14 Best PS4 Hunting Games

There is a reason people are so addicted to playing games on PlayStation and Xbox. There are several games available for different categories that keep the players on their toes. One such category of games available is the hunting games.

These games give quite an amazing feel of exploring wildlife and hunting due to the graphics and sound effects offered by them. The people who love hunting but can’t go out for some reason can play these games to satisfy their craving for the same.

So, in this article, we have listed the best hunting games available on PS4 and Xbox One.

1. Hunting Simulator 2

best ps4 hunting games

Hunting simulator 2 is one of the best sequels for a hunting game made. It includes buying licensed gear and firearms and also lets the players stalk animals depending on their sound and sight skills, just like a real hunter does. There aren’t missions as such but it is a decent game that gives a proper hunting experience virtually. It is supported on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft windows.

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2. theHunter: Call of the Wild


Loaded with amazing graphics, this game aims at providing its users with an immersive gaming experience. It might take some time to get used to the game as it is a bit difficult to understand but not impossible. It has some features of other hunting games which will make it a bit familiar. The sceneries are beautiful and worth exploring in this game.

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3. Horizon: Zero Dawn

PS4 hunting games with gun

More than just a hunting game, this game is made to give the experience a virtual adventure and take them on a roller coaster ride. It is not just about hunting animals but has other things too that make it a lot more fun like giant robot-like machines, each having their unique characteristics. There are different levels to this game and you unlock the hard ones as you play on.

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4. Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal - Hunting Game

If you want to feel like the main character, fighting their way out of dangerous territory to stay alive, this is the game for you. This game has an amazing storyline and even better villains that make it a treat to play. It is kind of set in the stone age, so will give you the vibes of living in medieval times where you had to fight for everything.

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5. Monster Hunter World

PS4 hunting games with gun Controller

This is another thrilling game and gives users a wonderful gaming experience. The theme of this game is to look out for tougher monsters and test yourself against them. Each one is more challenging than the previous one and that keeps people on their toes.

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6. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: PS4

An epic fantasy game, this one allows the players to fight against monsters and also take them down. The monsters have attributes that make them powerful, so it’ll take some playing to learn their weaknesses. You can raise the difficulty level accordingly as you go on playing. While it’s not your usual hunting game, it is still worth a try.

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7. Hunt: Showdown

Best PS4 Hunting Games

For those players who don’t mind gore, this one is for you. It is horrific and gives you literal chills as you play. You will be the hunter and also feel hunted at times. This is a first-person shooter game wherein you have to take on monsters along with a target.

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8. Predator: Hunting Grounds

Predator: Hunting Grounds

This is a first peson shooting multiplayer game and is simple to play. There are 5 players involved in this game wherein one is the predator while others are special ops, military agents etc. The 4 others prey on the one predator. But worry not, predator is quite powerful and can’t be easily defeated. All you need to do is kill the drug lord after getting important details.

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9. Legendary fishing

Legendary fishing - Best PS4 Hunting Games

With three game modes to keep the interest of the players, this provides more than 20 types of fishes to catch in the game. There are several destinations that the players will visit while trying to catch these fishes. There is story mode, zen mode and attack mode. In the first one, the users have to complete objects, relax in the second one and catch fishes in the final one.

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10. Jurassic world evolution

Best PS4 open world hunting game

Jurassic park movie was one of its kind and it gave us a good insight about dinosaurs. So, people who are into stuff like that should try out this game wherein the players will have to track and hunt their favorite dinosaurs to collect their DNA samples. It isn’t your traditional hunting game but interesting nonetheless.

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11. Deer hunter reloaded

For all the deer hunter enthusiasts, this is one of the best games available in that genre. The players need to track and hunt as many deer species as they can. Each of these are trophy heads for the players. The graphics of the game is astounding and makes the game worth playing.

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12. Duck dynasty

Based on a TV show of the same name, this game in set in los Angeles. It involves hunting ducks, playing tricks and also getting advice from family members as the player as to continue the family legacy in this game. You can even go fishing and call ducks using different duck calls in this game.

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13. Big buck hunter arcade

This is quite an easy game to play. there are male and female deer in this game and the players chase them. The aim is to kill male deers while keeping in mind to not kill the female deers. Once you kill the females, the round will end. It is thrilling due to the chase involved to catch male deers. It is quite popular among users.

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14. Assasin’s creed origins

This game is set in medieval times wherein the players kill animals otherwise they will be killed. It is mostly a survival game. The skins they get from the animals help them upgrade the equipment and accessories of the character you are playing. You can also ride horses, so you get the traditional hunting experience.

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These were a few of the best PS4 hunting games available. Do give them a try and let us know how was your experience. They are a great way to experience hunting without having to go out in the wild.

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