15 Best Karaoke Games for PS4 & PS5

Karaoke is one of the most enjoyable activities to do. It helps in releasing built-up stress and gives great joy to the people involved. Also, it is quite fun to test your singing skills in it. Karaoke games are one of the most fun ways to indulge yourself in something and pass your time. In this article, we have listed the 15 best PS4 karaoke games that you should give a try:

1. Just Sing

Best ps4 Karaoke game

Launched for PS4 in2016, this is one of the most played karaoke games among the users. It is part of another game named ‘Just dance’ which runs with a unity engine. There are two modes in this game to make it interesting namely party and battle mode. In the former mode, the game will read the player’s lip-sync to record a song whereas in the latter it gets a bit competitive.

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2. Lets sing

ps4 Karaoke game 2

This game can be easily played in single-player as well as multiplayer modes, as per the convenience of the user. it is quite a popular karaoke game that people enjoy extensively all over Europe and North America where it was first launched in 2015. Let the singing star in you out by playing this game.

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3. We sing 2

We sing 2

This game makes use of unreal engine 4 to have the game running. The player can choose from two different modes to play which are single-player and multiplayer modes. There have been 10 editions of to we sing series, with this being the first one and supports about 4 players at once to sing from their microphones.

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4. Now that’s what I call sing 2

ps4 Karaoke game 4

If you are a pop music lover, this karaoke game is for you. There are about 30 songs and is a multiplayer game wherein you pass the microphone among the different players. It is fun and is mostly played among people on their night ins with their friends. You can use your phone as a microphone for this game.

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5. We sing

ps4 Karaoke game 5

This is the original game and had different editions to it as the years went by. The players can play this in single-player or multiplayer mode, as they find it convenient. It runs on unreal engine 4 and has about 40 songs on a single playlist. It is fun to sing along and also one of the ways to enjoy gaming night with friends.

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6. Sing star celebration

ps4 Karaoke game 6

The players need to sing songs via microphones, for which they can use their phones. This game is a part of the Singstar series and was launched in October 2017. There are 30 pop songs that you can sing to and join in with 8 players that will only multiply the fun of karaoke night. Give your inner pop star a chance to shine with this game.

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7. We sing pop!

ps4 Karaoke game - We sing pop!

The players will have to sing along with the music and rhythm of the song playing to play this game. It contains songs from the biggest artists of the world such as chain-smokers, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, etc., so that you get to sing your favorite pop song out loud. You can either invite four of your friends or play it as a single player.

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8. Let’s sing country

Let's sing country

Like the name suggests, this karaoke game consists of the best country songs for you to sing along to. You can play it as multiplayer or go solo, it is up to you. There are around 30 songs included in this game, so you can choose the one that suits your mood the best and get jamming.

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9. Disney sing it

ps4 Karaoke game - Disney sing it

We grew up watching things on Disney and without a doubt, it is an important part of our life. Its songs always bring us nostalgia. So, with this karaoke game, you get to live the nostalgia as it contains 35 Disney-affiliated songs that you can sing along to either alone or party with your friends. Bring out the child in you and buy this game.

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10. SingStar Frozen

ps4 Karaoke game - SingStar Frozen

Launched back in October 2017, this game garnered lot of attention and was highly appreciated by critics. The reason behind it being the fact that it has best-selling tracks included and is a part of Disney frozen series. The players can use their phones as microphones to sing and play this game alone or with their peers.

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11. SingStar ultimate party

If you wish to make your party more fun, you can include this game there and have fun with your closest people. It has been voted as one of the best party games by critics. The players will have to pass their microphones along the other people to play together. It has several party songs to get the party going.

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12. Let’s sing

This game was launched in October 2019 and is quite the latest version of the let’s sing series. You can play it solo or go multiplayer if you have friends over. All you need to do to play this game is to sing along with the background music playing while following its beats. It is easy to play and an enjoyable karaoke game.

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13. Rock band 4

A part of the series “Rockband”, this one is the 4th installment and was also quite a highly anticipated one. There are 60 songs included in this game and has a gallery of 2000 songs. You can go single or multiplayer on this game as per your wish. The variety of songs available makes it fun to play during game nights.

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14. Karaoke revolution

Based on 20th-century fox’s popular musical television sitcom, this game is quite famous in North America and Europe where it was first launched. The player will have to sing along the lyrics of the song show that is being performed by the artist. There is a crowd present who will cheer depending upon how well the player has performed. There is a crowd meter that shows the crowd’s appreciation.

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15. Sing star take that

This was first launched in Europe and is a part of the sing star series. The player needs to follow the lyrics and sing along with the right pitch and keep in check with the music. There are quests too in this game which the player wins depending on his overall performance.

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These were a few of the most played and liked karaoke games of all time. Next time you want to do karaoke but don’t wish to go outside, you can simply buy one of these on your PS4  and get going.

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