30 Best Roblox Games to Play With Friends (2021)

Games have always fascinated people. However, in this pandemic situation, there has been a rise in the number of gamers. Roblox is one of the most popular platforms that support various games created by other users. These games are most engaging and helpful in getting rid of boredom if you want to do something different for a change of routine.

Since there is a variety of over 40 million games available on this platform, it sometimes becomes difficult to choose what to play. But worry not!

We have especially curated this list that has the best Roblox games that one can play to make most of their free time.

Booga Booga

best roblox games

This is one of the most loved survival games on Roblox. It is similar to the popular PC game Minecraft. The players can create tribes, travel, and fight as you try to survive in the various islands on the game. It is engaging as you have a motive to complete and survive on the island.

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Counter Blox

best roblox games to play with friends

This game is inspired by the counter strike and feels very much like it. Be its movement, visuals, and shooting, everything is a reminder of counter strike. In this game, the players have to battle on different maps and game modes that make it quite interesting. It is updated from time to time so that the players enjoy the latest maps and gears.

Natural disaster survival

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This is quite a replica of the famous game PUBG also known as player unknown battlegrounds. The players have to save themselves from the various natural disaster that has been designed to kill them. It is exciting and makes the players guessing for what they are going to face next.

Phantom forces

best roblox games of all time

This game needs a lot of attention from the players. The players need to properly understand it and apply the required tactics, skills, and strategy while playing this shooter game. Few of its features are similar to PUBG, so PUBG players feel a sense of familiarity here.

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Ghost simulator

best roblox horror games

In this game, the players have to catch ghosts with the help of a vacuum cleaner. These ghosts can be found in different locations such as forests, fields, deserts, towns, etc. It has small as well as the scary ghosts that you encounter as you play on. It is fun and quite an enjoyable game to play.


cool roblox games

This is a battle royale Roblox game, a lot like Fortnite. The players have opponents to play against and they can also build and harvest to fill their resources. This can be easily played with friends and gives an adventurous feel to the players involved.

Murder mystery 2

Murder mystery 2 Roblox game

For mystery lovers, this is the game you should play. The players will be given to solve various mysteries. They play the detective and have to identify the murderer. Just like in real-life scenarios, the player will also have to protect himself from different attacks.

Bad business

8 1

This game has various game modes that allow the players to experience different settings. It has big maps and also smooth mechanics that make it easy to tilt right, left, slide, and also grab ledges while moving to higher areas. It is fun to play and you should try it next.

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9 1

This game is highly inspired by the classic DOOM games. It has various quests such as slaying demons, collecting powerups, and jamming to a kickin’ metal soundtrack, all that makes for an exciting gaming experience. If you want to get the experience of DOOM games once again, this is the game you should go for.


10 1

For all the shooting game lovers, this is one easy and interesting game for you. You need to get the golden knife to kill people in it. Meanwhile, you have to get past different guns and get kills and assists to have the golden knife in your possession.


GTA lovers will enjoy this game. You get two options to choose from i.e., either by a police officer or a criminal. Your whole gaming experience will depend on whom you choose to be in the game. To escape from the officers, you will need a keycard that you have to work hard to get.

Super bomb survival

The players have to go through various airborne threats in this game such as dynamites, spreading fires, etc. These bombsites have different destructibility and each explosion leaves permanent damage. The thrill of this game is that the players have to escape the damage to another safe environment which again faces explosion and it continues throughout.

Hide and seek extreme

In this game, one of the players randomly selected who has to seek his chums. They are mostly hidden in different places on the game’s map. The best part about this game is that the player seeking has their abilities in the game. They can also taunt in it when they feel superior.

Theme park tycoon 2

This is a great came for those who like creating their theme parks. It has different types of rides that the user can place in here such as carousels and teacups and you can also add different customization as per your convenience. This is a great alternative game for the rollercoaster tycoon, just minus the rollercoaster ride here.

Dungeon quest

This game has a combination of features from the path of exile and diablo. The players can easily go on solo journeys, loot in the way, and have it all for themselves. If you want more people, you can also team up and go on your quest to raid dungeons, uncover better treasure, etc.

More Roblox Games


These games are the best to kill boredom and also bond with friends when everyone is supposed to be maintaining social distancing. Make your lockdown fun by downloading and playing these with your friends!



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