14 Best Auto Tune Apps to Bring Out the Inner Singer in You

Some people are gifted singers while others like singing as it’s fun and fills one with joy. Whatever someone’s reasons for singing might be, there are people out there who genuinely enjoy singing but don’t have the right voice. Autotune apps are made especially for those individuals.

These apps provide support to an individual’s voice and make it sound better to the ears. In this article, we will discuss the best autotune apps available:

1. Smule

best auto tune apps

This is one of the most popular music apps out there. You can easily sing songs alone or do karaoke with someone who isn’t around. This someone can also be your favorite artist.

Its pitch correction feature helps in real-time tuning and fine-tunes the singer’s voice perfectly. The final audio that comes out sounds smooth and pleasant to the people listening to it.

Download (Android|iOS)

2. Voloco: Auto Tune + Harmony

Voloco: Auto Tune + Harmony

If you are looking for a music app with several functions, this is the right app for you. It is easy to use and understand even for new users. You can easily record your voice and adjust it with real-time tuning. So, your song is immediately ready for playback.

You can also record video selfies and use different tools such as a harmonizer, pitch corrector, and vocoder for your songs.

Download (Android|iOS)

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3. AutoRap by Smule

auto tune apps for android

For those who are into rap music specifically, this app is the right choice for practicing the same. Whatever you sing, will be transformed into rap style due to a replication technology used in the app.

All the users need to do is select rap mode when they have installed the app. There are several styles and tracks available in this app which includes tracks from the best rappers out there. You can select one of your choices and start rapping.

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4. Rapchat – Rap Music Studio with Auto Vocal Tune

Rap Music Studio with Auto Vocal Tune

Dreaming of becoming a rapper but don’t know how to start? Well, this app will be of great help to you. There are more than a thousand beats that you can choose from for your rapping. Its auto-tune feature fine-tunes your voice and makes it worth listening to.

Just record your lyrics any way you want and select the rap style. It is easy to use and makes for a fun rap session.

Download (Android|iOS)

5. StarMaker

best auto tune apps free

Just like the name suggests, this app’s main aim is to make you a local star. The music flow is smooth and so is its autotuning.

There are more than 500 tracks to choose from. You can easily record your songs, alone or with a partner, and share them with your favorite people. People use this app mostly for fun purposes.

Download (Android|iOS)

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6. The Voice

auto tune apps for iphone

People who are into music must be aware of the voice TV show. Well, this app has been named after that and it aims at making you feel like a singing star.

It is easy to use. You just have to select the song you wish to sing while this app automatically customizes vox during your performance itself. You can also sing karaoke with this app for fun. Also, there are judges present in this app who cheer for you if you sing well.

Download (Android|iOS)

7. Tune Me

Tune Me

This app’s perfect auto-tune allows the users to sound exactly like their favorite singers such as T-Pain, Kanye West, Akon, or the lonely island.

You can simply put on background music and sing along and record the rap in this app in freestyle. It also allows you to share your creation with others as well as set it as the ringtone of your phone.


Download (Android)

8. MicDroid


Do you sing well but can’t hit the right notes at times? Well, you don’t have to worry now. This app helps in correcting your tone and ultimately hitting the right notes.

You can easily record your favorite songs and share them on your social media accounts with your friends.

Download (Android)

9. VocaLive

auto tune apps for iOS

This is especially for iOS users. It processes vox in real-time and also allows the users to add multiple effects such as reverb, echo, change of key, chorus, frequency control, etc.

There are about 55 built-in presets that you can use. It also emulates 20 different types of classic and modern studio microphones to give a professional touch to your recording.

Download (iOS)

10. Voice Synth

auto tune apps for iPhone

If you are looking for an app with several music effects, this synthesizer is the right choice. Its autopatch technology easy picks the tone of your voice and tunes it perfectly. This app has several functions such as sound design, pitch shifter, arrangement, reverb, distortion, voice delay, etc.

For those who are dreaming of becoming pop artists, this is a great app to get started.

Download (iOS)

11. Auto-Tune Mobile

The app does all the job automatically, all you have to do is just sing and it’ll determine the auto-tuning that has to be done. It helps the users in producing a clean sound as a result.

This app easily works with other music applications too. You can also save and share your creation once it is complete.

Download (iOS)

12. Glee Karaoke

Karaoke is fun and fills people with energy. So for all the karaoke lovers out there, this is a great app to sing one’s heart out. This is based on a comedy series glee. So, once you have installed this app, the people who starred on the show will be visible who go on to become your assistants.

It also has the choir and several hits from the series that you can sing along to.

Download (Android|iOS)

13. Learn to Sing

Those aspiring singers who are looking forward to improving their voice rather than auto-tuning it should give this app a try. It doesn’t auto-tune the voice to make it sound beautiful, rather will help you in tuning your voice yourself.

Several exercises help aspiring singers in bettering their sound quality and sing better.

Download (Android)

14. Vanido: Learn to sing

This is another app to improve your singing skills, rather than auto-tuning it. This one is for iOS users. It has multiple exercises that will help you in achieving the right tone.

You can easily record your training piece and check your progress every other day. It is a great app for beginners who wish to make a career in singing.

Download (iOS)


These were few music apps that you can use for fine-tuning your voice and have it sound better. They also help you in honing your skills and becoming a better singer with time. Do let us know which app worked best for you.

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