10 Apps for Dancing in This Quarantine Period!

When COVID-19 entered the scene and forced people to remain locked up in their homes for endless quarantines, the isolation seemed like a blessing in disguise. In addition to streaming some of their favorite movies and learning music, people have relived their lost romance with dancing.

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10 Best iPhone and Android Apps for Dancing

Unlike in the past, these are the dance apps with which I can say can help you in giving perfect hip-hop, ballet, and salsa moves. If dancing was also your hobby and you’re ready to make the most of this #StayHome and #StaySafe move, these are the best apps for iPhone and Android to learn how to dance during the quarantine.

How do you start learning to dance?

When it comes to learning to dance, you must first be a little patient. Once your body has become adaptive, you can carefully follow time and movement. So try to relax a few days at first before adjusting the individual steps. As for the songs, it all depends on your mood and the type of dance you want to master. Remember that the race is slow but steady.

1. Just dance now

Just Dance Now
Just Dance Now

The numbers show that “Just Dance Now” deserves to be presented as a great dance app for Android and iOS. With a robust catalog of over 500 hits, the app offers enough variety so you can move at your own pace. In case you want a slightly personalized experience, you can create your playlist to access the songs that fascinate you quickly.

One of the most remarkable features of this app is that it can start a dance party with up to a thousand people, which not only brings a lot of fun into the party but also helps in boosting your skill. But is “Just Dance Now” just limited to dancing? No!

The app can also work as a fitness app that can help you in getting fitter and even strengthen your muscles. You can check your total calories burned in Just Dance Now directly on your dashboard to keep track of your progress and also figure out how much you will still need to lose to have the desired figure.

Install: iOS and Android 

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2. Salsa Rhythm

Salsa Rhythm
Salsa Rhythm

If salsa dancing comes to mind, you should start with “salsa rhythm.” The best part of this app is probably the ability to practice the rhythm of the dance to the desired rhythm, which plays an essential role in a personalized experience. Furthermore, you can combine instruments according to your wishes and select your patterns according to your preferences.

Another notable feature of this application is an excellent collection of instruments such as piano, bongos, bass, congas, harpsichord, maracas, etc. With a variety of instruments at your fingertips, your learning may not be boring. Even as a teacher, you will find this app very useful as it can help you quickly organize and control your dance classes. Not to mention that it also offers an automatic key change to practice all the keys.

Install: iOS and Android ($1.99)

3. Steezy Studio

STEEZY Studio - Learn to Dance Anytime, Anywhere
STEEZY Studio – Learn to Dance Anytime, Anywhere

Steezy Studio is a kind of unique platform for passionate dancers. What is special about this application is a growing collection of fully structured courses with step-by-step teachers. Understanding the movements and techniques is easy enough for you. The app is not only beneficial for beginners or beginners but can also be very useful for professional choreographers.

If you want to shake your legs with all your friends or start a competition, you can transfer all our classes from your mobile device to your TV. You can also download dance lessons without finding a lousy internet connection. Please note that Steezy Studio offers a limited free trial. After that, you will have to purchase a subscription to unlock all classes.

Install: iOS and Android (Free-trial of one week, $19.99/month)

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4. Pocket Salsa

Pocket Salsa Free
Pocket Salsa Free

Pocket Salsa is considered the highest rated Salsa app on the App Store and seemed to be ready for people who want to learn more about Salsa. With over 120 video dance lessons led by experienced dancers, the app is designed to convey all the subtle nuances of dance. Do you need the inspiration to fill in the gaps?

The app also allows you to discover great dance combinations by watching some of the best ballroom dancers. To make sure your salsa dance doesn’t end due to a poor internet connection, you can also download all of your favorite videos and stream them if necessary.

Install: iOS ($9.99) and Android (Free)

5. Hip- hop Dance Workout

Hip Hop Dance Workout
Hip Hop Dance Workout

For all hip-hop lovers who master hip-hop movements and want to improve their fitness at the same time, “Hip Hop Dance Workout” promises to be an excellent option. The app comes with more than 60 dance steps, from easy to advanced, and can be useful for those who have just starting to learn to dance, as well as for those trying to sharpen their every movement.

For a better understanding, all the exercises were divided into three categories: Locking, Popping, and Breaking. Some of the dance moves I noticed are hip hop robot dance, breakdance footwork, breakdance freeze, and break dance rock.

Install: Android 

6. Dance Fit Studio Lite

Dance Fitness Studio Lite
Dance Fitness Studio Lite

How about taking significant steps in multiple dance forms? “Dance Fit Studio Lite” could appeal to those looking for a fitness app to learn how to dance. With this app, you can practice dance moves, hip-hop, yoga, cheerleading, Bollywood-style dance, Hollywood-style dance, and more. With a growing library of video tutorials, you can watch and train the videos to hone every move. Over time, the app will not only improve your dancing skills, but it will also make you healthier and fitter.

Install: iOS and Android

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7. Dancy

Dancy - Learn 100+ Dance Steps
Dancy – Learn 100+ Dance Steps

With Dancy, a great mix of fun and dancing, you can effortlessly master over 120 cool dance moves. By dividing dance steps and movements according to music genres such as jazz, belly dance, breakdance, samba, Salsa, etc., the app makes learning dance a little easier. It also includes three 3D models that perform different dance steps so you can follow the models and practice each step accurately.

Thanks to 360 ° rotation, you have a better idea of how a particular movement is being carried out. With in-app purchases, you can unlock more models if you want to learn a little more. What I found remarkable in this app is the collection of 10 different musical dance floors, which are supposed to transmit different dance moves. Plus, beautiful animations and helpful visual instructions ensure you’ll enjoy shaking your legs with your friends without getting confused.

Install: iOS 

8. Dance now: enjoy and learn

Dance Now- Enjoy and Learn
Dance Now- Enjoy and Learn

Learning to dance will be a pleasure if you have the correct guide and, of course, clear instructions. With the “Dance Now” app, you can follow some of the best dancers in the world and pay special attention to their amazing dance skills. It will be easier to find ways to strengthen your dancing skills.

The application consists of an extensive collection of tutorials for beginners and dancers who are already in the professional field. With step-by-step explanations of each move, you can pay attention to every detail with the app. However, please note that the freemium version of this dance learning app is quite limited. And if you want to unlock all the boards, you will have to pay $ 9.99 / month.

Install: iOS 

9. Danssup

Danssup -Global Dance Platform, Dance learning app
Danssup -Global Dance Platform, Dance learning app

What you cannot learn by practicing for hours in a closed environment can be acquired by interacting with dancers from all over the world and observing their excellence. Danssup is an all-in-one type of platform where you can explore countless dance videos and learn a lot by watching live performances by famous dancers.

You can also download videos to demonstrate your skills or share tips for dance enthusiasts. Since the app also offers monetization features, you can also earn a few quick bucks with your master class. On top of everything, with Danssup, you can also hold dance auditions to discover incredible talents.

Install: iOS and Android 

10. YouDANCE online

YouDANCE - The Online Dance Community
YouDANCE – The Online Dance Community

YouDANCE Online is another great platform for dancers. If you are a professional, you can use this platform to demonstrate your skills and make your work profitable by helping people master their dance skills. As a student, you have an extensive video library to discover.

To make sure you can quickly access all of your favorite videos, you can use the app to create a wish list of all the fresh dance videos. With the rating system at your fingertips, it is much easier to find the videos that meet your needs. Even better, you can also download videos to catch up at your own pace without having to worry about connecting to the Internet. But remember, to unlock all the extras, you will have to spend a few dollars.

Install: iOS and Android

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