It is usually used for using different social networking sites that are sometimes blocked in different countries such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. It is a great site to remain anonymous and use sites freely.

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3. Mega bypass


Just like the name suggests, this proxy site allows you to bypass various sites easily. You can unblock Xanga, YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Hi5, Nexopia, Netlog, etc, and also browse them securely. You don’t have to worry about a secure network again.

4. Tntproxy

tnt proxy

This proxy site is basically for school/college students to access social media such as myspace from their school or college system. You can freely use the web and access several sites anonymously and securely. It is a strong proxy site and has proven to be the best one available in its field.

5. Proxy lord

7 proxylord

You can access the internet anonymously, hide your IP address, go through blocked sites and even remove the unnecessary annoying adverts with the help of this proxy, free of cost. It allows you to bypass the network as you access the websites with this proxy’s server instead of using your computer network.

6. Megaproxy


For accessing blocked websites or even the unblocked ones in an anonymous and secured way, this is one of the best proxy sites available. It is easy to install and use and there are no complicated instructions that you need to follow.

7. HideMyAss


Not only can you get access to blocked content but this proxy also protects you from malware and phishing threats. Unlike other proxy services, this provides its users the option to choose from free or premium browsing. Premium one has better features and can be used for games, apps, smartphones, etc.

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8. Alien proxy


If you aren’t able to access your favorite sites due to restrictions, here’s a proxy site that runs on high-performance dedicated servers. You can easily access your favorite sites behind firewalls that have blocked ports at your work, school, or college, wherever you prefer free of cost.

9. Proxy site

proxy site

This is quite a popular proxy site about the users as it can unblock all kinds of restrictions that stop one from surfing different sites. All you need to do is to visit the site, select the server and enter the URL that you wish to unblock to use. Also, you can visit global websites without worrying about your identity being discovered.

10. ProxyForFun

11proxy for fun

You can easily get through internet filters and bypass school and work restrictions to browser myspace, Hotmail, and other such websites. It protects your privacy and allows you to remain anonymous on the internet. It hides your identity and allows you to enjoy browsing the internet without any worries.

11. Hidden proxy

12hidden proxy

Made especially to provide securing browsing, this proxy helps its users in having access to the censored content that most institutions such as work, school, college, or government don’t want people having access to. You can easily remain anonymous while surfing through that content.

12. Spysurfing

As the name suggests, this proxy site keeps your identity anonymous and lets you surf several sites even behind firewalls. It can be used in different institutions such as school, college, work, and that too without any charges.

13. 24Proxy

This proxy service has several proxy networks that you can choose from to continue surfing the internet anonymously and securely. It is free of cost and gives users the best surfing experience.

14. Anonymouse

This is a safe and secured proxy website that can be used for free with ease. It keeps you completely anonymous so that there is not even a single trace of you on the internet, while you are accessing any blocked content.

15. SurfAgain

When you are facing the difficulty of not able to visit your favorite sites due to their unavailability in your region, you can use this proxy site to get access to it. This proxy site can also be used for several other purposes which makes it more than just another free proxy server.

16. Proxify

Use this proxy site and rest assured about leaving any kind of trace behind as it maintains your anonymity properly. It has an encrypted connection that helps in keeping check of the traffic on your network and works well on Windows, Linux, Apple, chrome, etc.

17. Nr1surf

This is one of the best proxy sites available for users. It is fast and secured, which makes it even better. There are a fair few partner websites that you can choose from to use. There are email tools, speed tests, and IP tools too present in this proxy network.

18. CroxyProxy

This is quite an advanced proxy website that can be used for free. It supports several sites and allows users to browse uninterrupted, without any worries. It maintains your anonymity as well as provides a secure connection.

19. Hidester

This free-of-charge proxy site allows users to access various content while they are accessing the internet either via a system or their mobile phones. The server is spread throughout the US and Europe. You won’t need to fill in any information or register to use this proxy service.

20. Kproxy

This is a custom-made proxy server that suits the different needs of the users. You can select the plan that suits your needs the best and use it accordingly. However, the only issue with this server is that it often asks you to subscribe to the pro version or you will have to wait for some time to use it again.


These were a few of the best free online proxy servers available that you can use to access the restricted content in your region. They maintain your anonymity and also provide a secure browsing experience. Use the one that fits your needs the best and let us know about your experience.

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