How to Unblock YouTube at School or Workplace


YouTube is the king of entertainment. Everyone loves to watch videos on YouTube. But this entertainment can kill your productivity that’s the reason many schools and offices blocks YouTube and other social networking sites. Also, some countries like Pakistan and Germany have blocked YouTube because of uploading some offensive content. So whatever the reason may be the good news is we can easily unblock YouTube at school or offices.

Ways to Unblock Youtube at School or Offices

1 – Online Proxy Servers
2 – Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
3 – Using Tor Browser
4 – Some addons/Extensions

Online proxy Servers :

This is one of the easiest and smartest ways to unblock blocked websites. Using web-based proxy servers you can spoof your IP address and bypass these restrictions. All you need to do is head over to a proxy website and input the URL of blocked websites to unblock it. So if you want to unblock YouTube then you can simply move to one of the proxy sites listed below and enter to unblock it.

List Of Proxy Sites :

Most of the proxy sites are already blocked in school and offices, So if the sites listed above are already blocked then you can find more unblocked proxy websites here.

Virtual Private Networks :

VPN (an abbreviation of Virtual Private Network) adds a new layer of security to your network. Using VPN you can browse the internet freely without compromising your sensitive information. VPN uses other private networks IP address so you can easily unblock Youtube using it. I recommend using Cyber Ghost VPN as it’s free to use.

How to Use it?

  • Just download and install the VPN software from this link – Cyber Ghost
  • After the installation is completed, the Cyber ghost will automatically connect to its network for the first time. It may take some time.
  • After it is completed loaded, You can see your location and your IP address. Simply click on the big yellow button to connect to the VPN.

  • It will show an advertisement for 30 seconds, Just click on Continue with Free.
  • Now you are connected to a VPN.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is a client used to connect the Tor network on your PC. It can be used to maintain our anonymity on the web. It is a very popular browser used by Journalists, Hackers and NGO’s to communicate in the most secure way as possible. So just download tor browser from this link and straightway start browsing YouTube without any restriction.

Extension/Addons to Unblock YouTube in Schools

Hola is a great free VPN extension for Chrome and Firefox. It is used to browse websites without censorship. The best part is its ads free and very easy to use.

Guide to use hola on Chrome

  • First of all download Hola extension from this link – Download Hola
  • After the extension is installed, You will notice a new icon in the extension bar.
  • Click the icon and select any country to get started.

  • Now it will connect your browser to selected country’s proxy server and YouTube will be unblocked.

Guide to use hola on Firefox

You won’t find hola addon in the add-on store. So you need to install it from its official site.
  • Launch Firefox and download hola addon from this link – Hola for firefox
  • It will ask you to allow installation of the addon, Just click on allow.

  • Now the addon is installed, rest of the steps as same as shown above.
So use these methods to unblock YouTube at your school or collages. Which method do you use to unblock YouTube?


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