10 Scary Roblox Games to Play With Friends

Roblox has a wide variety of games that its users can easily play. There are several themed games too, depending upon different occasions such as Halloween, etc. When we think of Halloween, we immediately picture something spooky and scary. So, listed below are a few of the spookiest games that you can play on Roblox:

1. A Wolf or Other

Scary Roblox Games

This is quite an interesting murder mystery game that is bound to keep you hooked. In this game, the players are selected randomly as innocents, hunters, or a werewolf. Each of them has a different goal to attain like innocents need to try and stay alive, the hunter is supposed to kill the werewolf and the werewolf is around to attack everyone and try to kill them.

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2. Zombie Attack

spooky roblox games

As the name suggests, this is a zombie survival game developed by wenlocktoad vs Indra. As the levels increase, tough challenges related to zombies are faced by the players of this game. They earn XP and unlock new weapons that help in surviving in the game. The zombies and their abilities differ from one another. Also, the players will come across boss battles which will be tougher.

3. Project Lazarus: Zombies

scary roblox games multiplayer

This is an exciting zombie game that has been created by logitech101. In this game, there are a group of survivors who have to get past wave of zombies and survive. In case the players kill zombies or repair the barricades, they earn points which can be used for getting weapons or removing obstacles. The zombie waves get tough as the level of the game increases.

4. Stop It Slender

multiplayer roblox games

We can say that it is easily one of the scariest games on Roblox. This game is easy to understand. Among the players, one is the slender man who stops the citizens (who are the other players of the game) from fiding the eight pages of a journal, scattered around the city.

Apart from saving themselves from the slender man, the citizens also need to be careful of the creepy and scary jumps on the road. The slender man is quite scary and will make you jump once for sure.

5. Bear Alpha

horror story roblox games

This is a 10-player game wherein one of them is a bear and the others are survivors. The bear targets the survivors and attempts to kill them within 5 minutes while the survivors try to stay alive. The twist is that the bear is relatively faster than the survivors, so you will have to be real quick to escape. What makes this game spooky is its dimly lit setting combined with an equally spooky soundtrack.

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6. Alone in a Dark House

Alone in a Dark House

This is a spooky murder mystery game. You will be the police detective here and will have to solve the case of a young boy who was murdered. The setting is that of a dark house and there are puzzles to keep the game interesting.

If you want to get the full spooky feel of this game, we suggest it’s best played in a dark room with headphones one. The soundtrack gives the desired effect when heard in complete silence.

7. The Horror Elevator

the scary elevator roblox game

It is quite a spooky elevator game developed by MrBoxz. You will be on an elevator that stops on random floors. These floors will have spooky and horror scenarios designed to scare and kill you. All you have to do is stay on your guard and try to survive the ordeal throughout the game.

8. Granny

Horror Roblox games multiplayer

A classic murder mystery game, granny is easy to be played. Among the several players present, one is the granny while others are running from her to save their life as her goal is to kill others before time runs out. It is fun and exciting and keeps the people on their toes as they run to save their lives.

9. The Rake

Spookiest Games On Roblox

Set in night, this game is spooky and has scared people due to its sound effects and spooky background. All you need to do is try and survive the night. The rake is in the dark, waiting to kill you so you need to be aware and conscious about your move throughout the game. It keeps the people on their toes as they walk carefully around to avoid getting themselves killed.

10. Before the Dawn Redux

Before the Dawn Redux

A survival game, it expects you to try and stay alive. There are different levels and each has different goals and difficulties that you will face. As you try to move around, you’ll encounter various traps and will realize that the map is trying to kill you, along with other creepy creatures in the game. It keeps you hooked as you need to stay alert to survive the game.


These were a few of the spookiest games to give you the correct Halloween feels. To get the best experience, play in a dark room with your headphones on as they give the desired effect. Do let us know if you found the game to your liking.

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