10 Best Proxy Browsers for Android/iOS

People usually use a VPN to protect their privacy and access blocked websites. These days most of the VPN’s are paid, and the free ones have very slow speed. But proxy browsers for Android are browsers that comes integrated with a VPN that lets you unblock websites and surf the web anonymously. The best part is most of them are free and provides good browsing speed.

What is a Proxy Browser?

It is a web browser that has an inbuilt VPN server that masks your location and provides a secure browsing experience. It is just like the Tor browser. If you usually use a public WiFi, then it is best to use a Proxy browser as it automatically encrypts your data.

How does it work?

Since the VPN is integrated into the browser, it lets you access blocked websites and videos within the browser, depending upon which browser you are using you can also choose several virtual locations to change your IP address.

Best Unblocked Proxy Browser for Android

1. Private Browser

private browser

The private browser comes with an inbuilt VPN, just like the Tor browser. This inbuilt VPN has 400+ servers in 70 virtual locations with SSL encryption so that you can be secure while using a public WiFi. If certain sites are blocked in your location, then you can use the private browser to unblock such blocked sites, it provides an anonymous web surfing experience.

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2. ProxyFox: Proxy Browser Unblocks Websites Easy

proxy fox best-proxy browser

A great proxy browser for android which has 60 – 100 proxy locations, so if some content is not available in a certain region, then you can use another location to access it. It shows the ping of all the available proxy servers so that you can choose the fastest server. It also comes with an incognito mode and all your data is secured as they don’t save your data.

It also has a pro version that is ad-free, has better proxy speed and adblocking.

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3. Proxynel

proxynel browser

Proxynel is a proxy browser for Android which can unblock sites like Facebook, YouTube & Twitter.  The browser does not track you, and all your internet activity is private and anonymous. It comes with an inbuilt fast proxy server. You don’t have to configure anything manually, everything is ready to use.

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4. Unblock Websites- Unblock Proxy App

unblock websites vpn proxy

Technically this is a VPN app that has an inbuilt browser. This browser acts as a website unblocker. The VPN automatically connects to an optimal server. Like other VPN apps, it also comes with a paid plan. The paid plan offers some more locations and an ad-free experience. The only drawback is the free plan has lots of ads.

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5. Proxy Browser for Android- Unblock Sites free


As the name suggests, it is an unblocked proxy browser that lets you unblock websites at schools and workplaces. The best feature of this app is it has a new identity feature that lets you change your location/IP after every session, just like the Tor browser. It fetches proxy connections on start-up and automatically connects to the best connection available. It also comes with an incognito mode option which doesn’t save your browsing history.

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6. VPN Proxy Browser


It helps you to surf online anonymously, hide your internet history and IP address. Earlier it had issues with the proxy servers as they were not working properly, but according to the developer they have been removed and replaced with good proxy servers.

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7. Unblock VPN Browser


It is a basic VPN browser that lets you access blocked content. By default, it connects to a US proxy server, but you can change it to the Netherlands. This is the biggest drawback of this browser that it only has two virtual locations.

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8. UPX Unblock Websites Proxy Browser


A great browser to protect yourself while browsing. This browser doesn’t store any log files and has a “do not track” mode which blocks trackers when activated. It has various features like incognito mode, IP faker, built-in US proxy, and supports Chrome browser functionality as well. Like other browsers in the list, you can bypass blocked websites and censored content.

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9. Proxy Tigle


The main goal of this app is to unblock websites that are blocked by your ISP or network provider. You can unblock websites like Facebook, Twitter, Twitch on your school WiFi network. The developer has highlighted that it does not require root access, which is strange because no browser or VPN requires a rooted device.

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Best Free Proxy Browser App for iOS

10. Yulx Privacy Browser Proxy VPN


It is a fully functional browser that comes with a free VPN included. It comes with 10 VPN locations to choose from. It automatically blocks ad/social/analytic trackers to provide a secure browsing experience.  It is not a free app; it is a subscription-based app.

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