10 Professional Voice Changer Apps For Android

Voice change software has been around for a while, and more and more people are discovering the best voice changer application. It has many purposes, but especially to play pranks on your friends or loved ones. You can only use it to find out how does your voice sounds. However, consider the legal implications before thinking of an elaborate prank. It is essential to use these applications with caution and discretion.

Smartphones are great for voice change apps because they can take as many photos as you like. With that in mind, we are going to test a handful of voice recording applications for the Android platform. As with any Android app, there are plenty on the market.

Therefore, it is essential to choose the one that suits you best. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the popular voice recorder apps available for the Android platform. Most of these applications are free of cost, but some have one or two in-app purchases to unlock additional in-app features.

Best Voice Changer Apps for Android

Best voice changer

This app might be the only language changer you need, given the type of functionality provided. The application is free to download and contains many voices. You can choose between robot, monster, diving, helium, child, smurf, chorus, alien, bath, bee, squirrel, the god of death, cave, hexafluoride, astronaut, drunk, old radio, fan. The user does not have to record a new audio file to verify the transitions. You can use the existing data you need to change the audio with what the developer calls “magic conversion.”

Once saved, you can share your files on popular social media websites and instant messaging apps like Facebook, Line, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc. If you are looking for a language changer that you can use for any purpose, make sure to read this issue.

It can be downloaded for free and has exciting features. However, it does come with a handful of announcements of what a little victim it is, considering what it brings to the table. The application is compatible with devices with Android 4.0.3 or higher. It has outstanding customer ratings with downloads of 5 million. Be sure to check it out on the Google Play Store.


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Voice changer

With Voice Changer, another app with a similar name, you can edit existing recordings or create new recordings in no time with amazing voices. The list is quite long, and it will take you a while to go through them all. An application like this can come in handy when joking around with a friend or loved one, considering the number of votes that go with it.

However, the user interface leaves something to be desired. The app was developed a few years ago, and developers have not changed it since then. However, this should be the only limitation, as the app should work as expected. The controls are easy to understand and don’t take long to learn. Just select the audio file, apply the effects, and let the magic happen.

Sharing is an integral part of such applications, and developers make it easy for you to share it on social media websites or even via Bluetooth, like any other audio file. You can download the app for free, but ads accompany it. If you don’t mind, we recommend you check this app. Voice Changer works with any device running Android 4.1 or higher.


Narrator’s voice

With the Narrator’s Voice, you can create fun videos and share fun messages with your friends!

The multilingual program changes voice beyond recognition. The phone records what you said. Now you can use Cortana’s voice. The device translates your sentences into any language.

The app supports creating fun videos that you can use to express them using TTS apps. It can include bleating of pink sheep, the voice of a robot, and the voices of famous people up to the presidents of Bush and Obama. So enjoy many effects, work offline, and share the videos created on the YouTube channel.


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Voice changer with effects

It is one of the most popular language changers on the market today. It comes with a variety of voices that you can choose to entertain your friends and family or just joke around with someone. WhatsApp’s simple sharing feature is a feature that makes it popular with the masses. There are 50 million times, which means you are in excellent company here. The app is rated 4.2 out of 5, which is pretty decent for an app that has increased millions of downloads. The app is available for download for free, although there is advertising on board. When you make an in-app purchase, there are no ads. The app is compatible with devices with Android 4.0 or higher.


Voice Changer Voice Effects FX

With this app, you can switch between Chipmunk, Autotune, Robot, Female, Male, Child, Strong, Double, Mask, Drunk, Slow, Fast, Sheep, Monster, Alien, Cave, Space voices and more. It’s almost like any other app here, but since it’s a different app, it’s worth mentioning that it may have unique sound effects that other apps don’t offer.

With the app, you can also change your live voice and record it into the microphone when you say the words. This makes it a pretty powerful language changer and deserves your attention. The app is free to download, but it includes ads and in-app purchases. It is compatible with devices with Android 4.0 and higher, similar to most of the applications in this list. The best voice changer app is regularly updated, so you don’t have to worry about new features when using it.



With more than 203 million users a day, Snapchat is one of the largest messaging platforms on the market. The application allows its users to take short moments or instant calls and share them with friends. Moreover, Snapchat also offers a variety of language switching effects that make snapshots more entertaining. Regardless, the audio recording options offered by Snapchat are far from ideal, as you can’t use the app to change the files they create. If you use Snapchat, the battery will drain quickly. Therefore, you should pay attention to how often you use this app.


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Squeak Voice Changer

Any prank you want to share with your friends online will be a bit more fun if you save it with Squeak Voice Changer. Just press the record button and then select one of the available effects. A character represents each language change effect offered by this application. Therefore, you should choose Jamie the Jolly if you want your voice to sound like a party, or Bruce the Sentimental Bot if you want your voice to sound artificial. You can share any recording you make with Squeak Voice Changer on social media.


Scary Voice Changer – Horror Sound Dictation Machine

Scary Voice Changer is a tool that allows you to record your voice and then play around with creepy sound effects. The application is easy to use. Just click the record button and speak into your Android microphone. When you’re complete, select a sound effect to overlay your voice and click the play button. It is easy.

With Scary Voice Changer, you can create voices sound like a mummy, a witch, or even a robot. No matter which terrible creature you choose, this app is likely to have its vocal effects. All in all, Scary Voice Changer is a fun app that lets your voice sound like all kinds of creepy creatures.


Voice Changer by Suttung Software

Do you want to convert your voice into an Android voice? And maybe you want to sing like a bird or speak the sound of a beautiful girl? This application will help you. With Suttung Software’s Voice Changer, changing your voice is easy.

How does it work? Click the “Save” button and say the sentence. Then select the voice you want to simulate and click the Process button. Wait a moment and read the resulting file. Interesting? Use the functions of this application for fun or to record on a variety of videos or audio tracks. You cannot register your voice, but you can enter the text that the program reads.


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Voicy: Celebrity Voice Changer

Mimicking your favorite star can be a fun way to joke around with your friends on social media. Voicy offers a wide range of celebrity imitations that can make you look like a famous actress or television personality. The app uses machine learning technology that can create over forty avatars and allow users to experience different vocal effects. The free version of this application has limited capacity. To access all of Voicy’s features, you must choose a weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription.


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